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Scrambling to Get Back Onboard

September 22 - San Francisco

Having gained 10 pounds during the West Marine Pacific Cup this summer, Paul Kamen got booted off his St. Francis Big Boat Series ride because he would have put the crew over the weight limit. So he ended up on the photo boat - where he captured this dramatic shot of two crewmembers from Neil Barth's 'Yahoo Sports' - an Alan Andrews ILC 40 that normally goes by the name 'Growler' - scrambling to get back aboard after going overboard. For details on how it happened - and a 'moment of going overboard' shot - see the October issue of 'Latitude 38'. For more Big Boat Series action, see below.

Photo Paul Kamen

Weather Updates

September 22 - Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

Tropical Weather

Tropical Storm Norman, or what's left of it, appears to have gone ashore near Mazatlan. As it was only packing 30 knots of wind, it's unlikely that it caused much damage. We'll let you know if it did.

In the Gulf of Mexico, Tropical Storm Helene is hitting the South. With more rain than wind, she shouldn't be much of a hazard to navigation.

The tropical depression off Africa that we mentioned yesterday has become Tropical Storm Isaac with 45 knots of wind. He's moving to the west and is expected to reach hurricane strength within two days. The good news is that it appears he'll move to the north of the islands in the Eastern Caribbean. But everyone has to keep an eye out for this guy.

San Francisco Bay Weather

To see what the winds are like on the Bay right now, check out

California Coast Weather

Looking for current as well as recent wind and sea readings from 17 buoys and stations between Pt. Arena and the Mexican border? Here's the place - which has further links to weather buoys and stations all over the U.S.:

Pacific Sea State

You can check out today's sea state at:
For another view, see


Baja Ha-Ha Update

September 22 -
Baja Ha-Ha World Headquarters

Two of the crew who had planned on joining the 63-ft cat 'Profligate' for Baja Ha-Ha VII - which starts October 31 - have had to drop out for health reasons. As such, two spots have opened up. So if you're up for 14 days of being at ground zero of the Ha-Ha, as well as enjoying stops at Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria, this could be your chance. So far the current crew has over 22 Ha-Has to their credit on eight different boats. Also joining us this year will be Barbara Marrett, the West Coast contributing editor at 'Cruising World' magazine. Excellent health is a prerequisite, as is $1,800 in shared expenses. The latter is not only less than half what you'd pay on a similar boat in the Caribbean, but helps make it possible for less privileged folks to sail on the big cat the rest of the year. If you're interested, email [email protected].

Photo 'Twinger' Tantillo

The photo above was taken by 'Twinger' Tantillo during the second leg of last year's Ha-Ha. The wind had gotten light, so despite having the screacher up, everyone jumped off the bow of 'Profligate', let the cat sail over them, and hopefully grabbed onto the line trailing from the stern. Closest to the camera is Martine of France, Tim of Portland, Banjo Andy of 'Latitude', Jeff of Tahoe, Bear of Santa Barbara, Heather - whom we signed on at the Kick-Off Party - and Dona de Mallorca. Swimming outside of camera range were Jim Tantillo, Tom of Dallas, Sue of San Diego, and the Wanderer. What a great day. What a great Ha-Ha!

A list of entries to date for the Y2K Ha-Ha follows.

