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Petition Circulating to Save Southern Marin’s Travis Marina

This week in the evolving Bay Area waterfront: Travis Marina.

The funky, random and idyllically perched piece of shoreline is, like much of the Bay’s waterfront property, vulnerable to development incommensurate with its current character. In April 2019, “the National Park Service put out an application for developers to apply for a 20-year lease, which would operate the ‘Boat Shop’ located at the northeast corner of Horseshoe Cove,” the Marin Independent Journal reported. While the park says it wants to retain Travis Marina’s “small-town feel,” many people believe that new development could fundamentally change the area.

A community-led petition to “Save Historic Travis Marina” — by keeping Southern Marin’s Travis Marina Bar and waterfront with its current leaseholder, Travis Air Force Base — has gathered over 5,000 signatures, according to the IJ. According to the Fort Baker master plan, the park service is seeking to increase public use of the 1.7 acre area that includes the bar.”

You can sign the petition by going to “We are having a community meeting/update on Thursday, Feb. 20, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Travis Marina Bar. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us. Live music to follow at 7:30 p.m.,” wrote Piper Perreault, a Sausalito resident and one of the founders of the Friends of Travis Marina.

Travis Marina — which is also called Horseshoe Cove and is home to Presidio Yacht Club — is one of those unique spots in the Bay Area that you might not have known existed until you stumbled onto it. It is truly one of the Bay Area’s more spectacular perches.
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“Please help spread the word to keep the Travis Marina at Fort Baker,” Adrienne Miller wrote us. “Many boaters and kayakers launch from this facility, and the NPS is looking to lease the property to a high-end restaurant, or to expand the pricey Cavallo Point Lodge, etc.”

The Marin IJ also quoted Perreault, who said, “Travis Marina has been completely open to the public for almost two decades. The National Park Service’s master plan for Fort Baker and their current bid does not adequately address the ‘cultural resource value’ of Travis Marina. And that can be attested to by the over 5,000 petition signatures we have received within six days, from people who want Travis AFB to continue as the operator of the Marina and for the waterfront to remain as it is.”

The IJ said that a spokesperson for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area has stated that the Park wants to maintain the Fort Baker boathouse’s “affordable, small town, Southern Marin feel.”

Both the inland and seaside views at Travis Marina are gorgeous.
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We’ll have more on Travis Marina in the near future . . .


  1. Avatar
    Greg Clausen 11 months ago

    That’s my go to place for a drink and a view, was there this weekend and signed the petition. Everyone should too, not much on the waterfront these days except for high price developments.

  2. Avatar
    Chuck Cunningham 11 months ago

    Travis/Horseshoe Cove is a must retain facility. Unique location and natural beauty is part of the history of the Bay. Where do we sign the petition? Is it reasonable that a good restaurant no more than $$$ and the Lodge can assist in retaining the spirit of the location?

  3. Avatar
    Keith McCurdy 11 months ago

    Is there a place to dock for a short while and have a drink or bite?

  4. Avatar
    bruce adornato 11 months ago

    this is a resource for SF bay which is losing all its boat friendly habitats. I compare it to the east coast where they have the heritage and the smarts to preserve boating. pls contribute..

  5. Avatar
    Jesse Goff 11 months ago

    Save Travis Marina from what? The petition should be “Make sure any developer is required to maintain a public marina in good condition with a guest dock, so many slips at so many sizes, etc, etc, etc…” Don’t just be NIMBYS. Direct good development. That place is a wreck and can use some help.

    • Avatar
      Adrienne 11 months ago

      Agree, Jesse! Those guest need more attention. There are 4 guest docks now, & the option to anchor in the cove and row ashore. I dont know if you been there recently. Docks are worked on monthly and have improved. Always room for more improvement though, but just can’t overlook the grass-root community social organizations for Vets and lower/middle income folk that operate there. Sailing and row clubs, etc or the very affordable public facility rentals. Fleet week attracts 1,000 plus people. Families show up and can treat themselves to the $1 ice cream cone or the $5 pint. I think we can all agree it’s a sweet spot and should be available for all to enjoy.

    • Avatar
      Piper 11 months ago

      Yes, and Travis Air Force Base has been operating on a 1-2 year special use permit from National Park Service for the past 20 years, which is why they didn’t put in the extra investment. Travis has asked for a long-term lease multiple times and said they would invest more in upkeep with a long-term lease, but NPS would not grant them one.
      NPS has always had a plan to partner with a private company, and we are saying no. Give Travis AFB the long-term lease. It’s a service-driven operation that cannot be replicated with a for-profit company in there like Passport Resorts (whose portfolio only consists of luxury resorts, like Cavallo Point).
      Good to get some facts instead of simply accusing people of being NIMBYs. That is simply not the case here.

  6. Avatar
    Robert DaPrato 11 months ago

    As a veteran and sailor, I have been a member of this Yacht Club since 2010.
    We serve all forms of military personnel at discounts on three sailboats which help support and transition many to S F Bay !
    Why does the BIG money interests have to TAKE over a good thing for the working classes?

    Robert Daprato, USMCR
    Presidio Yacht Club …Volunteer Captain
    Past Commodore Islander 36.Org

    • Avatar
      Adrienne 11 months ago

      Robert, The organizing group, Friends of Travis Marina could use your help if interested. Please call my cell at 707-338-0239. Thank you.

  7. Avatar
    bruce adornato 11 months ago

    The National Park Service should not only help preserve Travis as an open resource, they should also consider opening up Angel Island to overnite stays at the docks. They could charge 50 bucks a boat and hire a security guard so that no one invades their island at night. And also it looks like the number of buoys is slow diminishing. Last week i cruised through Ayala Cove and saw double buoy space for only about a dozen boats.
    The NPS needs an audit.

  8. Avatar
    Adrienne 11 months ago

    Dear Friends, Please Help and share your thoughts on this matter with Congessman Jared Huffman. His office is currently monitoring this story, but to take action he needs to hear from you. Please call before it is too late. NPS expected to announce their decision next month.

    Huffman’s contact info is:


    1527 Longworth House Office Building Washington DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-5161


    999 Fifth Ave.
    Suite 290
    San Rafael, CA 94901
    Phone: (415) 258-9657
    Thank you!!

  9. Avatar
    Elly 11 months ago

    Wonderful, unpretentious, funky place!! My sister held her wedding there and had the whole place to themselfves. The cost? Very, very reasonable with fabulous views of the Bridge and Bay! Cavallo Point or Corinthian YC will break the bank for most. Important to keep this historic place available and welcoming to all. Very friendly community there!! Great stories by the old timers in the marina!

  10. Avatar
    Gianni LaRosa 11 months ago

    Just so you know, my Facebook page,
    Baghdad By The Bay San Francisco
    with its membership of over 26,000 members was largely responsible for adding thousands of names to your petition to save the Marina. We stand ready to add thousands more.

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