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October 31 - Pt. Richmond

In the spirit of Halloween and the blue moon (any time a full moon falls on Halloween it's a 'blue moon', or the second full moon in a calendar month), we bring you these scenes from the Great Pumpkin party, where this year's theme was "You can leave your hat on." We'll have racing photos tomorrow.

The Gruntled gang

The kids' contest

Anne was one of many hard-working volunteers

That's a box of Grape Nuts on Paul's sword. Get it?

Photos Latitude/Chris

The adults' contest prize winners

Great Pumpkin Race Results

October 31 - Pt. Richmond

Here they are, the results you've all been waiting for (well, okay, some of you anyway) . . . Drum roll, please . . .

Saturday's finishers from Richmond Yacht Club's one design Great Pumpkin Regatta:

FARR 40 - 1) Blue Chip, Walt Logan, 5 points; 2) Groovederci, John & Deneen Demourkas, 6; 3) Gone Too Farr, David Carrel, 7. (6 boats)

J/120 - 1) Mr. Magoo, Steve Madeira, 3 points; 2) Chance, Barry Lewis, 7; 3) Twist, Timo Bruck, 9. (6 boats)

BENETEAU 40.7 - 1) White Dove, Mike Garl/Scott Easom, 4 points; 2) Battant, Chris Herron, 5. (4 boats)

WYLIE 39 - 1) Lilith, Tim Knowles, 5 points; 2) Marishanna, John Freeman, 8. (4 boats)

EXPRESS 37 - 1) Eclipse, Mark Dowdy, 5 points; 2) Elan, Bill Riess, 6. (4 boats)

J/35 - 1) Raptor, Jim Hoey, 5 points. (3 boats)

J/105 - 1) Good Timin', Dave Wilson/Phil Perkins, 5 points; 2) Aquavit, Roy & Alexis Steiner, 8; 3) Walloping Swede, Tom Kassberg, 9; 4) Advantage 3, Pat Benedict, 14; 5) Baldeagles, Dave & Jackie Liggett, 18. (14 boats)

99-RATERS - 1) Mischief, Jeff McCord, 5 points; 2) Two Scoops, Chris Longaker/Tom Goodwin, 5; 3) Rocinante, Rob Magoon, 11. (6 boats)

SF-30 - 1) Jeannette, Tartan Ten, Henry King, 5 points; 2) Preparation J, J/30, Ron Tostenson, 7; 3) Enigma, Capo 30 mod., Bob Hultman, 10; 4) Tortuga, Santana 30/30, Stephen Hutchison, 14; 5) Ixxis, OIson 911-S, Ed Durbin, 20. (13 boats)

WYLIECAT 30 - 1) Silkye, John Skinner, 5 points; 2) Uno, Steve Wonner, 6; 3) Triumph, Steve Seal, 10. (6 boats)

OLSON 30 - 1) Family Hour, Bilafer Family, 4 points. (2 boats)

HAWKFARM - 1) El Gavilan, Nash Family, 4 points. (2 boats)

ANTRIM 27 - 1) Always Friday, John Liebenberg, 4 points; 2) Nemesis, Paul Martson, 8; 3) Cascade, Steve Reinhart, 10. (7 boats)

EXPRESS 27 - 1) Frog in French, Kame Richards, 8 points; 2) Swamp Donkey, Doug Robbins, 9; 3) Dianne, Steve Katzman, 12; 4) Wile E. Coyote, Dan Pruzan, 16; 5) Ajax, Brett Allen, 18. (14 boats)

OLSON 25 - 1) Barking Dog, Jeffrey Kroeber, 8 points; 2) Baleineau, Charlie Brochard, 9. (5 boats)

MERIT 25 - 1) Twilight Zone, Paul Kamen, 5 points; 2) Loose Lips, Phill Mai, 6. (4 boats)

MELGES 24 - 1) #77, John Edanbach, 3 points. (2 boats)

WABBIT - 1) Ricochet, Andy Hamilton, 3 points; 2) Mr. McGregor, Kim & Anna Desenberg, 7; 3) Jombo, Jon Stewart, 12. (10 boats)

MOORE 24 - 1) Vu Jude, Bob Sutton, 4 points; 2) Sunshine, Stan Martin, 5; 3) Wet Spot, Michael O'Callaghan, 16; 4) Csardas, Judy & Torben Bentsen, 17; 5) Sparrow Hawk, Vaughn Seifers, 17. (13 boats)

SANTANA 22 - 1) Carlos, Jan Grygier, 4 points; 2) Dominatrix, Heidi Schmidt, 6. (5 boats)

CAL 20 - 1) Rutharola, Bernard Saggesse, 4 points; 2) Andalusia, Luther Greulich, 9. (5 boats)

Sunday's PHRF pursuit race goes around Alcatraz and Angel Islands in either direction. The direction is crucial; this year clockwise was the right choice, after a one-hour postponement for lack of wind put the majority of the race past max ebb instead of in the middle of it. The top ten finishers were: 1) Spirit, S&S 33, Steve Lewis; 2) Unknown, Islander 30, unknown; 3) Eyrie, Hawkfarm, Tom Condy; 4) Mr. McGregor, Wylie Wabbit, Kim & Anna Desenberg; 5) Barking Dog, Olson 25, Jeffrey Kroeber; 6) Dominatrix, Santana 22, Heidi Schmidt; 7) Travieso, J/22, Jack Allen; 8) Kwazy, Wylie Wabbit, Colin Moore; 9) Sunshine, Moore 24, Stan Martin; 10) Csardas, Moore 24, Judy & Torben Bentsen. (128 boats)

Check back tomorrow for on-the-water photos!

