Pacific Cup Starts

July 10 - San Francisco

The Eleventh Pacific Cup began this afternoon at 12:10 off the St. Francis Yacht Club. The first three classes started with 29 boats. For more details and photos, see tomorrow's 'Lectronic Latitude.

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 July 10 - San Francisco Bay

Were you out on the Bay for the Fourth of July fireworks? These three rascals - Devon, the Devilette, and Brian - were among the thousands of sailors who enjoyed them. There were also powerboaters, not the least of whom was Larry Ellison aboard his stealth 192-footer 'Izanami'. You should have seen it when they floored that sucker going out the Gate at sundown.

We watched the fireworks in Sausalito, where those in charge let boats get close enough for people to choke on the smoke. The fireworks were great, and everyone with a boat seemed to operate them rationally. Over in San Francisco, the fireworks were in stereo - and even better than last year.

Incidentally, Sausalito Parks & Recreation Dept is passing the hat to pay for the fireworks. If any of you mariners who had 'front row seats' would like to chip in, send your tax-deductible donations to Fireworks, 420 Litho, St. Sausalito, 94965. Or call (415) 289-4100 ext 152.

Photo Courtesy 'Profligate'

Weather Updates

July 10 - Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean Weather

The strong trades have dropped off dramatically for those sailing the last miles of the Vic-Maui and Singlehanded TransPac Races.

California Coast Weather

If you're coming north from Southern California, now is the time. At 0900 this morning, it was dead calm at normally boisterous Arguello.

University of Hawaii Meteorology Graphic

Click here to see enlarged graphic.

Pacific Sea State

Check it out at:

Tropical Disturbances

There are no tropical storms or hurricanes in the Pacific.



July 10 - Cyberspace and the Pacific Ocean

Who is out making passages in the Pacific and what kind of weather are they having? Check out YOTREPS - yacht reports - at

After the Ha-Ha

July 10 - Baja California

Participants in the Ha-Ha always like to get out of Mexifornicated Cabo pretty quickly after the Ha-Ha, but this year there'll be yet another reason: bikers! A new motorcycle race, the Baja 2000, will be finishing in Cabo on the 14th or 15th. This gives Ha-Ha'ers a couple of days - all they need - to complete their business and move on.


July 10 - Pacific Ocean

Victoria to Maui Race

The bulk of the fleet will be finishing in the next two days, but the big news remains that both James McDowell's SC 70 Grand Illusion and Don Sinclair's Andrews 70 Renegade have smashed Roy Disney and Pyewacket's old course record. Not breaking any records, except for seamanship, will be Praire Voyager, an Elite 37 carrying on with a broken rudder. For more details, visit:

Singlehanded TransPac

Nine boats have crossed this finish line in the Singlehanded TransPac as of late Sunday. Stephen Mann of the Wylie 39 'Tawodi' from San Diego was the first of the Division II boats.

G.W. Grigg on the Santa Cruz based SC 27 'Velocious' celebrated his 28th birthday at sea. Two days ago he reported hitting 12 and 13 knots despite flying nothing more than a double-reefed main on his little ultralight. The winds have since gone light.

Ken 'the General' Roper continues on under jury rig after being dismasted. When the wind was strong, he was making 70 miles a day with his limping Finn Flyer 31, but has slowed dramatically in the lighter breezes.

With boats pouring across the finish line, be sure to visit:

America's Cup

Another billionaire-based entry has thrown his money in the ring. See tomorrow's 'Lectronic Latitude.

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