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Sailagram: A Snapshot of June Sailing

By Monica Grant | July 5, 2024

June was quite a racey month, with Slackwater SF sending in photos from the Oakland YC Sweet 16 Race, Offshore Half Moon Bay, and Woodies Invitational. 

Sailagram: A Snapshot of May Sailing

By Monica Grant | June 7, 2024

As we head into summer we bring you photos of spring sailing. It wasn’t all sunshine, but it was fun!

Sailagram April 2024

Sailagram: A Snapshot of April Sailing

By Monica Grant | May 10, 2024

And now, for your viewing pleasure, we introduce … April, a snapshot of sailing and sailors everywhere.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of March Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | April 8, 2024

Spring has sprung, along with our clocks and our docklines. Sailors have been making the most of the warmer, sunny weather and enjoying the spring breezes on the Bay.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of February Sailing

By Heather Breaux | March 8, 2024

Sailing in February saw us enjoying Valentine’s Day, aka “I love sailing day,” plus some wet and wild weather and summery weather.

Sailagram: Snapshot of January Sailing

By Heather Breaux | February 2, 2024

2024 is off to a racey start! Lots of winter regatta action. Catch it here as Sailagram brings the heat to an otherwise chilly month on the S.F. Bay!

Sailagram: A Snapshot of December Sailing

By Heather Breaux | January 12, 2024

Happy post-holiday rush to you all, and cheers to a new year ahead with many days out on the water. Here are the last days of sailing in 2023 for your enjoyment.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of November Sailing

By Heather Breaux | December 4, 2023

Holiday festivities got going in earnest this month with some Thanksgiving sailing!

Sailagram: A Snapshot of October Sailing

By Heather Breaux | November 3, 2023

October was a big month: fall-themed regattas, Oktoberfest, Halloween and more!

Sailagram: A Snapshot of September Sailing

By Heather Breaux | October 2, 2023

Sailagram: A Snapshot of September Sailing

Missing a Rudder?

By LaDonna | November 5, 2008

There’s hardly a weekend — heck, hardly a day — when sailing shutterbug Peter Lyons isn’t out shooting on the Bay. You can spot him zipping around in his Zodiac snapping shots of races and daysailors alike. But Lyons likes to help sailors too. "I found this rudder floating in Gashouse Cove Marina on Sunday,"…

Darla Jean Update

By LaDonna | November 5, 2008

In Monday’s ‘Lectronic, we posted a request for info on Darla Jean III, Jerry and Darla Merrow’s newest boat. A quick search of the USCG’s documentation records shows the boat is a 36-ft steel Scheepswerf built in 1959. Thankfully, Darla’s sister reports that one of their bank accounts has had recent activity in Mexico, so…

Latitude’s Too One-Sided

By LaDonna | November 5, 2008

Isabel ‘Piper Afloat’ Tifft, of the Bay-based Ranger 29 Voyager, recently wrote what this writer believes to be a very valid note: "It seems you regularly run a letter from a woman who’s disgusted by a photo that’s more tawdry or cheesy than usual. Well, I find that sailors (especially Bay sailors) are a pretty…

Sailing Fills Glass Past Half-Full

By Rob Grant | November 3, 2008

The last week or so reminded us once again how stepping off land and onto a sailboat can immediately put miles of psychic distance between oneself and the all the economic and political craziness of the day. The weekend before last, Latitude 38 Associate Publisher John Arndt sailed a soul-soothing Great Pumpkin Regatta at Richmond…

Making Tracks & Making Friends

By Andy Turpin | November 3, 2008

Light fog accompanied last Monday’s start off Coronado Roads, but the westerly breeze gave everyone a nice push toward the border. latitude/Andy©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC Dang that internet!!! We apologize for Friday’s report on the Baja Ha-Ha, as half the photos in the report never made it from the outpost at Turtle Bay to…

Darla Jean Missing Again?

By LaDonna | November 3, 2008

Just when you thought it was over, the saga of Darla Jean continues. Jerry and Darla Merrow left the Bay last fall aboard a Rudy Cheoy catamaran dubbed Darla Jean. Just outside the Gate, the deck around the mast step "tore off," Jerry Merrow reported later. The couple pulled into Moss Landing where they esentially…

‘Lectronic for Cruisers

By LaDonna | November 3, 2008

What, no pretty pictures? As much as we all enjoy a good sailing photo, if you’re 2,000 miles from nowhere, you’ll be glad to hear you can still get the text of ‘Lectronic Latitude via Sail Docs on SailMail. Send an email with ‘lat 38’ in the subject line, and keep up with all the…

Leg One of the Ha-Ha a Breeze

By Andy Turpin | October 31, 2008

When the wind went light, some crews amused themselves with mischief – such as launching water balloons at the Rally Committee. latitude/Andy© Latitude 38 Media, LLC As you read this, members of the 15th annual Baja Ha-Ha cruisers’ rally have arrived at the sleepy fishing town called Bahia Tortuga — Turtle Bay — which lies…

90 Day Wondering

By John Riise | October 31, 2008

As you know, Governor Schwarznegger signed a new state budget at the end of September. As most boaters will probably also know, in addition he signed a bill that once again killed the so-called 90-Day Yacht Club. This was the provision that allowed folks buying boats to avoid paying use tax/sales tax — if the…

November Issue is a Treat

By LaDonna | October 31, 2008

The November issue of Latitude 38 hits the streets today. In it you’ll find all sorts of treats, from full Maltese Falcon coverage to cruising Prince William Sound on a small boat to college sailing. So set out a bowl of candy, turn off the porch light and enjoy Halloween Latitude-style!