Photos of the Day: Don Duck Regatta

March 25 - Tiburon

We're feeling a little goofy this morning, after an intense deadline putting together the year's biggest issue of Latitude 38, to be distributed Tuesday. So it seemed fitting to feature the Don Duck Regatta as our 'Photos of the Day' story.

Tiburon Yacht Club Commodore Walt Bilofsky reports: "It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, with good wind and flat water, as twenty pre-teen crew members aboard four boats started the first Don Duck Regatta. The Don Duck went off as a third start of the Don Wan, an annual early-spring club race. Rules for the division: After crossing the starting line, no grownup touches a wheel or a line. So each boat's crew consisted of four to six kids.

"Eleven boats were out there before the first division start - not counting the incoming Larkspur ferry, which wandered through between the first and second division starts, but narrowly missed the line and was disqualified.

Golden Gate Transit's entry was scored 'DSQ'.

"Following the race, all crews and skippers returned to the clubhouse for the traditional post-TYC race recreation - soda pop, running around, hula hoops, and awards. The crew of the winning boat, Pearl, were awarded rubber ducks, and all the young racers received duck key chains. Thanks to Tom Neukranz for organizing this event."

First place Pearl

Unstoppable motion

Unusual 'pickle dishes'

Photos Walt Bilofsky/Tiburon YC

Olympic Classes Regatta

March 25 - Long Beach

Mo Hart and Meg Gaillard reinforced their top rankings in the singlehanded Finn and Europe classes, respectively, with runaway victories in the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club's 43rd Olympic Classes Regatta held March 21-23 in Long Beach.

Europe winner Meg Gaillard
Photo Courtesy US Sailing

"I learned a long time ago not to say a word because everything changes at the Trials," Gaillard, from Jamestown, RI, said after winning the last three races and 8 of 10 overall. Hart, of Santa Cruz, agreed. "Only one thing matters, and that's the Trials," he said.

Gaillard's strongest threat in the Europe class is Alameda's Krysia Pohl, 27, her frequent training partner, who was a distant second this time. "Krysia is sailing well," said Gaillard, who was second to Courtenay Dey in the 2000 qualifiers, "and everybody sails their best at the Trials."

Pohl, a lieutenant in the U.S. Coast Guard, resigned her commission to pursue her Olympic ambition. "I really ramped up my program in 2001 and started campaigning full-time," she said. "I'm still fine-tuning my equipment and techniques. I'm getting better."

Pohl admitted that sailing wasn't the only thing on her mind over the weekend. "If I was still in [the Coast Guard] I'd probably be doing security inspections to make sure that what's coming in is legal. Everyone's duties are double now. I support everyone who's [in Iraq]. That's the most I can do. I pray for them that they'll come home safely."

After winning 5 of 9 Finn races, Mo Hart dropped out of the last race after a pre-start collision with the veteran Henry Sprague of Long Beach. Final results were delayed until their two-way protest was resolved by the race jury in Hart's favor.

Only one boat in each class qualifies for the Olympics. While Hart, 27, and
Gaillard, 29, remain favorites in their groups, competition in the 49er skiffs took another hitch in pressure when Dalton Bergan and crew Zack Maxam of Coronado won the last three races in light to moderate breeze to overhaul frontrunners David Fagen, St. Petersburg, FL, and crew Bora Gulari, Detroit, at 28 points each.

They almost had to flip a coin to determine the winner. After 15 races over three days, each team had the same number of first, second, third and fourth places, so the tiebreaker was Bergan's fifth place in Race 3, which he actually discarded as one of his two throwouts.

Andy Mack of White Salmon, WA, and crew Adam Lowry, San Francisco, were five
points back. They are ranked No. 2 behind Tim Wadlow and Peter Spaulding,
who remained on the East Coast this weekend. Bergan/Maxam are third and
Fagen/Gulari fourth.

Fourth place finishers in the 49ers, Pat Whitmarsh and Paul Allen on USA 37 battle Canadians Andrew Walther and Mark Lutz
Photo Charlie McElfresh

Winds Sunday were 6 to 10 knots southwest and shifty. Those who played the
shifts best were most successful.

Top finishers:

EUROPE (20 boats)
1. Meg Gaillard, Jamestown, RI, 1-(2)-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-1, 10 points.
2. Krysia Pohl, Alameda, 2-3-2-(6)-2-2-5-6-4-DNC, 32.
3. Tanja Smutny, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 5-9-(10)-2-5-3-1-4-2-2, 33.

