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Real Photos from Real Sailors Monthly

Would you like to be featured on our Sailagram feed, social media, 'Lectronic Latitude, or maybe even the magazine?

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Please include photo credit, boat name, hailing port, and any other info you would like to share.


Sailagram: A Snapshot of December Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | January 3, 2022

December marked 12 months for the Sailagram feed we introduced in January 2021. As we head into a new year of sailing, please keep sending us your photos!


Sailagram: A Snapshot of November Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | December 3, 2021

Sailors were out in force across November, and as a result, we have dozens of photos of happy, smiling sailors doing what they love!

Sailagram: A Snapshot of October Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | November 5, 2021

October was jam-packed and felt as if it flew by. It kicked off with Fleet Week and finished off with the Baja Ha-Ha Kick-Off Party, with lots of great sailing in between.

Owl Harbor Halloween

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Owl Harbor’s Halloween

By Nicki Bennett | November 3, 2021

The Owl Harbor crew typically dress in theme, and this year it was down the yellow brick road with the Wizard of Oz


San Francisco’s Karl the Fog Envelops Alcatraz

By John Arndt | October 22, 2021

Fog and fog photos continue to roll into the Bay.

San Francisco skyline

Take a Glimpse at San Francisco’s New Skyline

By John Arndt | October 18, 2021

How many times has nature altered your eye’s perception and sculpted an image that is out of the ordinary?

Fleet Week Air Show and Sailboats — What a Way to Spend the Weekend!

By Monica Grant | October 11, 2021

The US Navy’s Blue Angels and a variety of aircraft blazed across the sky over San Francisco Bay for the 2021 Fleet Week Air Show.

Sailagram Feature

Sailagram: A Snapshot of September Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | October 6, 2021

Didn’t think we’d forgotten about September’s Sailagram, did you?

A Sailing Photo Collage to Get You Ready for the Weekend

By Monica Grant | September 24, 2021

We have stacks more photos, but not enough time or space to share them all here.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of August Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | September 3, 2021

We love seeing all the photos our community sends into Sailagram every month.

Patagonia Hosts Crew of ‘Hōkūleʻa’

By Heather Breaux | September 29, 2023

Held together by six miles of rope with no nuts, no bolts, and no screws, the Hōkūleʻa‘ is an oceangoing canoe tethered together by trust, tradition, and Polynesian culture. Several of the crew who arrived in San Francisco on September 24 assembled Wednesday night at a San Francisco Patagonia retail store to share stories about…

Happening Right Now on San Francisco Bay

By Tim Henry | September 29, 2023

As we write these words and bang away on the keyboard, as the October issue of ‘Latitude 38’ is making its way to your local waterfront, mailbox and inbox, boats are making their way onto the water.

Discover EWOL Performance Propellers

By Nicki Bennett | September 29, 2023

Find out the most suitable propeller size for your boat and request a free personalized quote.

The October Issue of Latitude 38 Is Out Today!

By Tim Henry | September 29, 2023

Hot off the presses and straight onto the docks, we proudly bring you the October issue of ‘Latitude 38.’

Mark Your Calendars for Portfest

By Nicki Bennett | September 29, 2023
Sailing the estuary will make you smile.

Oakland Shifting From Pirate Haven to Estuary Smiles?

By John Arndt | September 29, 2023

There’s much to be done, but don’t forget what the Oakland Estuary has to offer.

Who’s Heading South in the Baja Ha-Ha? Part 2

By Tim Henry | September 27, 2023

We now bring you Part 2 of a sneak peek into some Baja Ha-Ha profiles. 

Did Your Hat Go Where the Wind Blows?

By Nicki Bennett | September 27, 2023

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Corinthian Yacht Club racing

A Preview of October Regattas Aplenty

By Christine Weaver | September 27, 2023

The first weekend in October actually starts in September. It will be a busy one for yacht racers in California.

Tia Mia David Coy

Classified: A Friendship Sloop, a Sailing School, and Jobs

By John Arndt | September 27, 2023

The ‘Latitude 38’ ‘Classy Classifieds’ are a treasure chest full of classics, business opportunities, sailboats for sale, job opportunities and inspiration for any kind of sailor.