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December 20 - Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Today's Photos of the Day come from David Hammer of Trinity County, who just retired after 29 years as a lawyer. Hammer's ride for the Ha-Ha fell through, so he pulled out the Crew List issue of Latitude 38 and started contacting folks looking for crew. The next thing he knew, he and his wife were sailing a cat and snorkeling Australia's Great Barrier Reef - and coming across clams that were three feet across. For more details, see the January issue of Latitude 38.

Photos David Hammer

When MaxZ86s Were Big Boats

December 20 - Sydney, Australia

Remember way back when - March of this year to be exact - when Roy Disney's Pyewacket and Hasso Plattner's Morning Glory, a couple of new MaxZ86s, first squared off in what were considered really big racing boats? It's almost incomprehensible, but they are almost small boats now. For example, in this weekend's Sydney to Hobart Race, officials are expecting as many as 10 100-footers! And there are more big ones being built.

As for the now relatively small 86s, Plattner, who broke off competition with Pyewacket at Cork Sailing Week in Ireland and put his boat up for sale, looks as though he may be back in the game. Morning Glory is in San Diego, and is expected to do the TransPac with Russell Coutts, Mr. America's Cup, at the helm.
If it seems like big boat fever has struck the sailing world, you can't imagine what's happened in the world of motoryachts. Guys who used to cruise the world in 120-footers are being humiliated by one 200-ft+ yacht after another. Then there is Larry Ellison's recently-launched Rising Sun, which is reportedly 450 feet, making her the largest private yacht in the world. She's recently been in St. Thomas and the British Virgins.

Among the Luckiest People in the History of Mankind

December 20 - Santa Cruz

R. Carlson of Santa Cruz may not have a 400-ft yacht, but he appreciates how fortunate he is.

"I thought you might like this shot of the Hawaiian Chieftain entering the harbor at Santa Cruz at sunset on December 18. It had been another one of our 70 degree winter days. Are we blessed or what?"

Photo R. Carlson

Meanwhile Down in Mexico

December 20 - Isla Colorado, Mexico

Photo Pete Sauer

"I took this photo of crews from Ha-Ha boats Cupid, Rod Lee, Dr. John, Lily Mae, Nakia, San Castle, and Anamchara on December 8," writes Pete Sauer of the Montana-based Jeanneau 36 Anamchara. "We were at a beach the locals call Playa Blanca, which is on Isla Colorado just a short distance from shore in Chamela Bay. All of us had had a great day of diving, swimming, eating, sunning, and doing what cruisers do best - which is not much. As you can see, the air and water temperatures are plenty warm down here in the tropics."

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