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Your Ears Will Thank You
Hear about what to do if you wipe out or get thrown overboard, how to eat and sleep during the race, debunking sailing superstitions and more.
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Magazine Features: September 2021

Transpac 51 — Quick Work 

After the cancellation of basically everything in 2020 and a lot of races in 2021, a wave of uncertainty surrounded the race. Uncertainty that understandably weeded out a lot of the crowd. The fleet size in this Transpac may have been much smaller than usual, at just 41 boats, due to COVID.

Baja Ha-Ha Profiles

The future is here and now — and we're looking at who is doing the 2021 Baja Ha-Ha. As of this writing, 172 boats are signed up to participate. The vast majority come from California, but many are from Alaska, Washington and Oregon. Others are sailing north from Mexico just to sail south again with the Ha-Ha fleet.

Bay Area Sailors In The Fastnet

Bay Area sailors Harmon Shragge, Mike Crandall and Dustin Wanco competed in this year's Rolex Fastnet Race aboard the VO65 Sisi, owned by the Austrian Ocean Race Project.

An Unmanned Circumnavigation

Every journey starts somewhere: The seed for a circumnavigation was planted for Barbara Euser when she read Joshua Slocum's Sailing Alone Around the World as a teenager; Kelly Gregory thinks she was born with the desire; and crossing the Pacific was on the top of Cristina Aggazzotti's long list of goals.

Max Ebb — Crew List Party

I go to the Crew List Party every September because of the venue: Two years ago it was Spaulding Boat Works, this year it's at the Bay Model, which will be switched on for observation.

Racing Sheet

This edition we start big with the YRA Encinal Regatta and the Estuary Extravaganza. Then we downsize to the Santana 22 Nationals, the Gracie & George, the Women's Match Racing Championship, J/70 Worlds and Pre-Worlds, and the Cal 20 Nationals.
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