1. Mykonos, Swan 44 MK II, Myron & Marina Eisenzimmer, Mill Valley, CA
2. Balquhidder, Mapleleaf 42 CC, Don Patterson, Tacoma, WA
3. Reunion, Catalina 42 MK, Dan Smith, San Diego
4. Nordic Maiden, Hudson Force 50, Ken Burns, Poulsbo, WA
5. Limerence, Beneteau 37, Douglas & Judy Decker, Milwaukee, WI
6. Tai Tam II, Island Packet 40, Thomas & Kathyrn Knueppel, San Francisco
7. Pipe Dream, Endeavour 40, Ferdy Sant, Yuma, AZ
8. LogOn, 41' Hunter 410, Douglas & Nancy Peltzer, San Francisco
9. Sipapu, Morgan Out-Island 41, Jake Holshuh, Long Beach
10. Indara, 45' Norseman 447, Eric & Christine Stephen, Gig Harbor, WA
11. Karibu, Cheoy Lee 35, Steve & Gabby McCrosky, Newport Beach
12. Nexus, Island Packet 40, B. Chipman & G. Harding, San Francisco
13. C'est Si Bon II, 39' F-P Fidji Cat, George & Sonia Kuperis, Vancouver, B.C.
14. Second Star, Explorer 45, Frank Piper, Oakland
15. Nereid, 43' Wauquiez Amphitrite, Michael & Joyce Creasy, Alameda
16. Arrakis, Hunter 30, Ethan Beneze, Tucson, AZ
17. Little Wing, 52' Custom Catamaran, M. Haste & M. Woodward, La Jolla
18. Lansa, Bristol 29.9, Eric Lind, San Francisco
19. Marishiten, N/M Able 94, William Hogarty, Alameda
20. Profligate, Surfin' 63, Joe Viagra & the Lucky Stiffs, Sausalito
21. Island Time, Tayana 48, Kirby & Pamela Coryell, Lafayette
22. Windriver, Catalina 42 MK II, Tony Williams & M. Morikawa, San Jose
23. Papillon, Catana 38, Steve & Sharon Merrill, Walnut Creek
21. Island Time, Tayana 48, Kirby & Pamela Coryell, Lafayette
22. Windriver, Catalina 42 MK II, Tony Williams & M. Morikawa, San Jose
23. Papillon, Catana 38, Steve & Sharon Merrill, Walnut Creek
24. Tiger Beetle, Newport 33, Arjan Bok, San Francisco
25. Niña Del Mar, Tayana 37, Lucien & Billie Jo Roux, San Diego
26. See Life, 44' Kennex 445 Cat, Monte & Shari Cottrell & Kids, La Jolla
27. Bronco, Morgan Out-Island 41, Nels Torberson, Hayward
28. Two M's, Wauquiez Amphitrite 43, M.B. & M.M. Curry, Poulsbo WA
29. C'est La Vie, 47' Catalina 470, Keith & Susan Levy, Pt. Richmond
30. Impulse, Santa Cruz 52, Bob & Bonnie Fraik, Tiburon
31. Sabrina, Rawson 30, Byron Corley, Fremont
32. Koodori, Yamaha 33, Alan & Carol Little, Napa
33. Felicity, Tashiba 31, K. Machtley & C. Siegismund, Seattle
34. Osprey, 48' Tayana, Lee & Nicki Dale, San Diego
35. Chewbacca, Crowther 33 Cat, Winship Family, Alameda
36. Seabreeze, Swift 40, Chris & Cathy Halberstadt, San Francisco
37. Raven, Sundeer 64, Jan & Signe Twardowski, Gig Harbor WA
38. Lilia, 38' Catalina 380, Paul & Lilia Ashley, Peoria AZ
39. Daffodil, Cal 39, Richard & Lorna Oppenheimer, San Francisco
40. Viva, Saga 43, Scott Harkey & Debra Cutting, Seattle
41. Favonius, LaCoste 42, Michael & Claudia Pordes, Vallejo
42. Ragdoll, Pacific Seacraft 37, Michael Traynor, Richmond
43. Enya, Panda 38, Glen & Evelyn Meskimen, Saratoga
44. Outta Bounds, Andrews 50, Chuck & Pam Cook, Breckenridge CO
45. Poca Loca, Irwin Citation 39, Lonne & Sara Sower, Corvallis OR
46. Anna Augusta, CT-34, Tom Stogsdill, Los Angeles
47. Kachina, Hans Christian 38T, Mike & Kathee Mealer, Farmington NM
48. Chère, 46' Beneteau Oceanis 461, Ed & Sharon Sweo, Bellevue WA
49. Caladesi, Hylas 44, Robert & Joyce Craven, Napa
50. Sojourner, 48' Krogen Pilothouse MY, Gary & Lynda Van Arsdale, Incline Village, NV
51. Kaya, Swan 44, Mac & Suzanne Lingo, Kensington
52. Abby, Catalina 42, Robert Gruber, Alamitos Bay
53. Consigliare, 41' Beneteau First 41s5, Mark Sciarretta, San Diego
54. Bonaroba, Wauquiez 33 Gladiator, Scott & Cyndi Hillesland, Seattle
55. Lazy K's Fantasy, Columbia 41, A. Dean & Mary Lou Snedecor, Alpine, Texas
56. Crocodile Rock, Mystery Cove 38 Cat, R. Booker & G. Spencer, Winnipeg, Canada
57. Ka Ula Lani, 38' Morgan 383, George Killam, Richmond
58. Zinfandel, 37' Hershine Trawler M/Y, Charlie Bennett, Wilmington
59. Legacy, Ericson 29, Glenn & Sherrie Ritzman, Long Beach
60. Concerto, Swan 57, Robert & Linda Ahbel& Kids, Roche Harbor, WA
61. North Road, 37.5' Beneteau First 375, Bob & Lesley Hazeldine, Gabriola Islands, BC
62. Wind Dancer, Catalina 27, Allen Bowker, Peoria, IL
63. Tortuga, Atkins 32, Donald & Teresa Rumph, Bellingham, WA
64. Crew's Inn, Endeavour 43, Jay & Becky Sieger, Islamorada, FL
65. Scalawag, TransPac 49, Keith & Kelly Mackenzie, Edmonton, AB
66. Jado, Cheoy Lee 43 M/A, Scott & Shannon Fitzgerald, San Diego
67. Donna Rose, Peterson 44, Mike Wasco, Honolulu
