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Caption Contest(!) 2021

Happy New Year, sailors! Welcome to our first Caption Contest(!) for 2021. We’ve been saving some interesting photos to capture your eyes and your imaginations, and we want to see what you make of this photo . . .

Caption Contest(!)
“Your caption here.”
© 2021 Sailing & Motor Yachts

Remember to check out January’s Latitude 38 magazine for December’s Caption Contest(!) winner and top 10.


  1. Avatar
    Dan Brenny 6 days ago

    My GPS told me the harbor was this way. Perhaps I now have a problem!!!!

  2. Avatar
    Rich Brazil 6 days ago

    “But, Darling, you said Catamarans don’t lean!”

  3. Avatar
    Mark Werder 6 days ago

    Donate your yacht and save a Venetian family home today.

  4. Avatar
    Phil Kinnison 6 days ago

    Relax, I got this.

  5. Avatar
    Dale Land 6 days ago

    Beware, Slippery Slope approaching!

  6. Avatar
    William Huber 6 days ago

    The Streets of Rome, are filled with Double! (tip o’ the hat to Bob Dylan, the Band, and the driver of the truck!)

  7. Avatar
    Mike Holmes 6 days ago

    I should have used Dockwise.

  8. Avatar
    Roger Parker 6 days ago

    Should have used the lead line

  9. Avatar
    THOMAS BURKE 6 days ago

    I don’t think we are in Venice!!

  10. Avatar
    Mark Milton 6 days ago

    The drive thru at Long John Silver’s was a bit tight.

  11. Avatar
    Don Cavers 6 days ago

    Ernesto was having trouble finding moorage for his new catamaran

  12. Avatar
    Chucker Twining 6 days ago


  13. Avatar
    Kent Carter 6 days ago

    Damnit, John! You gave them our house address for delivery instead of the Marina’s!

  14. Avatar
    Lu Abel 6 days ago

    Okay, who had the right of way?!!!

  15. Avatar
    Tim McCormick 6 days ago

    Crew weight to leeward!!

  16. Avatar
    Sean Casey 6 days ago

    We’re gonna need a bigger street.

  17. Avatar
    Peter Schoen 6 days ago

    Measured twice. Don’t worry, it’ll fit!

  18. Avatar
    Dave Peterson 6 days ago

    Charter Europe, Captain your ship along the rivers, canals, and twisting byways in the comfort of your own yacht; Towing endorsement required.

  19. Avatar
    joe moore 6 days ago

    uh oh!

  20. Avatar
    Michael Childs 6 days ago

    How did he get it out of his basement?

  21. Avatar
    Mark Caplin 6 days ago


  22. Avatar
    Bill O'Connor 6 days ago

    “Driver slow down damnit…we’re taking this curve on two wheels!”

    (PS…But my vote goes to Kent Carter and the home address line…very good.)

  23. Avatar
    Damon Cruz 6 days ago

    This looked way more cool in ‘Romancing The Stone’ .

  24. Avatar
    Scott Henry 6 days ago

    I thought “living on the slant” was only practiced on monohulls???

  25. Avatar
    Scott Henry 6 days ago

    Looks like they’ve really upped the realism on the sailing simulators!

  26. Avatar
    Michael Grant 6 days ago

    Gives a new meaning to beam reach.

  27. Avatar
    Ron Harben 5 days ago

    Oy! I said rent a CARAVAN for the trip to Brighton Beach!

  28. Avatar
    Kelvin D. Meeks 5 days ago

    In 2021, Vinny create an entirely new trend in real estate for penthouse apartments.

  29. Avatar
    Gina Stenberg 5 days ago

    Beam me up Scotty!

  30. Avatar
    Kat goddard 5 days ago

    Gotcha’ now! I’ll never let you go.

    *FYI: M’alyse oci is loosely translated to – Let Me Go

  31. Avatar
    Chris Mendonca 5 days ago

    Catamaran simulator for Learn to sail program

  32. Avatar
    Cecile Schwedes 5 days ago


  33. Avatar
    David Hume 5 days ago

    Panamax was 106 ft, RomaMax is 30 ft and how high you can tilt it

  34. Avatar
    Michael Crews 5 days ago

    Getting it down the street was easy compared to getting it out of the garage.

  35. Avatar
    Jeff Collier 4 days ago

    Says here we have to tack at the next light… George !

  36. Avatar
    Brad Kerstetter 3 days ago

    Before deciding to build a boat in your back yard be sure to check development plans in your neighborhood!

  37. Avatar
    Rosann Allenbaugh 2 days ago

    We got this! Convoi exceptionnel translates to abnormal load. Our specialty!

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