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July 14 - Playa Panama, Costa Rica

Photo Courtesy Sid Olshefski
Sid and Manuela Olshefski were recently cruising their boat 'Paradise' in the Bahia de Culebra - Bay of Snakes - region of northern Costa Rica. Finding a nice anchorage off Playa Panama, they set the hook and went ashore - where they meet Hiram and China, owners of the Costa Congrejo Restaurant. The Olshefskis accused Hiram and China of spoiling cruisers, with the result that they stayed two months. Part of the spoilage was putting together a great buffet to celebrate Manuela's birthday. If you carefully examine the photograph - we're sure you all will - provided by Sid, you can probably guess Manuela's age. For the complete story, see the August 'Latitude 38'.

Weather Updates

July 14 - Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean Weather

There are nice tradewinds near Hawaii, but the Pacific Cup fleet is still close to the California coast where it's been unusually light for the fourth day in a row. Just for fun, check out the cloud patterns down at the ITCZ and you'll know why it can be so fluky.

California Coast Weather

There's a little bit of wind off 'Argie' and Conception, but once again it's mostly light winds off the coast. If you left Santa Barbara on Monday for a trip north, consider your passage to have been charmed.

University of Hawaii Meteorology Graphic

Click here to see enlarged graphic.
Pacific Sea State

The seas are relatively flat across the entire North Pacific. But consider yourself lucky if you're not crossing the Tasman Sea or about to sail east around Cape Horn. Check it out at:
For another view, check out:

Tropical Disturbances

There are no tropical disturbances anywhere in the world, but it's only a matter of time before there's another one off the west coast of Mexico. The Atlantic/Caribbean has been very quiet so far, despite the predictions of increased hurricane activity.


Baja Ha-Ha Update

July 14 - Baja Ha-Ha World Headquarters

The Devilette, head honchette at Baja Ha-Ha, reports, "As of the middle of July, we've sent out 122 entry packages and have received 23 paid-up entries - and expect the pace to pick up as the September 10 deadline for entries gets a little closer. The one thing that astounds me about the entries so far is that the average length is 46 feet. Forty-six feet! Where do you boomers get all the money?"

The following is a complete list of the paid-up entries:

1. Mykonos, Swan 44 MK II, Myron & Marina Eisenzimmer, Mill Valley, CA
2. Balquhidder, Mapleleaf 42 CC, Don Patterson, Tacoma, WA
3. Reunion, Catalina 42 MK, Dan Smith, San Diego
4. Nordic Maiden, Hudson Force 50, Ken Burns, Poulsbo, WA
5. Limerence, Beneteau 37, Douglas & Judy Decker, Milwaukee, WI
6. Tai Tam II, Island Packet 40, Thomas & Kathyrn Knueppel, San Francisco
7. Pipe Dream, Endeavour 40, Ferdy Sant, Yuma, AZ
8. LogOn, 41' Hunter 410, Douglas & Nancy Peltzer, San Francisco
9. Sipapu, Morgan Out-Island 41, Jake Holshuh, Long Beach
10. Indara, 45' Norseman 447, Eric & Christine Stephen, Gig Harbor, WA
11. Karibu, Cheoy Lee 35, Steve & Gabby McCrosky, Newport Beach
12. Nexus, Island Packet 40, B. Chipman & G. Harding, San Francisco
13. C'est Si Bon II, 39' F-P Fidji Cat, George & Sonia Kuperis, Vancouver, B.C.
14. Second Star, Explorer 45, Frank Piper, Oakland
15. Nereid, 43' Wauquiez Amphitrite, Michael & Joyce Creasy, Alameda
16. Arrakis, Hunter 30, Ethan Beneze, Tucson, AZ
17. Little Wing, 52' Custom Catamaran, M. Haste & M. Woodward, La Jolla
18. Lansa, Bristol 29.9, Eric Lind, San Francisco
19. Marishiten, N/M Able 94, William Hogarty, Alameda
20. Profligate, Surfin' 63, Joe Viagra & the Lucky Stiffs, Sausalito
21. Island Time, Tayana 48, Kirby & Pamela Coryell, Lafayette
22. Windriver, Catalina 42 MK II, Tony Williams & M. Morikawa, San Jose
23. Papillon, Catana 38, Steve & Sharon Merrill, Walnut Creek

