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March 9 - San Blas, Mexico

Photo 'Adrian'
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Todays Photo of the Day comes from 'Adrian', and proves that Norm Goldie was right when he reported, in the current issue of Latitude 38, that the entrance to the channel at San Blas, Mexico, has changed and/or silted in. If you need help entering, Goldie will guide you in for no charge. Contact him on channel 16

If we're not mistaken, the grounded boat is Jack Carson and Monica Guildersleeve's 44-ft junk ketch Bella Via from British Columbia. These are the two artists who circumnavigated with the Swain 36 Island Breeze in the early '90s. Once home and broke, Jack built their current boat in seven months in order to get a job with the Canadian government. If it indeed is Bella Via in the photo, we're not worried about her, as her hull is steel and she can take a grounding or two.

- latitude / rs


Successful Sail a Small Boat Day

March 9 - Pt. Richmond

Though winds started out light, there was a large turn-out last Saturday for this year's Sail a Small Boat Day at the Richmond Yacht Club. After a long week of cold and rain, sailors were greeted with warm weather and clear skies (which may help explain the crowd). RYC organizes and sponsors the annual event to introduce young and old to small boat sailing.

Richmond YC's Sail a Small Boat Day was a real multi-generational event.
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When the wind turned gusty in the afternoon, it often seemed there were more sailors in the water than on it. RYC's Jim Bewley and Joe Guthrie quickly turned amateur rescuers as boat after boat flipped in the fluky winds of the Richmond Channel. Jan Koerwitz was thankful she wore her wetsuit, as she spent some time in the cold March waters. "I forgot what it was like sailing a small boat - it sure doesn't react like my 48-footer," said the experienced skipper as she was plucked from the crowded waters with a smile on her face.

- kim hampton / www.seageeks.com

As the wind picked up, so did the fun.
Photos Kim Hampton
©2007 Latitude 38 Publishing Co., Inc.

If you missed Sail a Small Boat Day, or if you went and had such a good time you want to go again, you're in luck, as this event will be repeated on Saturday, December 1.

Help Wanted Ad: Pier 39 Marina

March 7 - San Francisco

Property Administrator - Full time
Perfect applicant has accounting, people skills, and boating background. Great benefits, great team.

Weekend Patrol Boat Operator
Customer Service, excellent boat handling a must. Fun job. Call (415) 705-5557 or email.

Tall Ship Sail Training for Kids

March 9 - San Francisco

Every summer the Call of the Sea offers a sail training adventure to Bay Area youth aboard the schooner Seaward. This year's Voyage Seaward will be held August 1-6, and will offer kids the chance to learn about teamwork, leadership, community living and how to sail a really cool boat. Baylis Weaver, the 15-year-old son of our webmistress/production goddess Christine Weaver, took part in the program last year and commented, "This is a unique and exciting experience and adventure, which I especially recommend to people who've never been out sailing before."

Julia Farrigia takes a noon sight aboard Seaward.
Photo John Skoriak
©2007 Latitude 38 Publishing Co., Inc.

The cost of the program is $625, though partial scholarships are available through the Golden Gate Tall Ships Society. To apply for a scholarship, go to www.ggtss.org. Applicants must be between the ages of 14 and 19, and be Bay Area residents. The deadline to apply is April 15. For more information, please contact Alice Cochran at (415) 457-8997.

- latitude / ld & cw

Big Daddy's Big Numbers

March 9 - Pt. Richmond

This weekend Richmond YC will be celebrating the 25th running of one of the Bay's most popular regattas: The Big Daddy. Race Chair Torben Bentsen reports that 129 boats have already signed up and registration is still open, which means the pirate-themed party - featuring the musical stylings of Shark Sandwich - at the club after Saturday's race should be as wild as ever. If the forecasters have it right, the weather should be lovely for both days of racing, though the predicted 5-10 knot west winds might prove frustrating for some of the competitors.

For details and to register online, see www.richmondyc.org. Today's the last day to register without paying a late charge. We'll have a full report for Monday's 'Lectronic.

- latitude / ld

The Marine Bands - Do You Have the ICOM 802 Blues?

March 9 - Mexico

If you did last fall's Baja Ha-Ha, you know that the mothership's ICOM 802 SSB radio developed problems - clipped transmissions and very limited range - just before the start of the first roll call. ICOM has an excellent reputation, so we assumed that it was merely a problem with our radio. But down here in Mexico, the word is that many of 802s - unlike the ICOM 710s - have had problems with clipped transmissions and such.

Is your ICOM 802 not performing as it should? If so, please email Richard. If enough radios have problems, we'll take it up with ICOM.

- latitude / rs

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