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Photos of the Day:
Master Mariners Regatta

May 28 - San Francisco Bay

Today's Photos of the Day are to remind everyone that the Master Mariner's Regatta will be held tomorrow on the Central Bay. It's a sight to behold, and it's expected to be windy - so check it out!

Dauntless, the San Diego schooner Latitude had planned to sponsor, wasn't able to make it around Point Conception. Crewmember Mark Albertazzi writes that Dauntless "made it home safe and sound. They ran into some engine problems two days from home. Fortunately there was a pretty steady breeze that carried them home. Tom (skipper Paul Plotts's son) and I met them as they sailed into San Diego Bay and helped tow them to the slip. Here's a shot of them running down the channel headed for the barn. Sure going to miss the race."
Photo Mark Albertazzi

Photos from the 2003 Master Mariners Regatta:

 Photos Latitude/JR

Farallones Kite Sailors

May 28 - San Francisco

On Wednesday we told you of Chip Wasson, Steve Gibson and Jeff Kafka who kite-sailed 28 miles from the Farallones to Crissy Field in about two hours. Today we have the photos to prove it.

For more photos, see www.cosmicplanet.com/pics/kite_crossing/

Photos Ian Boyd

Today Is the Distribution Day for June Latitude

May 28 - San Francisco Bay Area

Thinking that many of you might like to have the June issue of Latitude 38 for your reading pleasure over the Memorial Day Weekend, the Latitude staff worked their fingers to the bone and went without sleep for weeks to get the issue out four days earlier than normal. We hope you enjoy it!

Photo Latitude/Richard

What boat is that on the cover? Only the largest and fastest racing yacht in the world - and she's on her way to San Francisco. Details - plus a photo spread - inside the June issue.

The Sailing Solution for a Northern European Winter

May 28 - Northern Europe

When you live in Northern Europe, the sailing season is extremely short, so you have to get your sailing in while you can. Right now they are about to start the Nokia Oops Cup - the name for which may have come from the 60-ft tri HiQ, seen poking her bows in the water. The Oops Cup takes place all around the Baltic in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland. The first race in the Nokia Oops Cup will be held in Helsinki on May 30; the last in Gdansk, Poland, on July 11. In between, 'city' events will be held in Stockholm (June 5), Oslo (June 10-11), Gothenburg (June 16), Helsingoer (June 18-19), Copenhagen (June 21) and Sandhamn (July 3-4).

Photos Courtesy Nokia Oops Cup

Several types of races are included in the Nokia Oops Cup. 'City' races are short course races, held close to the shore, as well as the Speed Races, which are to see who can hit the fastest speed. The remainder of the races are the leading Nordic ocean races, such as the Faerder Race in Norway, the Sjaelland Rundt in Denmark and the Round Gotland Race in Sweden. The ocean race from Sandhamn, Sweden, to Gdansk, Poland, will be a doublehanded race, a novelty for the Nokia Oops Cup.

Oracle BMW Racing Is History

May 28 - Valencia, Spain

That's right, there will be no Oracle BMW Racing partaking in the UBS Trophy against America's Cup winner Alinghi in Newport, RI, on June 19-26, nor will there be an Oracle BMW Racing competing in the America's Cup in Valencia in 2007. That's because they've changed the name to BMW Oracle Racing to better reflect the automaker's more significant role in the partnership.

Speaking of names for the America's Cup, you may remember that on March 25, a group called Clan Des Team from Italy became the first official Challenger in the 32nd America's Cup after the Challenger of Record, Oracle BMW Racing, now BMW Oracle Racing. More recently they have changed their name, reports Daily Sail, to +39. What's that? It's the area code for Italy. We like it!

Profligate Racing to Beat Gale Force Gusts

May 28 - California Coast

As we write this at 10 a.m. on Friday, Doña de Mallorca has just called in to report that Profligate is, according to the Nobeltec navigation software, 63 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge on her return from Panama. Winds are calm and she's making 10 knots. There's just one problem - this afternoon's forecast is for 25 knot winds with "gale force gusts." So it's a race against the arrival of a weather system. Will they be able to make it all the way to the Bay? Will they have to pull in at Half Moon Bay? Will they have to turn back and go to Santa Cruz? Only time will tell.

The original plan was to have Profligate in Southern California for a short time, but when Commander's Weather reported a great window for going north - just 5 knots and flat seas at Conception - who could resist? So we'll either be seeing everyone on the Bay this weekend, or next weekend for sure. It will be great to be sailing on the most scenic Bay in the world once again.

Commander's Weather

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