Check out the official Ha-Ha Website at


July 14 - Cyberspace and the Pacific Ocean

Who is out making passages in the Pacific and what kind of weather are they having? Check out YOTREPS - yacht reports - at


West Marine Pacific Cup

July 14 - The Golden Gate

On Thursday afternoon at 2:10 p.m. and 2:25 p.m., two more waves of boats departed from the Cityfront bound for Kaneohe Bay. A 'domestic' five-pack of four SC 50s and the Kiwi entry 'Andiamo' was first off, with Shep Kett's SC 50 'Octavia' leading out the Gate as expected. 'Lina' and 'White Caps' (with Pac Cup stalwart Jim Quanci aboard as a last minute crew addition) were not far behind. Next up was a 'premium' six-pack of newish SC 52s, with Tad Diethrich's beautiful blue 'Triumph' using her tall rig to stay in front of 'Ingrid' and the others.

Weather at the start was splendid, the best of the four days to date - the sun was out, the seas were flat, and the winds were gentle at no more than 10 knots. With the previous starters parked several hundred miles offshore and unable to get to the real wind, the 50/52s should blow past the smaller boats by the midpoint of this torpid race. Other than the doublehanded 'La Diana', everyone seems stuck in the parking lot off the coast, benefiting the later starters. Two more boats have now dropped out: the Ericson 35 'Cinderella' (apparently frustrated by slatting for three days) and the Hunter 35.5 'Odyssey' (something about losing their water supply).

It's shaping up to be a big boat race, and Philippe Kahn and his hired guns on the Andrews 70+ 'Pegasus' now seem to be a pretty sure bet for line honors, if not overall corrected honors. That boat, and three others - 'Rage', 'Taxi Dancer' and the mended 'Kiwi Coyote' - will begin catching up to the fleet today, starting at 2:50 p.m.

'Kokopelli 2'




All Photos Latitude

Check for daily position reports and random gossip.

Pac Cup Extra
The accompanying photo of Steve Rander's custom 1993 Wylie 70 'Rage' shows two things you just don't see every day - a 13-foot draft (four feet more than a SC 70) and a tiller on a boat this size. To the best of our knowledge, it's the biggest racing boat ever to sport a tiller instead of a wheel (can anyone refute this idle claim?) "The boat's light and long, and perfectly balanced," commented designer Tom Wylie. "It's easy to steer with the stick, and after three Pac Cups, if it didn't work, we certainly would have changed it by now!"

'Rage' is taking a 32-foot carbon fiber spinnaker pole for the first time, allowing deeper sailing angles (previously kites were just tacked to the bow). "The boat has new, untapped potential," claimed crewmember Bruce Schwab. "It will be hard to beat 'Pegasus', but we're surely going to try!" Follow the exploits of "Commander Rander" and his "Rage Rangers" on as they square off against the "Pegasus Pros". Think of the possible headlines: "Rage Against the Machine," "(Rock)star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn," etc., etc.

Nelson's Marine drops 'Rage' back in after her haulout.
Photo Courtesy Bruce Schwab

Weekend Preview

We're in the summer doldrums, with most serious racing on hold until August/September while people hang out in the Delta, go to the mountains, mow their lawns, walk their dogs, and do other things besides sailing.

However, a few noteworthy events around the Bay are coming up this weekend, including the traditional PICYA Championships on Saturday and Sunday off the Cityfront. The attendance at this once-great event has slowly eroded over the years, and with powerhouse St. Francis boycotting the series this weekend ("lack of interest," claimed race director Norman Davant), it may be time for some radical format changes. . . Other choices on the race menu this coming Saturday include the Plastic Classic Regatta at Bay View Boat Club, the West Marine Fun Regatta (for juniors) at Encinal YC, and the San Leandro Perpetual Trophy Regatta in the South Bay. Possibly the best racing - and certainly the best camping - will occur at the High Sierra Regatta up on beautiful Lake Huntington. Everything from Hobie 33s down to 470s will be racing there all weekend, enjoying what we're convinced is the best lake sailing in the state, if not the whole country.

As always, check the 'Latitude 38' calendar for full details!

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