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January 24 - Monterey Bay

On Saturday, January 18, while many of concerned citizens were marching for peace, one of our staff decided to see how the whales were doing.

Just as we were packing our duffel to head for the dock, a friend with a Cessna offered a completely different vantage. Within a half an hour of taking off from San Rafael we were over Monterey Bay spotting large puffs of sea spray from southbound Greys. We are happy to report that the whale population is doing well as we sighted over sixty whales (all Greys) within a two-hour flight from San Francisco.

Photos Latitude/Mitch

Thanks to Captain Jim and Shaggy for an excellent adventure. Peace to everyone, and keep saving those whales.

Kingfisher2 Goes to Amber

January 24 - Lorient, France

Ellen MacArthur has signaled the 13 men who will crew for her on the maxi-cat Kingfisher2 in a Jules Verne around the world attempt to get to Lorient, France, as weather models are showing that Sunday or Monday may be good times to take off.

Meanwhile, Olivier de Kersauson, who took off earlier with the maxi-trimaran Geronimo has been doing very well, thank you. His tri became not only the fastest vessel to ever make it from France to the equator, but seems to be making fast work of the St. Helena high pressure zone. This is going to be an interesting battle between a maxi-tri and a maxi-cat.

Winter Boat Work

January 24 - Miami Beach, FL

"A couple of weeks ago, we three San Francisco-based sailors decided to do a little weekend work on the boat . . . with a difference," reports Matt Dusanic. "I had some major repairs/upgrades to work on - new Bimini, alternators, and solar panels - and needed some help that I could count on. When I had a boat in San Francisco, that was pretty easy to find, but now that my boat is: 1) A lot bigger, in this case the Venezia 42 cat Some Day Too, and 2) Located in Miami Beach, it's a little more challenging to rustle up help.

"Of course, those same issues can also be a benefit. In one of the accompanying pictures, Den Dollitle, on the left, and Matt Dusanic (me) on the right (Rob Pulkownik is taking our picture) are posing with our favorite recreational reading material. Not surprisingly, we both brought copies with us to read. Rob didn't, but he's more of a Crissy Field boardsailor, although I used to drag him out as crew. The shots were taken while on an overnight shakedown run down from Miami Beach to Biscayne Bay (anchored off of Elliot Key).

Photos Rob Pulkownik

"The second shot shows us again hard at work, while Rob shoots more pictures (and fixes the problem aloft with the furler). At the time, we were in about 6 feet of water, and the swimming, margaritas and barbecued steaks were a great alternative to a rainy day in San Francisco."

Everybody Wants Peace; Nobody Knows How to Achieve It

January 24 - San Francisco

John Callahan and friends took his J/120 Django to the Peace Rally in San Francisco last weekend. "We were a big hit," he reports. "Lots of waves, cheers, horn honks, and photographs. But why were we the only 'peace boat' out there?"

Simpatica Wins Twice

January 24 - Tortola, BVI

Congratulations are due the Cunard family - Bruce and Alison, and children Sam, 10, Kari, 9, and Holly 4, of the Seattle-based Catana 47 Simpatica for winning the multihull division in last year's West Marine Caribbean 1500 from Hampton, Virginia, to Tortola in the British Virgins.

They finished the approximately 1,500-mile course in 187 hours, 50 of which were spent motoring. The Cunards - and their crew Eric Newburger and Megan Alt - also won the event's most prestigious award, the Tempest Trophy, which is "emblematic of the spirit of the event." According to director Steve Black, "They were sufficiently well prepared that they were able to spend time helping others both before and during the passage, including a mid-ocean fuel drop to another boat." The Cunards reportedly took delivery of the boat in Europe about 18 months ago.

Photos Steve Black

By the way, if anybody is in contact with the Cunards, could you please ask them to contact Richard.


January 24 - The Pacific Ocean and Cyberspace

Who is out making passages in the Pacific and what kind of weather are they having? The YOTREPS daily yacht tracking page has moved to

Weather Updates

January 24 - Pacific Ocean

San Francisco Bay Weather

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The National Weather Service site for San Francisco Bay is at

California Coast Weather

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Pacific Winds and Pressure

The University of Hawaii Dept. of Meteorology page posts a daily map of the NE Pacific Ocean barometric pressure and winds.

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