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Mainstream Sailing; Boat Show Shindigs; Trivia

Sailing and Baseball

As spring arrives and America’s favorite pastime is in full swing (pun intended), the Bay Area is preparing for the arrival of the foiling cats — and we don’t mean some mischievous felines that are playing with a roll of aluminum foil. Excitement is ramping up for SailGP, and the San Francisco Giants are getting in on the action.

“All eyes will turn to San Francisco as the City by the Bay will host the second [SailGP] event on May 4-5,” read a post by Major League Baseball. “Giants Enterprises, the entrepreneurial arm of the San Francisco Giants, are partnering with SailGP to direct regional promotion and marketing efforts. The United States SailGP Team will take on five other national teams in a thrilling series of races just off the Marina Yacht Club Peninsula, located in the heart of San Francisco Bay between the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.”

Foiling F50s in SailGP
The SailGPers just foiling around in Sydney in February.
© 2019 SailGP

Propelling sailing into the mainstream of professional sports was one of Larry Ellison’s goals when the America’s Cup was in San Francisco in 2013. We have to admit, having baseball promote sailing makes us feel as if the sport has . . . arrived in some way . . . we’re not sure how, and we’re not sure what it all means.

Do you, as a sailor, feel validated that this thing you’ve been obsessed with your whole life finally has mainstream recognition? Or are you wary, and even a little despondent, that your secret world is being exposed?

Just curious.

There is no shortage of hyperbole from the major league media machine: “Racing on the Bay will be pure adrenaline. Strong sea breezes and tidal flows will challenge some of the world’s best athletes to the limits of their abilities. Expect the spectacular.”

Oh, we will.

Scenes from a Boat Show

In case we haven’t told you . . . in case you didn’t know . . . in case you’ve been aggressively avoiding ‘Lectronic Latitude the last few weeks . . . the Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show is currently in full swing at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond.

Need new Latitude swag? Looking for the perfect gift? Trying to impress that special sailor someone? Come see us at the Latitude booth and we will find the right colors for you.
© 2019 John Skoriak

Boat Show or no Boat Show, don’t forget about the Golden Tickets in the magazine:

An unknown Latitudian shows his spoils.
© 2019 Susanna Czuchra

We hope you’ll come see us at the Latitude booth. We’re also having a little shindig tonight . . .

A Bit of Trivia

The painting below was featured in the office of a character on a popular TV show that ran from the late ’90s and into the aughts. The painting, by the way, is titled Mouth of the Delaware by Thomas Birch.

Can you name the show? There’s a T-shirt in it for you.

Birch’s Mouth of the Delaware. We have actually referenced this “mystery show” in the magazine before.
© 2019 Wikipedia


  1. Tim Roche 5 years ago

    Leo McGarry’s office in the west wing!

  2. Bill Huber 5 years ago

    That would be West Wing…in Leo McGarry’s office.

  3. Larry Radcliffe 5 years ago

    We just finished binge watching all 150+ episodes on NetFlix… West Wing.

  4. JEREMY HAYDOCK 5 years ago

    How about….Law and Order? Head D.A.’s office.

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