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August 24 - Alaska

Today's Photo of the Day proves that Steve and Dorothy Darden, formerly of Tiburon, are having a whale of a time with their M&M 52 catamaran Adagio in Alaska. The first shot is of a whale that repeatedly breached near their boat in Frederick Sound. Steve reports that the image-stabilized 460mm zoom lens for his Canon digital camera really helped in getting good images. Then at Kuiu Island, the couple took some photos of this black bear, who was no doubt attracted by all the pink salmon in a nearby creek.

The fourth photo shows the lovely Adagio off Glacier Bay. Kinda makes you want to head north with your boat, doesn't it?

Photos Courtesy Adagio

Is There Such a Thing as Hiking Too Much?

August 24 - San Francisco Bay

You have to wonder after seeing this four-photo sequence - shot by Chris Ray - of the 470 Worlds currently being held on the Central Bay. We'll have more on that event in the Friday 'Lectronic.

Photos Chris Ray

Woman Quadriplegic Singlehands Across the English Channel

August 24 - Calais, France

It sounds impossible, but Hilary Lister, who is only able to move her head, eyes, and mouth, successfully crossed one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world aboard Malin, a specially equipped 26-ft Soling Malin. Lister used what's called a 'sip and puff' system that, depending on how she blew into or sucked on a tube, activated the electronically controlled main and jib sheets and a joystick for the rudder. She made the 22-mile crossing from Dover to Calais in just over six hours.

While certainly remarkable, we're not completely sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. What do you think?

You Otter Consider Other Species, Too

August 24 - Southern Marin

In Monday's 'Lectronic, we commented on the unusual number of dolphins we saw on the Bay last Sunday. Reader Rudy Salazar asks, "What about all the otters that have been hanging around Sausalito?"

Actually, when Profligate was in Sausalito, we never saw any otters. However, we did see an otter - for the first time ever - in the creek across the street from our office - which isn't far from downtown Mill Valley. The fella had a very shiny black coat and was going after what looked like the steelhead fingerlings.

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