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Photo of the Day: Linh Goben, soon to be Commodore of the Punta Mita Yacht & Surf Club

March 8 - Punta Mita

Today's Photo of the Day is of the lovely Linh Goben, soon to become Commodore of the Punta Mita Yacht & Surf Club on Banderas Bay. She's not Commodore yet because the club won't be founded until March 27, the night before the Pirates for Pupils Spinnaker Run for Charity from Punta Mita to Paradise Marina.

If you look closely, you'll see that Linh isn't wearing the traditional blue blazer that most commodores wear. That's because the Punta Mita Y&SC will not be a typical yacht and surf club, but be more based along the lines of the Musket Cove YC in Fiji. For example, the only two requirements for membership will be that you sailed to Punta Mita - even if from just Puerto Vallarta - and that you pay a $1 to cover your initiation and annual fees for 50 years. For that, everyone will be issued a really cool-looking membership card. While just a 'now and then club' without a dedicated facility, by next year Punta Mita plans to host several new fun sailing events on Banderas Bay in coordination with the Vallarta YC and other organizations.

The Punta Mita Y&SC will be based out of Hector's Margarita Restaurant on the beach with a view of the fleet at Punta Mita. Thanks to the help of Radio Rob of P.V., Hector, and Latitude 38, the Punta Mita Y&SC expects to be providing wireless high speed Internet access to boats at anchor at Punta Mita by the time the club is founded. And Margarita's and Latitude hope to be able to provide that Internet access for free.

Linh is expecting all sorts of folks to show up for the founder's party on the 27th. Philo Hayward, Ha-Ha and Pacific vet and owner of Philo's music bar in La Cruz, has promised to show up and provide the music. Terry Klaus, Staff Commodore of the St. Francis and owner of the great schooner Brigadoon, plans to make it and share commodore-type knowledge with Linh. Greg and Sherri of the Morgan Out-Island 41 Scirroco plan to be there, as do the Wanderer and Dona de Mallora, and a few other shady people. We hope to see you there.

But you really want to know more about Linh, don't you? She's Vietnamese, and in late '99 she suggested that she and her husband Teal buy a boat. This, despite the fact that she'd never been on a sailboat before and didn't know how to swim. Two of the motivating factors were that she wanted to travel, and that while she and her husband were both making good money working in Seattle, they were spending even more and therefore getting deeper in debt. In astonishingly rapid fashion, they got out of debt, bought a Williams 41 trimaran, and joined the Ha-Ha. The couple report that in the year-and-a-quarter they've been cruising Mexico, they've spent less than they were blowing every single month in Seattle. And the sum includes all their expenses including haulouts, marina stays, dining out, and everything else. Teal says he's lost 20 pounds and has never felt so fit in his life, and Linh has become an excellent free-diver. The couple have found the cruising life to be so satisfying that they plan to start a family on board.

Teal and Linh on a hill at Isla San Francisco overlooking Savannah
and the blue, blue waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Although the couple bought the Williams 41 tri when she was all but brand new, they completely gutted and rebuilt her.
We're still not sure about the bimini / dance floor.

Photos Courtesy Savannah

Money Waiting For Marna Lynn

March 8 - Panama

If you're Joe Brandt and Jacque Martin of the Alameda-based Wauquiez 47 Marna Lynn, Bill, the fellow who sold you the generator in Panama, has a pretty big chunk of money for you. If you lost his address, contact us.

And The Sistership Is Named Loose Bowels?

March 8 - Hong Kong

We never thought we'd see a ship named after what you have to do when you get tourista, but then we've been surprised by a lot of things lately.

Photo Titan Uranus

30 Years Of Maxi Development

March 8 - Newport Beach

On March 1, Pyewacket, the maxZ86 donated by Roy Disney, arrived at the Orange Coast College School of Sailing and Seamanship in Newport Beach, where she joined the 79-ft S&S Kialoa III. The boats provide a stunning contrast, as they were launched 30 years apart ('74-04), and each represented the biggest, baddest sailing maxi of the time. As Brad Avery of Orange Coast wonders, what will the maxis look like in 2034?

April's Ensenada Race will be Pyewacket's first for the
Orange Coast College sailing team.

Photo Courtesy Orange Coast College

Advertisement: Career Opening at Modern Sailing

March 8 - Sausalito

Modern Sailing Academy is looking for a new School Director.

Our ideal candidate has a great enthusiasm for introducing people to the sport, coupled with good communication and sales skills. Visit our website: www.modernsailing.com, then email your resume to Jack.

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