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photo credit, boat name, hailing port, and any other info you would like to share

Sailagram: Snapshot of January Sailing

By Heather Breaux | February 2, 2024

2024 is off to a racey start! Lots of winter regatta action. Catch it here as Sailagram brings the heat to an otherwise chilly month on the S.F. Bay!

Sailagram: A Snapshot of December Sailing

By Heather Breaux | January 12, 2024

Happy post-holiday rush to you all, and cheers to a new year ahead with many days out on the water. Here are the last days of sailing in 2023 for your enjoyment.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of November Sailing

By Heather Breaux | December 4, 2023

Holiday festivities got going in earnest this month with some Thanksgiving sailing!

Sailagram: A Snapshot of October Sailing

By Heather Breaux | November 3, 2023

October was a big month: fall-themed regattas, Oktoberfest, Halloween and more!

Sailagram: A Snapshot of September Sailing

By Heather Breaux | October 2, 2023

Sailagram: A Snapshot of September Sailing

Sailagram: A Snapshot of August Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | September 6, 2023

Sailors gotta sail! Check out what your community was up to last month.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of July Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | August 7, 2023

We’re excited to share all these excellent photos our readers have taken during the past month.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of June Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | July 12, 2023

Here it is, the eagerly awaited June Sailagram! Is your photo among the beautiful images shared from last month’s sailing adventures?

Sailagram: A Snapshot of May Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | June 5, 2023

See if you can find yourself among all these smiling faces …

Sailagram: A Snapshot of April Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | May 5, 2023

Although April still had some crazy wet weather, we were able to get out on the water a little and enjoy the variety that comes with sailing.

Billionaire yacht maintenance

Billionaire Lifestyle: Champagne and Caviar With Your Yachting?

By John Arndt | February 21, 2024

Sailors know there are a lot more aspects to sailing than billionaires, but the public perception of the sailing lifestyle is defined by luxury marketing and gawking at billionaires.

USS ‘Potomac’ Heads to Dry Dock at Bay Ship, Alameda

By Monica Grant | February 21, 2024

The 165-ft historic FDR presidential yacht USS ‘Potomac’ will be dry-docked at Bay Ship, Alameda, on March 11.

Philippe Jamotte Changabang

Pacific Cup Profiles: Philippe Jamotte and Alex Dailey

By Monica Grant | February 21, 2024

We’re continuing our Pacific Cup profiles with the doublehander duo Philippe Jamotte and Alex Dailey.

Get Onboard With the ‘Latitude 38 BOGO Special’

By Nicki Bennett | February 19, 2024

Share the gift of sailing, and then share great discussions about the stories you’ve read.

Spaulding Summer Sea Camp Registration Is Now Open

By Nicki Bennett | February 19, 2024

Spaulding Marine Center’s Summer Sea Camps begin on June 24. Registrations are now open.

‘Random’ — The Boat Sailed by the Godfather of Richmond Yacht Club

By Latitude | February 19, 2024

Known as Richmond Yacht Club’s flagship vessel ‘Random’s keel was laid at the Nunes Brothers yard in Sausalito, in 1949.

Stad Amsterdam

‘Stad Amsterdam’ Coming to a Bridge Near You on March 6

By Latitude | February 19, 2024

Bay Area sailors are invited to greet ‘Stad Amsterdam’ as she sails in under the Golden Gate Bridge on March 6 after a 3400-mile sail from Panama.

X - 49 Joia

Scammers, Classifieds and Crew List Rides to Nuku Hiva

By John Arndt | February 19, 2024

A report of a scam led to a discovery about one sailor’s success with finding a crew spot, and joining the Pacific Puddle Jump.

Mexico Warms Winter With Banderas Bay Regatta and Other Race Events

By Monica Grant | February 19, 2024

While we’ve been watching the rain fall, Mexico has turned on the heat with their annual winter racing regattas.

With Expansion of San Francisco Marina Now Scrapped, the Financial Futures of East and West Harbor Are Uncertain

By Tim Henry | February 16, 2024

After outcry over a proposed expansion of San Francisco Marina, the S.F. Board of Supervisors blocked plans to expand West Harbor Marina.