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July 12 - It's a Mystery

Can you name this island? We'll give you a couple of hints. 1) It's arguably the smallest sovereign state in the world, having once been recognized by England. 2) The current king is a sometime contributor to Latitude. For the correct answer, see below.

Photo Latitude/Andy

Grand Jury Says "Squatters" on Boats Must Leave Santa Barbara

July 12 - Santa Barbara Harbor

We're not exactly sure why the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury got involved with investigating Santa Barbara Harbor and waterfront issues, but they did. After they finished their investigation, they recommended that permanent city moorings be established to the east of Stearn's Wharf, the so-called 'Fool's Anchorage', which is currently an anchorage. And that "squatters" on boats, described as "free-spirited vagabonds," be ousted from the area. "Like similar cities, Santa Barbara has long tolerated this accommodation; however, times change, and it is now considering regulating the area through increased policing and charging rent." The Grand Jury blamed the anchor-outs for sanitary problems and their boats for a propensity to wash up on shore because of a lack of proper ground tackle. The Grand Jury also recommended that all boats in Santa Barbara Harbor be tested for seaworthiness twice a year, and suggested that up to 10% of the 1,200 boats in the harbor would not pass. The Grand Jury foreman said the unseaworthy boats serve only as floating housing, which is not the function of the harbor.

Photo Latitude/Richard

The Grand Jury dropped an even bigger bombshell - one that could eventually lead to many Bay Area boaters losing several thousands of dollars. We'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Reichel/Pugh Scores Again

July 12 - North Atlantic Coast

In the Pacific Ocean, Philippe Kahn's R/P just bested Pyewacket and Chance, a couple of other R/P 75s, to take elapsed time honors in the TransPac. And in the North Atlantic, the New York YC's Richard Breeden skippered his R/P 75 Bright Star to line honors in the Boston YC's Marblehead to Halifax Race. Bright Star beat 102 boats and sailed the second fastest time since the race was started nearly 100 years ago. Despite averaging about one knot for the last five hours, Star missed Starlight Express's previous record by less than two hours. Forty of the boats in the fleet are still bobbing around in the fog and light air. See and for details.

You Think It's Cold Sailing Here on the Bay?

July 12 - Alaska

Then what do you think it would be like hopping into this dinghy for a trip to shore? That's sailing Alaska style.

Photo Rick Fleischman,
Sound Sailing

Mystery Island Identified

July 12 - The Kingdom of Redonda

The island in the photo above is Redonda, in the Eastern Caribbean. Although officially annexed by Antigua in the late 1800s, a romantic trader from Montserrat had previously laid claim to the rock, designating his son Philip as king. Remarkably, King Philip's status was acknowledged by the British Colonial Office of the day. In spite of the facts that the mining of sea bird guano is the only human activity that's ever taken place on the island, and that King Philip chose to live in England during his adult life where he became an author, the royal monarchy was maintained in spirit over the years. The title of King has been handed down - purchased, actually - four times to a succession of writers and poets. The latest is Robert the Bald (a.k.a. Bob Williamson) a salty author, artist and former gold miner, whose illustrations have appeared in the pages of Latitude 38.


July 12 - The Pacific Ocean and Cyberspace

Who is out making passages in the Pacific and what kind of weather are they having? Check out YOTREPS - 'yacht reports' - at

Weather Updates

July 12 - Atlantic Ocean

Tropical Depression #2 Headed for the Eastern Caribbean

No reason to freak out, but everyone in the islands will want to keep an eye on this one. See

July 12 - Pacific Ocean

San Francisco Bay Weather

To see what the winds are like on the Bay and just outside the Gate right now, check out

California Coast Weather

Looking for current as well as recent wind and sea readings from 17 buoys and stations between Pt. Arena and the Mexican border? Here's the place - which has further links to weather buoys and stations all over the U.S.:

Pacific Sea State

Check out the Pacific Ocean sea states at:
For another view, see

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