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Founded, the Punta Mita Yacht & Surf Club

March 29 - Punta Mita, Mexico

New members in front of the club

It all happened on Monday night, when over 200 people showed up at Hector's Margarita Restaurant on the beach at Punta Mita, Mexico, a facility that from this time will double as the Punta Mita Yacht & Surf Club. Philo Hayward of La Cruz and his musician friends provided the sounds.

Philo Hayward (right) and friends played for the crowd.

The purpose of the club is to encourage sailing and surfing on Banderas Bay, be naughty, but not do any serious evil.

Right from the get go the club is making some serious claims. Having the most stunning Commodore - Linh Goben of Savannah - of any yacht club in the world. Having the best surfer - Rob Machado - of any yacht & surf club in the world. And being the only yacht club with a member - Greg LeMond - who has won the Tour de France three times. Now all the club needs is a couple of good sailors. It may also be the first mixed yacht club in the world that is a matriarchy. In addition to Commodore Linh, Doña de Mallorca is the Vice Commodore, Cherie Sogsti is the Rear Commodore, and Anne Blunden is the Commodore.

Commodore Linh Goben

Greg LeMond and Rear Commodore Cherie Sogsti

Greg LeMond in his yellow jersey days

Rob Machado
Photo Giuseppe Repetto/www.photorepetto.com

The club's initiation fee is $1, and the annual dues are nada. But, you have to either have sailed to the club, surfed the break out front, or done a Baja Ha-Ha to become a member. After all, nobody wants the club to be open to just anyone.

Alas, the club is full until more membership cards can be printed. Regularly scheduled events will begin in November. Cowabunga! For a list of founding members, scroll down to today's final item or click here.

New club members (l-r) Bruce Ladd, Eugenie Russell and Alan Weaver
Most photos Latitude/Richard except as noted

The Punta Mita Yacht and Surf Club, Margarita Restaurant, and Latitude 38 will be providing free high speed Internet access to the Punta Mita anchorage, hopefully starting next week.


The FUN Race Around Attu Island

March 29 - San Francisco

It's not too late to sign up for the First Annual Doublehanded Aleutians Race. The event, sponsored by the Bay Area Multihull Association, will be held this Saturday, April 1, with a Cityfront start. The Race Committee has the choice to send competitors around one of two islands. Attu Island, the mark in Course A, is the westernmost island in the U.S., at the far end of Alaska's Aleutian island chain. The Southest Farallone Island, the turning mark in Course F, may be more familiar to Bay Area racers. Whichever course the RC picks, all racers must finish by 11:59 p.m. on April 1 in order to be scored.

This is the art from the back of the T-shirt.

Those entries who may have been discouraged by the seemingly endless waves of storm fronts hitting the California coast should take heart in the current weather forecast, which calls for one sunny day out of seven this week. That day is Saturday.

Procrastinators can sign up at the skippers' meeting tonight, Wednesday, March 29, 8 p.m. at the Oakland Yacht Club in Alameda. Race Instructions and an entry form can be found on the BAMA home page at www.sfbama.org. The entry fee is $55 if you're a US Sailing member, otherwise it's $65. Very late entries can even be handed in on the race deck at Golden Gate Yacht Club between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. the morning of the race, so there's no excuse left not to grab your favorite sailing partner and go for it!

Founding Members of the Punta Mita Yacht & Surf Club

March 29 - Punta Mita, Mexico

For details on Monday's founding event, see today's lead story.
Founding club members are:
Linh & Teal Goben / Savannah / Williams 41 Tri / Seattle
Doña de Mallorca / Patches / Wild Cat / Tiburon
Tom & Wendy Hoffman / Persistence
John Newstead/ Denali
Joe King
Philo Hayward / ex-Cherokee / Cal 36 / La Cruz
John Abel / Pelagic
Gary & Ellen Luchtel / Napa Valley
Susan Roberts
Stephen Webber
Leif Vasstrom / Solar Planet / Beneteau 50 / San Francsico
Kathleen Dobek / Poca a Poca
David & Leslie Emery / Sunbreak
Alan Weaver / Harbormaster / Marina Village / Alameda
Chris Maher / Blarney / Morgan 38 / Alameda
Bruce Ladd / Dana / Foley 38 / Beautiful Redwood City
Nora & Merle Zarow / Er Nibs / Hunter
Russ Ell & Lori Cresto / Casa Lori
Margaret & Alan Mathison / Effie
Ken & Judy Pendleton / Nellie Juan / Anchorage, AK
Don & Marie Irvin / Freezing Rain / Astoria, OR
Don & Peggy Cox / Interlude / Morgan 38
Bill Anderson / Feet / Hughes 40 cat / San Francisco
David Crowe / Humu-Humu / Morrelli/Cheoy 70 / Honolulu, HI
John & Mary Williamson / Java / Vancouver, BC
Jo & Doug Leavitt / Oakland
Jeff Parish / Nina May
John Pedersen / Freyja
Woodus Humphrey & Joyce Edison / Oasis / Bye, Bye Louisiana
Denise Ward & Frank Hemmert / Cursail
Jerry Metheany / Rosita / Elk Grove
Danny Colangelo & Kathy Taylor / Swan Fun / Swan 55 / Las Vegas
Dennis Davidson / Whisper
John & Gaye Rodriguez / Maestra
Rob & Linda Jones / Cat 'n About
Loisanne Keller & James Collins / White Star
Jim & Chris Machado / La Ballona
Carl & Kary Fuller / Rocket / SC 50
Arlene Rice & Bruce Balan / Migration / Cross tri
Rustry Debris / Pleasant Daze
Russell Swider / Poco a Poco
Phil Seidler / Intrepid / Ballona Bay
Jim Forrest / Villa Magna
Mary Coleman / Astra / Farr 40 / Los Gatos
Jack & Sally Richard / Misschief
Leon & Peggy Keefe
Greg Retkowski / Scirocco / Morgan Out-Island 41 / Palo Alto
Cherie Sogsti / Scirocco / Morgan Out-Island 41 / The O.C.
Britta Fjelstrom / Lonesome Dove / Paradise Marina
Rob Machado / Cardiff
Anne Bluden & Rennie Waxlax / Cassiopeia / Swan 65 / San Pedro
Dustin Fox / Fox Marine / Puerto Vallarta
Ravid & Barbara Richert / Bobbi Lee
Jim & Betty Parkin / Lalanai
Marty Gilmore & Marta Krissovich / Dawntreader
Christy Schisler / Island Girl
Eugenie 'The Walking Chandlery' Russell / J/World / Sayulita
Jaim Hernandez / Sayulita
Wayne Zittle / J/World / San Francisco Bay
Lisa Kerta-Zittel / J/World / San Francisco
Gorden & Miriam Zittel / Anwagomi / Brisbane, Australia
Sr. Fox / La Cruz
Chris Longaker / Two Scoops
Dave & Anne Oliver / Smokin'
Celce Placzeb / Zephyrus
Judy & Steve Parks / Oliver Trist
Teresa & Steve Swalec
Debbie Reedy & Peter Murphy / Punta Vista II / Punta Mita
Tom & Diane Miller / Imagine
David Forbes / Bayrunner
Cal Bergen / Windor / Coronado 41 / Vancouver
Lynne Stevens / Wild Flower / Islander Freeport 36
Greg & Geoff LeMond / Minnesota
Bill Semeyn

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