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April 15 - Catalina Island

Today's Photos of the Day come from not so sunny Southern California. We spent our second straight weekend at Catalina, hoping to bask in the warm Southern California sun. As you can see from the first photo, it was sunny and blue in Avalon at least some of the time on Saturday. But it wasn't particularly warm, unless you were tucked in against the land. We didn't feel too bad, however - until our son told us it was 20 degrees warmer in sunny Northern California!

We spent most of Sunday at Avalon, too, but it was mostly gray. Not nearly as gray, however, as in the channel back over to Newport, and Newport itself. There it looked more like the Emerald Isle than the real thing.

We've had a great time at Catalina - except for the movies. The 1,200-seat Casino theater is our all time favorite, but what rubbish they're showing. First it was Gosford Park, which had way too many characters, but not enough plot - and featured an excessive amount of inaudible whispering in phony English accents. This week it was Monster's Ball, a really stupid movie about what really stupid things really stupid people can do. Our favorite part was the uplifting message - just because your son kills himself because you hated him; just because you farmed out your father who hates you; and just because you executed your new girlfriend's husband - none of this means you can't instantly overcome racism and live happily ever after.

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Holmberg Holds on to Capture Congo

April 15 - Long Beach

In the process of winning his fourth Congressional Cup championship in five years, Peter Holmberg of Oracle Racing won his third consecutive Swedish Match Tour Event - to remain atop the world match racing standings. To take the title, Holmberg defeated Prada Challenge's Gavin Brady 2-1. "I don't think we had a brilliant day today, but the team was strong and that carried us through," said Holmberg. "It took me a while to get used to the boat. We had a good series against Andy Green (in the semifinals). He gave us a tough time and Gavin really made us work for it, too."

FINAL ROUND-ROBIN STANDINGS (18 rounds): 1. Peter Holmberg, 15-3; 2. Ken Read, 12-6; 3. Gavin Brady, 10-8; 4. Andy Green, 9-9, 5. Jes Gram-Hansen ($1,700) 9-9, 6. Scott Dickson ($1,700) 9-9, 7. Rod Davis ($1,500) 8-10; 8. Dean Barker ($1,500) 8-10; 9. Ed Baird ($1,200) 6-12; 10. Luc Pillot ($1,000) 4-14. PETIT FINALS: Ken Read ($3,000) defeated Andy Green ($2,500) 2-0 CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS: Peter Holmberg ($6,000) defeated Gavin Brady ($4,500).

This Woman Has It Right

April 15 - Miami, FL

Over in Jolly Olde England, the Princess Royal not only christened the Brits' first America's Cup yacht in 15 years - she gave the politically correct crowd a proper dressing down. Departing from her prepared remarks, the Princess gestured at the new 80-ft Wight Lightning and said, "I would like to thank the GBR Challenge team for asking me to perform the naming ceremony of 'her'. The people at Lloyd's - who have decided that from now on they'll refer to vessels at 'it' - have clearly never either launched or named a boat because it would be completely wrong to call her 'it'."

The crowd of 300 gave her loud applause - as rightly they should.

Four Day Lead in the Jules Verne

April 15 - Atlantic Ocean

Bruno Peyron and crew aboard the maxi cat Orange rounded Cape Horn on the 13th to finish their Jules Verne time in the Southern Ocean. They are now headed into the Atlantic with a four day lead over Olivier de Kersauson's 1997 record time with Sport Elec. Barring a breakdown, the record will be Peyron's.

Who remembers the history of the Jules Verne? It started in January of '93, with three boats. There was Peyron with Cam Lewis aboard Commodore Explorer. There was Olivier de Kersauson and his 90-ft tri, then known as Charal. de Kersauson didn't want to pay the $16,000 entry fee, so he started a week before the other two. The third was ENZA, sailed by Robin Knox-Johnston and the late Peter Blake, who didn't want a French boat to win. Both Charal and ENZA had structural problems in the Southern Ocean and had to drop out. Peyron and Commodore Explorer hung in to claim the prize.

Explorer sailing out the Gate
to promote The Race
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Fun in the Caribbean Sun

April 15 - Caribbean

We'll close this edition with a photo of our old friend Devan, hanging out during an early April charter in the Caribbean. Looks warm, doesn't it? Certainly warmer than Catalina.


April 15 - The Pacific Ocean and Cyberspace

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April 15 - Pacific Ocean

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