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February 12 - San Francisco Bay

"After seeing the photos of cruising in Mexico in 'Lectronic, I was getting a case of terminal winter depression," writes Glenn Fagerlin of the 45-ft Kronos catamaran Perception. "But last Saturday was a partial cure - a spectacular day on the Bay. Spring seemed like it was here! The attached photo is of Perception on a reach to the Cityfront from Richmond. It was blowing about 10 knots from the east, with bright sunshine, 70 degree temperatures, and a good ebb. It was so pleasant we ran down the Cityfront, out the Gate and past Pt. Bonita - all under spinnaker. It was just a great day on the Bay!"

Photo Glenn Fagerlin

Cruiser Lost on the Gold Coast of Mexico

February 12 - Cabo Corrientes, Mexico

Based on reports from Mexico, John Ludwig of the 30-foot aluminum sloop Forte died in a sailing accident while cruising with his wife Ceyla south of Cabo Corrientes on February 8. Ceyla apparently told other cruisers that her husband had gone overboard, but she was unable to maneuver the boat in heavy seas. Cabo Corrientes is known for being the Point Conception of mainland Mexico. Eventually, Forte, which had done a circumnavigation under previous owners, washed up on Cucharitas Beach. Ceyla made it to shore with some bruises before the boat was pulled back out by waves. We're not sure where the Ludwigs are from, but they are said to be an older couple well known to cruisers from Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta. The Mexican Navy provided assistance by confirming that a vessel had gone ashore, and by giving directions on how P.V. cruisers could get to the boat by land to help. A number of cruisers showed up to help as best they could. Ceyla is currently being assisted by staff of the American Consul.

Cruiser couples are often warned of the dangers of the woman not knowing how to operate the boat if the man falls overboard or becomes incapacitated. Despite the warnings, this continues to be true in probably 50% of the cases.

This report was based on information provided by Ed and Daisy Marill of the CSY 44 Siesta of Marathon, Florida, and the 2001 Ha-Ha.

They're Calling It Aucklandgate

February 12 - Auckland, NZ

The long history of the America's Cup has been filled with many dirty deeds, but the current stink may be on an entirely different level. Seattle's OneWorld Syndicate is being accused of having illegally acquired design and building information from the victorious Kiwi syndicate. At the center of the controversy is noted designer Laurie Davidson, who was with the Kiwi camp last time and who 'defected' to the Seattle Syndicate for this go.

OneWorld has admitted to some minor mistakes of protocol early on; the question is whether they are guilty of much greater offenses. An America's Cup Arbitration Panel is to sort it all out within the next six to eight weeks. Some pundits are saying it's much to do about nothing, others say it may be the end of OneWorld.

Meanwhile, there's an America's Cup warmup regatta of sorts going on in Auckland right now - although most syndicates aren't participating and there's only one fourth generation boat.

Mike and Gail Enjoying Life

February 12 - Bahia Herradura, Costa Rica

"Wild Rover, a Cal 34 Mark III, is now in Bahia Herradura, Costa Rica," report Mike and Gail Cannady - and their two cats. "We were Ha-Ha 2000 participants, and one year later are still making our way south towards Panama. After the Ha-Ha we spent six months harbor hopping down the Mexican coast, and crossed the Tehuantepec in May. Guatemala and El Salvador had not been high on our list of places to visit, but we ended up spending two months in these two countries, and fitting in a lot of inland travel. Barillas Marina was a great place to do maintenance and repairs, and to make quick trips home. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, is not to be missed. Costa Rica is beautiful and clean. Being Pacific Northwesterners, we don't think we would have survived in the dry Sea of Cortez, and are glad we kept heading south. This photo is of Mike catching up on a recent issue of Latitude 38 at Playa del Coco, while Roberts the cat plans the next anchorages."

Photo Gail Cannady

As far as we're concerned, Mike and Gail prove once again that you don't need a big or expensive boat to have a great time cruising.

Orange at the Ready

February 12 - Brest, France

Bruno Peyron - who created The Race - is expected to take off in the next few days to try to reclaim the Jules Verne Around The World Trophy he once won with the 86-ft cat Explorer. This time he'll be sailing the Gilles Ollier-designed 110-ft maxi-cat Orange - formerly Innovations Explorer. It was hoped that he'd be going head to head with Oliver de Kersauson, who set a new Jules Verne record with the trimaran Sport Elect, and is now hoping to beat it with the 120-ft trimaran Geronimo. Alas, Geronimo lost the top of her rig in very light air a few months back, and still is not ready yet. The current Jules Verne record is 71 days.
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February 12 - The Pacific Ocean and Cyberspace

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February 12 - Pacific Ocean

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Pacific Winds and Pressure

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