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July 15 - Holkham Bay, AK

Photo Courtesy Adagio

Today's Photo of the Day is of a small iceberg and a navigation mark at the entrance to Holkham Bay, Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska, and was taken by Steve and Dorothy Darden of the M&M 52 Adagio. They report that a Coast Guard Buoy Tender moved the buoy back to its charted location. It's hard to believe, but apparently an iceberg can move a little navigation buoy.

Is Paul Cayard Going to Skipper the Pirate Ship in Volvo Around the World Race?

July 15 - California

It's only 113 days to the start of the Volvo Around the World Race, formerly the Whitbread, to be sailed in the new highly powered Volvo 70s. For the general public, the biggest buzz has been about the Pirates of the Caribbean II entry that's obviously gotten the support of the Disney company that is making two sequels to the very successful - and quite entertaining - movie. Like all good pirate endeavors, this one is shrouded in mystery. It's known that the 'pirate ship' was designed by Bruce Farr and is being built at Green Marine in the UK. But there's no word about the skipper or crew.

The last two runnings of this race were won by boats skippered by sailors who hail from the St. Francis YC and live in Marin Country - Paul Cayard and John Kostecki. As such, they would be logical choices to be skipper. Kostecki, however, is fully committed to the Oracle BMW America's Cup campaign, so it won't be him. What about Cayard? He's eight years older than when he did it last time, and this is the toughest ocean race in the world, so who knows if he'd be interested at any price. Nonetheless, the word along the dock is that he'll be involved to some extent, as will Southern California's Kimo Worthington. But so far it's nothing but rumors. That's got to change before too long.

Paul Cayard

West Coast Sailors Fear Approach of Two Different Hurricanes in the Caribbean

July 15 - Trinidad

"What a strange Atlantic-Caribbean hurricane season already," writes John Anderton of the Alameda-based Cabo Rico 37 Sanderling. "The view from here in Trinidad is one of caution. At this time of year the hurricanes normally form in the central Caribbean and move toward the Gulf of Mexico. But last year Ivan made history by being a major hurricane below the 12 degree 40 minutes line - and wiped out Grenada. But that was in September. Then on July 5 of this year, Dennis became a tropical storm as he crossed through the Southern Windwards. And last night, July 13, Emily built to hurricane force as she passed over Grenada, which is in the Windwards. Until last year, Grenada hadn't been hit by a hurricane in 150 years! There are reports of widespread damage in that already-battered island. Here in Trinidad we had buckets of rain but just a little wind.

"Some observations: 1) Hurricanes aren't supposed to hit this far south. 2) Hurricanes never form in the Eastern Caribbean until September. 3) Forecasters have predicted 13 named storms this year. It's only the middle of July and we've already had five! Grab on with both hands and hold tight!"

Hurricane Emily
Graphic Courtesy

Last night we got the following message from Lupe Dipp and JR, who own the Puerto Vallarta-based Catana 47 Moon & Stars, which is currently on the Caribbean coast of Mexico: "We're at Isla Mujeres across from Cancun and are in the middle of a hurricane. The waters are closed to navigation, and boy I am really worried!"

Early Starters in the TransPac Finally Get Wind, but not Having Fun yet

July 15 - Pacific Ocean

Everybody who thinks of the TransPac as a sunny surf to Hawaii should talk to the first-starters in the 2,225-mile race from Los Angeles to Hawaii. As having almost no wind the first 36 hours, they most recently report having 20 to 25-kt winds and 15-ft seas. Not only is it very cold, they are very close reaching and nowhere near being able to set chutes. That should come in a day or two.

The big guns start on Sunday: Pyewacket, Morning Glory, Genuine Risk, Windquest, Magnitude 80 - all of whom should smash the current course record.

My Way in Fiji

July 13 - Fiji

Photo Courtesy My Way

Don Engle of Lafayette sent us this photo of him and his lady enjoying a waterfall in Fiji. The couple, and crew, have been cruising there aboard Don's new 70-ft cat My Way, and have been enjoying themselves - certainly more than the TransPac racers to date.

It Looks Like More Great Summer Sailing Weather on San Francisco Bay - so Get Out There!

July 15 - San Francisco Bay

The first shot is of the new Santa Cruz 53C, which is the cruising version of the SC 52. It's about all that's left of the once prolific Santa Cruz area boatbuilding industry.

Photos Latitude/Richard

The second shot is of the Santana 35 Picaroon. You don't think of a Tuna 35 as being a cruising boat, but we can remember 'Pic' cruising the Sea of Cortez for a season back in the '80s.

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