68. Kinship, Carwright 44, Glen & Marilyn Middleton, White Rock, BC
69. Utopia, Cabo Rico 45, Peter Nasca, Bethesda, MD
70. Warren Peace, Passport 47, John & Sharon Warren, Oakland
71. Elizabeth, Ericson 39, Chuck Wilson, San Carlos, Mexico
72. Wild Flower, Islander Freeport 36, Lynne Stevens, Juneau
73. Humu-Humu, Choy/Morrelli 70 Cat, David Crowe, Honolulu
74. Velella, Wylie 31, Garth Wilcox & Wendy Hinman, Port Ludlow, WA
75. Sea Jay, Polaris 36, Paul Stark, Sacramento
76. Wild Rover, Cal 34 III, Michael Cannady, Longview, WA
77. Chanticleer, Valiant 40, George Conger, Livingston, TX
78. Melarky, Catalina 38, Mark Bosta & Melanie Speed, Brisbane
79. Swingset, Kelly-Peterson 46, Charles Stehle, San Diego
80. Toujours 'L Audace, Columbia 50, Bruce van Brocklin, Wilmington, DE
81. Sea Bourn, Irwin 38 MK II, Ronald & Beryl Seabourn, Durango, CO
82. Tranquilo, Pearson Vanguard 32, Neil & Debbie McQueen, Santa Cruz
83. Solitude, Golden Gate 30, Frank Brauch, San Jose
84. Millennium Falcon, 60' Brewer Schooner, Michael Ganahl & Leslie Hardy, Alameda
85. Fainche, Catalina 34, Russ & Catherine Otto, Alameda
86. Magic, Ericson 38, Pete & Jan Grossnickle, San Diego
87. Roxanne, Wylie 60, Tom 'Not That One' Petty, Pt. Richmond
88. Active Light, Cape George 36, Neil & Nancy Sirman, Poulsbo, WA
89. Navigator, 46' Beneteau Oceanis 461, Gary & Diana Cook, Ventura
90. Royal Treat , Morgan 43, Anders Billred, Portland
91. Moondance, 40' Beneteau Oceanis 400, Larry Watkins, Long Beach
92. Dream Dancer, Sabre 34, Ayn Woodruff, Reno, NV
93. Luna Sea II, Challenger 32, Robert Magallanes, Chula Vista
94. Dream Weaver, Hunter Passage 42, Marcus Warren & Patricia Ault, Carson City, NV
95. Itasca, Valiant 39, Mel & Gildi Whiteside, Duluth, MN
96. Moonshadow, Ranger 33, Richard Ogletree, Richmond
97. Wild Type, 44' J/44, Tom Innerarity, Lafayette
98. Deliverance, Endeavour 40, A.J. Stuermer, Annapolis, MD
99. Dreamkeeper, Passport 42, John & Laurel Baudendistel, Castro Valley
100. Gypsy Warrior, Freya 39, Rick & Maureen Gio, Sebastapol
101. Peregrine, Serendipity 43, Gene & Suzi Osier, Newport Beach
102. Splashes, Freedom 36, John Tannelhill, Paso Robles
103. Denali, Mason 44, Gene & Donna Kubina, Valdez, AK
104. Elysium, Andrews/Perry 72, John & Marilyn Folvig, Daytona Beach, FL
105. Vantage Point, Catalina 42, James Phillips, San Diego
106. Adagio, Pacific Seacraft 34, Tim & Pam Burke, West Linn, OR
107. Radio Flyer, Yamaha 37 Ketch, John & Reneé Thompson, Pt. Richmond
108. Francy Free, 45' C&L Explorer, Robert & Bonnie White, Clovis
109. Viva, Islander 37, Bob Willmann, Golden, CO
110. Shadow Rose, Beneteau 37 Hans & Debbie Bulk, Brentwood Bay, BC
111. Milliways, Catalina 42 MK II, Robert & Margaret DePalma, Mammoth Lakes, CA
112. Pooh Bear, Columbia 30, Mathew Martenyi, San Francisco
113. Nan Sea May, 51' Beneteau Oceanis 510, Bill & Nancy Hardesty, Benicia
114. Sun Po, Pearson 35, Dennis Biby, Sausalito
115. Wanderlust, 34' Hunter 340, Mike Harker, Channel Islands
116. La Paz, Herreshoff H-28, Christian Hess, Stockton
117. Blue Tango, Valiant 42, Walt Schrick, Carlsbad
118. Alden Cheoy Lee 50, Ernie Copp, Long Beach
119. Hanuman, Freya 40, Michael Dugan, Davis
120. Magic Carpet Ride, Passport 40, David Smith, Seattle
121. Tondolayo, 46' Alden Malabar #777, Robin Jones, Orinda
122. Lookfar, Formosa 46, Rod & Jill Hearn, Seattle
123. Andiamo, 36' Islander Freeport, Keith Foster, Stockton
124. Cherokee Spirit, Cal 36, Philo Hayward, Comptche, CA
125. Pandion, CT-38, Dave Alex Nelson, Newport, OR
126. Fishwife, 36' Westerly Corsair, Ben Fisher & Kelli Flanders, Houston, TX
127. Bagus!, 34' Searunner Trimaran, George Phillips, Hidden Harbor
128. Pelagian, Hans Christian 38, Bill & Sharon Jensen, Seattle
129. Belladonna, Cal 35, Mike Wilmot, San Francisco
130. Uhuru, 32' Pearson Vanguard, Michael Miller, Ventura
131. My Buddy, 35' Bertram S/F, Tony Spavone & Linda Clark, Oyster Point Marina
132. No Problem, Puget 40, Dave Ferguson, Ketchikan, AK
133. Altair, Cal 35 MKII, Paul Baker & Suzette Connolly, Seattle
134. Captain Musick, Young 43, Jon Day, San Francisco
135. Carrie, 39' Sampson 33 Custom, Joe Blackburn, Marina del Rey
136. Natasha, Seawolf 40, Michael Cropper, Santa Barbara
137. Michael Miller, Ventura
138. West Of The Moon, 45' Hunter Passage 450, Robert Wadsworth, Marina del Rey