Red Rock Regatta

October 31 - San Francisco Bay

Meanwhile, across the Bay at Tiburon Yacht Club, 16 boats raced in Saturday's Red Rock Regatta. First place winners were Bill Hoehler's J/105 Joyride in Spinnaker Division, and Don Kunstler's Santana 28 Don Wan in Non-Spinnaker. For the rest of the results, see

Last Boat Finishes Volvo Leg 1

October 31 - Cape Town, South Africa

Amer Sports Too finished Leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race today at 1:20:12 GMT, ghosting in through the early morning drizzle to a warm welcome at Cape Town.

Photo Courtesy

Their arrival was none too soon. The gas ran out as they heated the last dinner at sea and they motored to the arrival pontoon on the emergency diesel supply. One more day at sea and they could not have heated food or run the generator.

Amer Sports Too arrived six hours and 20 minutes after djuice, a rival with which they had fought a match race which lasted almost 4,000 miles, virtually from the equator to Cape Town, and took nearly three weeks.

It was a match race where the lead changed frequently and also from time to time involved Team SEB. Right up until the finish the women's crew, which includes Tiburon's Melissa Purdy, kept fighting and chasing, determined to be taken seriously in the toughest of ocean races.

Hopes rose again yesterday when Amer Sports Too started reeling in the miles
when djuice was caught in light winds. The deficit was cut to only 15 miles in less than 24 hours.

McDonald and crew will have three to four days off, before returning to work on Sunday to 'star' in a TV commercial being shot for sponsor UBS and to prepare the yacht for the next leg - an estimated 25-day dash to Sydney via the Southern Ocean.

djuice Dragons finished yesterday at 19:00:53 GMT. The djuice crew could only afford to eat a single meal each day for the past four days, and the crew arrived much thinner and extremely weak. Team chef Arne Bertelsen, fearing that eating
large quantities of unhealthy food (they were craving hamburgers and pizza) would damage the sailors' recovery process, instead mixed up a delightful concoction. "The drink will make it easier for the body to rapidly absorb all the vital things it needs," he said.

On his experience of this leg, djuice skipper Knut Frostad commented: "It was not only the worst leg, it was the worst race I have ever done, awful, horrible. I have never fought so hard for so little."

Another protest has been filed against the leading yacht, German entry illbruck. The first protest regarded Internet access to non-public sites; this time the race committee lodged a protest on a technical issue dealing with their Volvo Penta supplied S-Drive. A protest hearing has yet to be scheduled. For the full story, see

That's My Boat!

October 31 - Steamboat Slough

Bryan Hoyer writes, "We're the 'proud' owners of the beached catamaran in your photo of the day [October 23]. We purchased the FP Belize 43 Rapscullion in April of this year and crash outfitted it for our first trip to the Delta in August.

"The photo shows the results of our welcome to the Delta the first night of our trip.

Photo Dave Wilson

"After motoring up from Oyster Point, we tied up mid-tide 'houseboat style', bows in with spring lines off each side. My main concern was floating off at high tide during the night.

"We awoke at a decided list that we never experienced during our shakedown cruises in the Bay. The tide had picked us up driven us onto the beach and then left us high and dry. It was four feet to the beach from the bottom step of the stern, which is normally only a few inches off the water.

"We unpacked our stern anchor; a 44 lb. Bulwagga, which had arrived the day before sans rode, and assembled it with nylon rode and 6' of fresh chain. We then motored it out in the dinghy and simply dropped it over the side.

"To my surprise it didn't drag an inch when we winched it in. So the next high tide we backed off without incident using the kedge along with alternate full
reverse from the two 27 hp Saildrives. Wife Dani and daughter Kjersti assisted by creating waves with the dinghy.

"During the day we received a lot of attention, with a few people even coming ashore to walk between the hulls, accompanied by many offers of help.

"Thanks to everyone at Hidden Harbor and the Delta who offered assistance, or just good Karma."


October 31 - The Pacific Ocean and Cyberspace

Who is out making passages in the Pacific and what kind of weather are they having? Check out YOTREPS - 'yacht reports' - at

Weather Updates

October 31 - Pacific Ocean

San Francisco Bay Weather

To see what the winds are like on the Bay and just outside the Gate right now, check out (Note: This page seems to be working correctly again.)

California Coast Weather

Looking for current as well as recent wind and sea readings from 17 buoys and stations between Pt. Arena and the Mexican border? Here's the place - which has further links to weather buoys and stations all over the U.S.:

Pacific Winds and Pressure

The University of Hawaii Dept. of Meteorology page posts a daily map of the NE Pacific Ocean barometric pressure and winds.

Pacific Sea State

Check out the Pacific Ocean sea states at:
For another view, see

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