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December 7 - Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Most mariners assume that being a harbormaster is both a cushy and routine job. Not so. Just yesterday, for example, the slimy fellow in the photo - reeking of fish breath - slid his way into the Harbormaster's Office at Paradise Marina just north of Puerto Vallarta and demanded a slip (see photo at right). Manuel, the harbormaster's assistant, tried to be as nice as possible, and was able to find a temporary slip for Mr. Seal. That's when things turned unpleasant. As you can see in the photo below, Mr. Seal refused to take the pen to sign the berthing agreement, and furthermore, barked away about deserving a reduced rate because he didn't need electricity! So it goes.

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Cruiser Stoned by Islamic Toughs in Thailand

December 7 - Phuket, Thailand

"Although I'm having a marvelous time here in Phuket, Thailand," longtime San Francisco cruiser Dave Kopec of Meander writes in an email, "it's dangerous here. Last week, an Aussie named Ferguson received a telephone call that his boat was on fire at her slip at Yacht Haven Marina near Phang Na Bay. He roared back - including through a village at 50 mph - to find things under control on his boat. But back at the Muslim village - which only exists because of the money yachts pour into the area through wages and purchases - the locals took offense at his speeding. So they formed a mob and came down to the marina shouting "kill Americans, kill British." They dragged Ferguson off his boat and stoned him. Yes, they stoned him! He escaped by swimming for his life. He was hospitalized and later arrested for his own protection. All this happened within 200 meters of our group of yachts. We believed the mob was going down for a blessing from the Imam of Malaysia during Ramadan. The trashing of the Aussie's car with attendant banging caused all of us to check perimeter defenses and form a battle plan - which proved unnecessary."

This information was forwarded to us by Jan Pehrson of Sausalito and Florida.

Youngest Skipper First to Finish in Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

December 7 - St. Lucia

The youngest skipper in this year's Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, 22-year old Ross Daniel, has led his crew to line honors and smashed the record for the crossing in the Formula 1 yacht Spirit of Diana, a British-owned Farr 65. Spirit of Diana and the Belgian Swan 68 Lady in Red fought a nail-biting race to the end in Rodney Bay, St Lucia - and had been vying for first place since the start on Sunday, November 25, from Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. The larger Swan had led the fleet for most of the 2,668 nautical miles, reveling in the strong tradewind conditions encountered this year. Ross and his 12 crew, who came in just half a mile ahead of Lady in Red, have knocked 18 hours, 29 minutes and three seconds off the record, previously held by Luc Coquelin from France, in the Open 50 Multicap Caraibes a record which was set in 2000. Amazingly, Ross, who comes from Plymouth UK, has only been sailing for three years, and the ARC was his first taste of ocean racing. Also onboard the winning boat was 44-year old Tim Horsfield, who is a novice to the sailing world and was using the ARC as his first Atlantic crossing. Tim, from Somerset UK, a competent helmsman, is actually registered blind and used an audio compass throughout the event.

Andrew Bishop, general manager of event organizer World Cruising Club comments: "This has been the closest ever finish in the ARC's 16 year history. Lady in Red had led the fleet right from the start in Las Palmas, however they just could not hold the lead as the winds went light, 24 hours out from the finish. They've still done incredibly well and second place is their best record, plus of course they also have the honor of having smashed the previously held record. The rest of the 220 yachts are now making steady progress in NE F3 winds, and we expect to see eight more finishers during the next 24 hours."


December 7 - The Pacific Ocean and Cyberspace

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December 7 - Pacific Ocean

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