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Who’s Who in this Mexico Gathering?

Are you one of the 25 sailors visible in the photo below? We continue our series of ‘Mexico Musings’ with this installment from the Grand Poobah. 

The Baja Ha-Ha celebrates cruising everywhere in Mexico, including racing off Zihua to raise money for SailFest.

35 sailors gathered on Profligate foredeck in Mexico
Luckily Profligate is a solid boat. Many boats would be listing with this many crew on the starboard bow!
© 2020 Richard Spindler

Off in the distance is the Blair Grinols-built and -owned Capricorn Cat, a Hughes 45. I think he’s got more than 20 crew.

In the foreground is the foredeck of Profligate, my Hughes-based 63-footer. I think we had 35 crew.

It was light air that day, with a few whales flopping around. But when the wind filled in, we managed to overtake the smaller cat, as we should have.

But great times, as Blair and I had never sailed against each other, but only with each other.

Sail with friends? We recommend it!

Wish you could have been there. If you were there, feel free to sound off.


  1. Martin Thomas 10 months ago

    No masks, no social distancing, what are people thinking?

    • Monica Grant 10 months ago

      Hi Martin, the photo was taken during a Baja Ha-Ha, well before 2020.

  2. Richard Mullinax 10 months ago

    Photo was from 2002 and it was a pleasure to be aboard with such great people. What a great day on the water!!! Thank you for the awesome memory Richard!!! It was fun sparring with Capricorn Cat and Little Wing =)!!!

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