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The World Famous Latitude 38 Caption Contest(!)

Here’s your January Caption Contest(!). As you may or may not know, the winner — and top 10 entries — will be posted in the February issue’s Loose Lips.

Your caption here.
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Good Luck!


  1. Rosann Allenbaugh 3 years ago

    Sailing’s version of China’s Tank Man!

  2. Devery Stockon 3 years ago

    I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat!

  3. James Williams 3 years ago

    Damn/spit! We just missed our transport ship to Shanghai!

  4. paul clausen 3 years ago

    “It’s OK, its not Urgent….”

  5. Scott 3 years ago

    Hey Cap!
    Bay is getting a little lump ahead…

  6. dick Sullivan 3 years ago

    Sorry Dude! I just didn’t see you.

  7. howard 3 years ago

    Anchors a weigh

  8. Dale Land 3 years ago

    Yep, she has a Danforth on the bow!

  9. Mike Veglia 3 years ago


  10. Brian Richards 3 years ago

    Hold you course. We don’t want to confuse him with any quick moves.

  11. Gary Troxel 3 years ago

    Round up and Down we go!

  12. Arnold Oliver 3 years ago


  13. Christopher Karo 3 years ago

    Not to worry, We got the right of way, we’re under sail!

  14. peter metcalf 3 years ago

    All is not as it appears. Again. But this time without unpleasant consequences.

  15. Tim Sullivan 3 years ago

    Five blasts! Really? Hey I’m a sailboat.

  16. Vickie Gilmour 3 years ago

    The Tunnage Rule Rules !!!

  17. mark blackburn 3 years ago

    Sweetheart, would you fall off just a tad?

  18. tom brinkmeyer 3 years ago

    It looks bigger up close.

  19. Doug Hansen 3 years ago

    Gamely holding on starboard tack, he was “dead right”.

  20. Dave McCarthy 3 years ago

    You DO see that boat off to starboard, don’t you Frank??

  21. Lee 3 years ago

    Are you my mom?

  22. Chuck Cunningham 3 years ago

    Red Right Returning!

  23. Kent Carter 3 years ago

    ARROOOOOGAH – Dive! Dive! Dive!

  24. Michael A Grant 3 years ago

    Looks more like an Argent Sunset!

  25. Jim Conger 3 years ago

    Nah, to surf the bow wave you have to go the other way.

  26. joe moore 3 years ago

    it’s o.k., i see him

  27. Richard Gillette 3 years ago

    Staaaaarboard tack !!!!!!!!!!

  28. Mark LeVander 3 years ago

    Hold your head up
    & we’ll sail over Argent’s bow wake!

  29. Carlos Valencia 3 years ago

    “Cheeses-Key-Rice, Where did that guy come from?”

  30. Mark Wheeles 3 years ago

    We are on starboard so I’m sure they will give way any second now.

  31. Donn Klei 3 years ago

    Say Captain, did you hear that funny sound ?

  32. Kelvin D. Meeks 3 years ago

    Maverick : “I’m gonna hit the brakes, he’ll fly right by.”

  33. Bill Willcox 3 years ago

    Have you ever stopped to consider the inconsequential nature of our existence in relation to the larger universe?

  34. Bill Willcox 3 years ago

    …. bake 30 minutes at 350F and there you have it … pineapple upside-down cake.

  35. Howard Clayman 3 years ago

    Remind me why we bought that ship’s anchor, and how the hell are we going to get it aboard to take it back to port?

  36. David Hammer 3 years ago

    Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?

  37. Dave Peterson 3 years ago

    Scotty, more power to the shields.

  38. Dave Peterson 3 years ago

    Tactician’s gambit; bow cushion assist.

  39. Andrew Rosen 3 years ago

    You may be right but you would be dead right!

  40. Dan Brenny 3 years ago

    Houston, this could hurt if it hits us!!!

  41. Bill McCann 3 years ago

    Don’t worry, they’ll get out of the way. I learned that on the Saratoga.

  42. Ryan 3 years ago

    NOW are you glad we didn’t set the spinny?

  43. Jay Sorensen 3 years ago

    Down 5 degrees for noise abatement.

  44. Charlie Pick 3 years ago

    Someone call 911!

  45. Bill Huber 3 years ago

    OK, Now when we get in their lee, we’ll launch the Latitude in the potato cannon onto the bridge! If it doesn’t get us killed, we might get a free t-shirt!
    Oh, and start the engine and get ready to gybe!
    …and now is NOT the time to light that joint!

  46. Stephanie Teel 3 years ago

    Watch out, that sail boat on the port side is getting too close!

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