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Sailagram: A Snapshot of June Sailing

By Monica Grant | July 5, 2024

June was quite a racey month, with Slackwater SF sending in photos from the Oakland YC Sweet 16 Race, Offshore Half Moon Bay, and Woodies Invitational. 

Sailagram: A Snapshot of May Sailing

By Monica Grant | June 7, 2024

As we head into summer we bring you photos of spring sailing. It wasn’t all sunshine, but it was fun!

Sailagram April 2024

Sailagram: A Snapshot of April Sailing

By Monica Grant | May 10, 2024

And now, for your viewing pleasure, we introduce … April, a snapshot of sailing and sailors everywhere.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of March Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | April 8, 2024

Spring has sprung, along with our clocks and our docklines. Sailors have been making the most of the warmer, sunny weather and enjoying the spring breezes on the Bay.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of February Sailing

By Heather Breaux | March 8, 2024

Sailing in February saw us enjoying Valentine’s Day, aka “I love sailing day,” plus some wet and wild weather and summery weather.

Sailagram: Snapshot of January Sailing

By Heather Breaux | February 2, 2024

2024 is off to a racey start! Lots of winter regatta action. Catch it here as Sailagram brings the heat to an otherwise chilly month on the S.F. Bay!

Sailagram: A Snapshot of December Sailing

By Heather Breaux | January 12, 2024

Happy post-holiday rush to you all, and cheers to a new year ahead with many days out on the water. Here are the last days of sailing in 2023 for your enjoyment.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of November Sailing

By Heather Breaux | December 4, 2023

Holiday festivities got going in earnest this month with some Thanksgiving sailing!

Sailagram: A Snapshot of October Sailing

By Heather Breaux | November 3, 2023

October was a big month: fall-themed regattas, Oktoberfest, Halloween and more!

Sailagram: A Snapshot of September Sailing

By Heather Breaux | October 2, 2023

Sailagram: A Snapshot of September Sailing

Pacific Cup Trophies Tonight

By Rob Grant | August 1, 2008

Overall winner Joby Easton cooling off poolside with daughter Piper. latitude/Rob© Latitude 38 Media, LLC After nearly a week of poolside lounging, cold-beverages, and parties, the 2008 Pacific Cup wraps up tonight with the trophy presentation at Kaneohe YC. In light of that, here’s a rundown of this year’s winners and some parting shots. We’ll…

Clearing the Air on AIS in Mexico

By Richard | August 1, 2008

An AIS (Automatic Identification System) receivers like this one aid mariners in traffic monitoring and collision prevention. © 2008 si-tex Recently there has been a lot of misinformation about AIS systems, regarding what they cost, what they do, and whether they will be required in Mexico this winter.   First of all, there are two…

Pac Cup Puts The ‘Voyaging’ Back In Racing

By Rob Grant | July 30, 2008

Why are these guys so happy? Because they won Division E in the 2008 Pacific Cup. . . on a 48-year-old boat. . . with five cases of wine . . . a barbecue. . . and the seven mahi mahi to grill on it. latitude/Rob© Latitude 38 Media, LLC Nearly two days after Division…

AC 33: A Fine Mess Indeed

By Rob Grant | July 30, 2008

We’ve begun to notice that when things aren’t going well for BMW Oracle Racing, their press releases get pretty short. Such was the case yesterday, when the New York Appellate Court reversed Justice Herman Cahn’s earlier ruling and finding that CNEV was a valid challenger for the 33rd America’s Cup, which effectively drops the Golden…

Solo Fleet Trickling In

By John Riise | July 30, 2008

Jim Kellam was the first finisher of the day yesterday aboard his Spencer 35 Haulback. latitude/JR© Latitude 38 Media, LLC As of this morning, 13 of the 21 remaining boats in the 2008 Singlehanded TransPac have finished off beautiful Hanalei Bay, Kauai. The latest two were Dwight Odom’s Na Na and Alan Hebert’s Ankle Biter.…

The Beauty of U.S. Mail

By Andy Turpin | July 30, 2008

Wendy and Steve Bott wave goodbye, not long before setting sail from Zihua aboard ‘Elusive’ last spring. latitude/Andy© Latitude 38 Media, LLC One thing cruisers learn, is that when s_ _t happens, you’ve simply got to beathe deep and deal with whatever chaos has arisen. That’s exactly what a group of westbound cruisers did recently…

Rain Drop Takes Pac Cup

By Rob Grant | July 28, 2008

Rain Drop sailing to the finish and an overall win in the 2008 Pacific Cup. latitude/Rob© Latitude 38 Media, LLC Joby Easton and Bill Huseby sailed Easton’s immaculate Cascade 36 Rain Drop into Kaneohe Bay at 12:45 HST Saturday afternoon, claiming overall honors in the 2008 Pacific Cup. Twelve days, 2 hours, 54 minutes and…

Southern California Ha-Ha Preview & Reunion Party

By Richard | July 28, 2008

The Grand Poobah wants to remind everyone that the Baja Ha-Ha will be hosting a free Ha-Ha Preview & Reunion at Two Harbors, Catalina, on August 9. It will be a super-casual event directed toward folks signed up or thinking about signing up for October’s San Diego to Cabo San Lucas rally. But it will…

Mock Battle Stuns Spectators

By Andy Turpin | July 28, 2008

For tall ship aficionados, mock sea battles between ‘Lynx’ (foreground) and ‘Californian’ are a high point of any festival. © Eliot Hudson Boom! Looks real, sounds real. . . Smoke from ‘Californian’s cannon can be seen a mile away. © 2008 Eliot Hudson "Hey! Are those guys using live shells, or what!" At the end…

Pac Cup Fleet Closes on Hawaii

By Rob Grant | July 25, 2008

This may have been the last time Joby Easton and Bill Huseby looked back. Rain Drop still holds the overall lead in the 2008 Pacific Cup. latitude/Rob©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC With only 230 miles to go Kanehoe Bay, Joby Easton and Bill Huseby aboard Easton’s Cascade 36 Raindrop still hold the overall corrected-time lead…