September 22 - The Pacific Ocean and Cyberspace

Who is out making passages in the Pacific and what kind of weather are they having? Check out YOTREPS - 'yacht reports' - at


St. Francis Big Boat Series

September 22 - San Francisco

Despite relatively mild conditions yesterday - 12 to 18 knots - that resulted in lovely sailing, there were some mishaps. Ivan Jasenovic of Howard Gordon's Swan 'Destiny' got hit in the head with a boom and was rushed to the hospital. He received "lots of stitches on the inside and outside." There was a lot of blood, but it looks as though he'll be all right. In another incident, Walt Logan's Farr 40 'Blue Chip' clipped the back of Alan Field's sistership 'Temptress'. As a result, 'Blue Chip's Carlos Badell and friends weren't in the bar after the race, but on the dock screwing and epoxying Field's boat back together.

How boats have changed. One of the most interesting sights yesterday was the last weather and leeward leg of the second race, in which Ray Lopez's Davidson 44 'InfraRed' and Pat Nolan's J/125 'Javelin' were sailing in the same general area - although not the same class. In the early '80s, the Davidson 44s were hot boats. But it's 2000, and the smaller 'Javelin' not only killed 'InfraRed' on the beat, but destroyed the older boat on the run. It isn't surprising that she did, but by how much. Monohulls are so much faster than they used to be.

Two of the best-looking boats in the series are John MacLaurlin's red Davidson 50 'Pendragon', and Makoto Uematso's Farr 50 'Esmeralda' from Japan. The three things they have in common: relatively high freeboard; narrow beam; and elegant simplicity.

This year's is both the biggest Big Boat Series ever and one of the smallest. The 116 paid entries are the most ever, but thanks to the raging popularity of the Farr 40s, J/105s and other one-designs, the average size boat is rather smaller than normal. In addition, now there is an extra large sized glamor class. Given such a large fleet, it was actually relatively quiet in the club after racing yesterday. That will probably change tonight. For one thing, the division pecking orders will have started to sort themselves out, giving both the leaders and the trailers something to talk about at the bar. Furthermore, Friday night is normally 'Babe Night' at the BBS. Many non-racing women dress to kill and come down to mingle. And when women dress to kill, guys hover. Saturday night, on the other hand, is normally crew dinner night. Sunday night is 'the-racing-is-over, I've-got-to-get-back-to-my-real-life-quick' time. Except, of course, for the victors and die-hards.

The spectating should be great all weekend, but please be nice and stay out of the way - particularly if you have your sails up. The racers put huge efforts into the BBS, and so while it's indeed your Bay too, a little common courtesy is in order. If you're going to stay ashore, all along the waterfront, from Crissy Field to Pier 39, is great. Bring your binoculars and a warm coat.

Carlos Badell of Blue Chip screws Temptress back together.

Esmeralda and Pendragon beat for the last weather mark.

J/105s heading toward the finish

Ben Wright and Jennifer Lucia
Photos Latitude

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