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Real Photos from Real Sailors Monthly

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Sailagram: A Snapshot of April Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | May 5, 2023

Although April still had some crazy wet weather, we were able to get out on the water a little and enjoy the variety that comes with sailing.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of March Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | April 3, 2023

Despite all the wet and wild weather March threw at the West Coast, our community still managed to get out and get their sails up. 

Sailagram: A Snapshot of February Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | March 3, 2023

As we sail into spring we have a whole new Sailagram album full of photos from February’s outstanding (and some not-so-great) sailing days.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of January Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | February 1, 2023

Despite the wet January, you still got out on the water and captured your sailing life in pictures.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of December Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | January 4, 2023

It was a great year for sailing, and we want to thank everyone who contributed photos to our 2022 ‘Sailagram’ feed each month.

Sailagram Feature

Sailagram: A Snapshot of November Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | December 5, 2022

We love the sailing community, and we appreciate the photos you send us each month. And now we know how ‘Sailagram’ helps new sailors too!

Sailagram: A Snapshot of October Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | November 2, 2022

We love the sailing community! You guys are awesome and we appreciate the photos you send us each month. Check out October’s Sailagram photos. 

Sailagram: A Snapshot of September Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | October 3, 2022

Check out these great photos of our community last month, on and off the water. 

Sailagram: A Snapshot of August Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | September 2, 2022

August was full of sailing joy for so many people! Thanks to everyone who shared their photos.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of July Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | August 3, 2022

Getting people to go sailing is why we do what we do, and we want to share all the photos submitted for our July Sailagram feed.

Another Girl

Wosser Trophies: This Is So 2022

By John Arndt | May 22, 2023

Better late than never? We’re calling for entries to win the 2022 Wosser Trophies. Simultaneously we’re reminding folks to plan to enter at the end of the year for 2023.

West Coast Boats Enjoy Podium Finishes at BVI Spring Regatta

By Monica Grant | May 22, 2023

In this month’s ‘Latitude 38’, Michelle Slade tells the story of the 50th edition of the BVI Spring Regatta, featuring more than the usual number of West Coast sailors.

State of California Proposes 300% Increase in Boat Registration Fees

By Tim Henry | May 22, 2023

After proposing a 250% increase in boat-registration fees two years ago, the State of California has upped the ante, suggesting instead a 300% increase in fees. This calculates into the current $20 biannual fee’s rising to $80 every two years to register a boat.

Master Mariners Gather Ahead of Annual Race on the Bay

By Monica Grant | May 22, 2023

We caught up with dozens of wooden-boat sailors at the Master Mariners Benevolent Association’s Sponsor Luncheon last Friday.

Catching Cal Maritime’s ‘Golden Bear’ Coming and Going

By Tim Henry | May 19, 2023

By chance, we saw Cal Maritime Academy’s ‘Golden Bear’ coming and going through the Bay over the past year.

Discover Bair Island Marina in Redwood City

By Nicki Bennett | May 19, 2023

Discover one of the most exclusive marinas in the Bay Area featuring a host of resort-style amenities. Schedule a tour today.

Spaulding’s Youth Summer Sea Camps

By Nicki Bennett | May 19, 2023

Sign up for Spaulding Marine Center’s Youth Summer Sea Camps — Wood Working, Boat Building, Sailing.

2018 Ha-ha cruisers

2018 Baja Ha-Ha Sailors — Where Are They Now?

By Monica Grant | May 19, 2023

Where did the 2018 Baja Ha-Ha sailors go after the rally fleet disbanded in Mexico? Many of them kept cruising. Here’s where they went.

Today Is “Wear Your Lifejacket at Work Day” — Send Us Your Pics!

By Monica Grant | May 19, 2023

“Wear Your Lifejacket at Work Day” is part of the Safe Boating Campaign organized by the National Safe Boating Council, a nonprofit dedicated to helping create a safe boating experience for all boaters.

23 Years of Summer Sailstice Celebrations of Sailing

By John Arndt | May 19, 2023

Join the 2023 Summer Sailstice fleet. While we can’t all be in one place, we can all start the summer sailing “together” wherever we are.