FINN (11)
1. Mo Hart, Santa Cruz, (2)-1-2-1-1-1-1-3-2-DNF, 14.
2. Geoff Ewenson, Annapolis, MD, 1-(3)-1-2-3-3-2-(4-1-1, 17.
3. Henry Sprague, Long Beach, 3-2-(4)-3-2-2-3-2-3-1-5-DNC, 25.

49ER (13)
1. Dalton Bergan/Zack Maxam, Coronado
3-1-(5)-2-2-1-8-3-4-1-4-4-1-1-1, 28.
2. David Fagen, St. Petersburg, FL/Bora Gulari, Detroit,
2-3-1-1-4-(8)-1-1-(10)-2-1-1-3-4-4, 28.
3. Andy Mack, White Salmon, WA/Adam Lowry, San Francisco,
1-2-2-(6)-1-4-3-2-(6)-3-2-2-2-6-3, 33.

LASER (43)
1. Mike Leigh, Vancouver, B.C., 2-1-1-7-2-3-(15)-10-14-9, 49.
2. Brendon Piovesan, Vancouver, B.C., 1-8-2-(OCS)-4-15-8-5-7-7, 57.
3. Greg Helias, Marina del Rey, 12-11-13-2-8-(ZFP)-7-1-4-3, 61.

1. Parker Shinn, San Diego, 1-1-4-2-(5)-5-2-3-3-1, 22.
2. Doug Hart, San Diego, (9)-4-3-3-2-1-4-1-5-5, 28.
3. Bob Falk, Long Beach, (8)-2-1-8-4-6-3-2-2-3, 31.

STAR (10)
1. Mike Dorgan/Eric Weintraub, San Diego, 1-1-1-(9)-2-1-6, 12.
2. Jeremy Davidson/Jessica Costa, Long Beach, 3-2-3-3-(4)-4-4, 19.
3. Eric Lidecis, Newport Beach, 2-3-2-2-3-(5)-5, 17.

1. Rick Arneson/Gus Wirth, San Diego, 1-1-1-2-(5)-2-4, 11.
2. David Tillson/John Fretwell, San Diego, 2-2-3-4-(6)-1-3, 15.
3. Ken Redler/Barbara Tillson, Marina del Rey, 3-4-1-6-3-(8)-1, 18.

Complete results and photos, see See also

Star Pre-Trials

March 25 - Miami, FL

The same three days Star Class sailors were competing in Long Beach, the top Olympic contenders were on the opposite end of the continent, duking it out in the Pre-Trials hosted by Coral Reef Yacht Club in Miami. Sweden's Fredrik Loof and Anders Ekstrom topped the fleet, five points ahead of Marinite Paul Cayard and his crew, Phil Trinter, in second. Californians also packed the bottom part of the top 10, with George Szabo and Darin Jensen in sixth, Rick Merriman/Bill Bennett seventh, Howie Shiebler/Rick Peters eighth, and Mark Reynolds/Magnus Liljedahl ninth. For complete results, see

PFDs and Harnesses After Dark a Must

March 25 - Portsmouth, RI

Perhaps prompted by recent high profile incidents including some fatalities, US Sailing's Safety at Sea Committee has added or modified US Prescriptions to three of the Special Regulations Governing Offshore and Oceanic Racing, the most notable of which involves the use of PFDs and harnesses:

"PFD's and Harnesses - 5.02.5 'US SAILING prescribes that harnesses and
PFD's shall be worn by all crew members in Category 0 and 1 races from
sunset to sunrise while on deck.' While nearly all of the responses to the
advertised 'request for comments' on this proposal were supportive, they
were evenly divided on the question of whether to require such equipment or
to leave it up to each sailor or skipper. The majority of organizers of
Category 1 and 0 races who responded favored adopting the prescription as a

The other two items modified involve liferafts and storm trysails on yachts with in-mast main furling. To find out more, and to read TransPac Commodore Brad Avery's comments on the PFD/harness issue, see


March 25 - The Pacific Ocean and Cyberspace

Who is out making passages in the Pacific and what kind of weather are they having? The YOTREPS daily yacht tracking page has moved to

Weather Updates

March 25 - Pacific Ocean

San Francisco Bay Weather

To see what the winds are like on the Bay and just outside the Gate right now, check out

The National Weather Service site for San Francisco Bay is at

California Coast Weather

Looking for current as well as recent wind and sea readings from 17 buoys and stations between Pt. Arena and the Mexican border? Here's the place - which has further links to weather buoys and stations all over the U.S.:

Pacific Winds and Pressure

The University of Hawaii Dept. of Meteorology page posts a daily map of the NE Pacific Ocean barometric pressure and winds.

Pacific Sea State

Check out the Pacific Ocean sea states at:
For views of sea states anywhere in the world, see

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