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June 14 - Juneau, AK
Today's Photos of the Day are from Jeff Coult of the C&C Landfall 39 Northern Exposure from Alameda. As you might guess from the photos, Jeff and his boat are in Alaska, not Alameda. Do they race boats out of Juneau? Yes, as you can tell from the boats carrying chutes during the Labor Day Regatta. Jeff's friends Dave and Anette of Alameda joined him for part of his cruise. In fact, that's them in the dinghy. The other photos were taken in Tracy Arm. This is Dave's second season in Alaska with Northern Exposure. For more of Jeff's photos, see June 8's 'Lectronic Latitude.

Photos Jeff Coult

Sad News out of Tonga

June 14 - Ha a Feva, Tonga

The crew of Frenzyll report that Rowland Smith, who was cruising the Formosa 46 Fiesty Lady - we don't know the hailing port - in Tonga with Kris Smith, died of a heart attack a few days ago after overexerting himself during a nasty blow. The boats were at Ha a Feva when at 0700 a blow came through with winds up to 60 knots for two hours. The anchorage, which has reefs on three sides, was reported to have been swept by waves up to eight feet. Most boats dragged, but it was worst for Fiesty Lady, which dragged onto the reef, sustaining significant damage. When the wind dropped to the 20s, Rowland was able to set a third anchor and get back into deep water. Once reset, he went snorkeling to try to recover his lost anchors. He couldn't. In fact, by this time he was so weak he could barely get back into his dinghy. Once back in his bunk, he suffered from a fast pulse and a tingling chest. A former ambulance driver and Kiwi Navy medic came by to check him out. When his pulse started to return to normal, they gave him an aspirin and figured he was just suffering from exhaustion and anxiety. Another cruiser was left to watch over him. Then, while other cruisers were successfully retrieving the two lost anchors, Rowland's heart stopped beating. CPR was applied as well as a shot of epinephrin, but neither would get his heart going again.

Rowland is described as a highly decorated Viet Nam-era Air Force Colonel and F4 fighter pilot, and a neat, low-key guy.

Not Quite so Sad News Out of La Paz

June 14 - La Paz, BCS

"I have it on good authority that Richard and Mary Lou Adcock recently lost their boat Marisla, an ex-net tender, just north of La Paz," reports Jim Austin, formerly of the Cal 40 Whisper. Anybody have any details?

Brian Thompson, Favorite, Drops Out of Mini Fastnet

June 14 - Atlantic Ocean

Few if any sailors have ever made such a dramatic change in boats as Brian Thompson of England - and sometimes Sausalito. A long time co-skipper of Steve Fossett's Lakota and more recently his 125-ft cat PlayStation, Thompson has jumped into mini boats - 21 footers with no limits on innovation or sail size - big time. The favorite to win the Mini Fastnet Race - which, because it's from France to the Fastnet Rock and back, is actually longer than the famous Fastnet Race - Thompson was leading with the Rogers-designed I Must Be Mad. But while heading for Ireland, the swivel fitting on the long spinnaker pole gave out. Thompson and crew Tanguy de LaMotte therefore had to retire. The lead is now owned by - and we're not making this up - Satan, closely following by Diablo (The Devil). Thompson has still qualified for the Mini TransAt, from Europe to South America.

What's that Growth?

June 14 - San Francisco

About a week ago, we ran a photo of an unusual looking boat at the St. Francis YC and asked if anyone knew what it was. Two people replied:

"It's actually a sailing submarine," replied Neil. "The part above the deck is the conning tower. The periscope is actually hidden at the top of the mast. These submarines are used for covert actions and are disguised to look like sailboats. They can actually be sailed while partially submerged. The ports on the cabin are used to observe underwater marine life."

"My guess for the unusual boat is that it is the Riptide 55 designed by Paul Bieker in Seattle," says Pete Mohler of Ventura. "The boat is getting ready to do the TransPac. The house for the mast step is for the hydraulic mast jack. Paul's thinking was to keep the potentially leaking hydraulics outside the living space."

Photo Latitude/Richard

Roam No More

June 14 - Santa Cruz

"I was pedalling my butt through Harbor Marine in Santa Cruz the other day when I noticed Roam still awaiting her fate," reports Keith Cress. "She was the boat that was dismasted in the San Francisco to Monterey Race, then run aground. She was a shocking sight in the boatyard - no wonder the bilge pumps couldn't keep up!"

Photo Keith Cress


June 14 - The Pacific Ocean and Cyberspace

Who is out making passages in the Pacific and what kind of weather are they having? Check out YOTREPS - 'yacht reports' - at

Weather Updates

June 14 - Pacific Ocean

San Francisco Bay Weather

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California Coast Weather

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