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Little Boat Floats in from Hawaii — Maybe

Could a little homemade sailboat find its way to Emery Cove, all the way from Hawaii? Kwenu was kayaking on the Bay out of his home port, Emery Cove, when he came across what he took to be a sailboat.

“I came across a small sailboat with the inscriptions on it saying that it had been launched from Hawaii to USF. I don’t know if this is was really from Hawaii or not, but I thought maybe one of your readers might know about it, or possibly be the person(s) who actually sent it on its way!”

little sailboat from Hawaii
This looks as if it could have been part of a boat built using the stitch-and-glue method.
© 2021 Kwenu, Emery Cove

“Its sails were completely gone when I came across it.”

little boat flip side
Does this look familiar?
© 2021 Kwenu, Emery Cove

“I have no idea if is even possible to make that crossing in that time frame, as I have no experience with sailing, let alone a crossing as such. One day hopefully I will try to crew and learn some sailing skills!”

Well, readers, it’s over to you again. Does anyone know anything about this little vessel?

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    David Hume 1 week ago

    Thats only seven and a half weeks…No way

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