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Monterey Sailboat Beached in Last Week’s Storms

Last week we received word of a sailboat that had washed ashore in Monterey — a casualty of Monday night’s stormy conditions. “The Bobbie Ann tore loose from her mooring in gale-force winds on Monday, January 25th, and was pushed across the bay to Del Monte Beach in 50-70-knot winds and very confused seas,” Michael Coleman said.

Sailboat Beached
It’s always sad, and often scary, to see a boat washed up on a beach. As far as we’re aware, no one was hurt in this incident.
© 2021 Michael Coleman

Michael, who owns Ocean Edge Yacht Detailing in Monterey, said Bobbie Ann was towed off the beach by two tractors and a crane. “The salvagers first tried towing her off the beach by boat, but with big waves and the keel in the sand, it was futile.” (On a side note, Michael’s Santana 22 is named Latitude. Top marks for choosing a good name, Michael.)

Michael’s email was followed by some photos from Jeff Canepa, who said the 44-ft Moody had “severe hull damage along with surface cracks around the bolt-on lead keel and the rudder assembly.”

Fortunately, despite her damage, Bobbie Ann did not sink.
© 2021 Jeff Canepa
Preparing a boat for towing off the beach is possibly just as time-consuming and difficult as the towing itself.
© 2021 Jeff Canepa
We heard a whisper that Bobbie Ann‘s recovery carries a price tag of around $50,000.
© 2021 Jeff Canepa


  1. Misc 4 months ago

    Your information is speculation only. If you publish something maybe speak to sources who have a broader knowledge of happened.

    • John Arndt 4 months ago

      We’re sure there is more to the story. There always is. However, we’re not sure what parts of this story you’d consider speculation. We reported that a boat washed ashore in Monterey and have a photo of the boat that washed ashore. We also reported that there was a crack in the hull and have a photo of the crack in the hull. If we do have important facts wrong or our ‘speculation’ is somehow misleading we’d appreciate any clarification you have to offer.

      We’re always sorry to see boats end up in this situation and do the best we can to report what we can find out.

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