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February 23 - Guaymas, Mexico

Courtesy of marinaguaymas.com.mx

Today's Photo of the Day appears at the Marina Guaymas (Mexico) Web site, and apparently shows the major plans they have for that place. We're talking about a cruise ship terminal, marinas, a Sea World type facility - and a casino. That Mexico wants to develop tourism is no surprise, as it's the country's second biggest money-maker after oil. We'll have more on this - and plans for a greatly modified 'nautical stairway' in an upcoming issue. Thanks to John Skoriak for the info.

Corum International Del Rey to P.V. Race

February 23 - Pacific Ocean

This is one event that, sadly, hasn't turned out as hoped. First, Randall Pittman's 90-ft canting keel wonder boat Genuine Risk was a non-starter. Then the wind hardly blew at all, jeopardizing Roy Disney and his MaxZ86 Pyewacket's near slam-dunk attempt at smashing the Mac 65 Joss's ancient course record. Then yesterday near Cabo, the Pyewacket crew discovered a crack near the top of the mast and had to drop out. That left Doug Baker's Magnitude 80 with a slight shot at smashing the record.

All the big boats - and many more - will be back for next month's biggest in years race to Cabo.

Orange II Two Thirds of the Way Around

February 23 - Southern Ocean

In a time of nearly unthinkable sailing records, Bruno Peyron and Orange II are setting what almost seems like a new standard. The veteran crew on the maxi cat are now two thirds of the way around the world, having averaged 23.7 knots. That means they've been averaging 568 nautical miles a day for 30 days. To put it in perspective, as such a pace the cat would do a TransPac or West Marine Pacific Cup in less than four days. Three and a half days would not be out of the question.

They have a big test ahead, however, as winds approaching Cape Horn are expected to blow 45 with gusts to 60 knots.

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