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Caption Contest (!)

Here it is, the post you’ve all been waiting for: October’s Caption Contest (!).

We found this photo on Marine Rescue Hervey Bay’s Facebook page.

Hervey Bay (pronounced Harvey) is in Queensland, Australia. It is a sleepy little town situated on the edge of a calm, protected bay, which is a breeding ground for large numbers of whales. It looks as if they also have ‘big’ tides!

Caption Contest (!) Anchored Boat High and dry on Rock
“Your caption here.”
© 2020 Marine Rescue Hervey Bay

Drop your caption into the Comments below. Good luck!

And remember to check out September’s winning caption and top 10 in this month’s Latitude 38 magazine.



  1. Cameron Tuttle 4 years ago

    Affordable haul outs available twice daily.

  2. Bob Adams 4 years ago

    I’m not sure that this is the right way to fish for Rockfish!

  3. Cecile Schwedes 4 years ago

    High see!

  4. Cecile Generaux Schwedes 4 years ago

    Aye see!

  5. Kelvin D. Meeks 4 years ago

    “Always entertaining – Captain Jack’s bottom painting projects were a race against time and tide – and a ballet with gravity”

  6. Jeff Deuel 4 years ago

    Let’s just anchor overnight- I don’t want to hit that big rock everybody’s been warning us about…

  7. Richard McCluney 4 years ago

    “Yup – it looks like the anchors holding.”

  8. Chris Cox 4 years ago

    It’s ok captain, I can’t se the shoreline.

  9. Chuck Hawley 4 years ago

    “Cap’n, that new anchor seems to be holding as solid as a rock!”

  10. John Thorne 4 years ago

    A perfect landing!

  11. Chuck Cunningham 4 years ago

    That first step is a killer!

  12. Bill Andrew 4 years ago

    Land Ho!

  13. Karl Brandt 4 years ago

    I’ll have a Nuria on the rocks

  14. Allyn 4 years ago

    The high point of our fishing trip.

  15. Dave Peterson 4 years ago

    Rock solid method to careening in style.

  16. Kerry Burke 4 years ago

    Social distancing from waves

  17. EasyEd 4 years ago

    Low Tide!

  18. Bob Martin 4 years ago

    All set for that polar ice melt!

  19. Mike Bennett 4 years ago

    Why? Because it’s there.

  20. Keeping Wildflowers 4 years ago

    “Honey, it looks like the tide went out … but, the anchor held.”

    “I’ve got some good news … and, I’ve got some bad news.”

  21. Ward VonTillow 4 years ago

    No ! I said reverse !!

  22. Luther Abel 4 years ago

    Ahoy, Captain, I see land!

  23. Peter Bennett 4 years ago

    Forgot the dinghy so we need to walk ashore.

  24. Newcomb Barger 4 years ago

    I think we’ll have to adjust the dip

  25. Vickie Gilmour 4 years ago

    High and Dry

  26. Ben Shaw 4 years ago

    Bringing a whole new meaning to a ‘well balanced boat.’

  27. Martin Thomas 4 years ago

    I see I set the fender a bit high

  28. Graeme Davies 4 years ago

    G’day from Marine Rescue Hervey Bay! We were nicely surprised to see a photo from our page all the way over the ‘Pacific Pond’. Your description of Hervey Bay was quite accurate, except our tides aren’t that big. We just used that photo to highlight some important factors regarding safe anchoring.

    Hervey Bay is a great holiday destination (in normal times), and became the first ‘World Whale Heritage Site’ last year. With Fraser Island wilderness just off shore, and great boating and fishing, Hervey Bay is definitely the place to be. Feel free to follow us on Facebook.

    • Monica Grant 4 years ago

      Hi Graeme, thanks for noticing us! Great photo by the way 🙂 And we’re happy to hear the tides aren’t quite that big. Scary thought. We’ll hit that like button on your page, feel free to like ours too! There are many Aussie sailors floating around who will be happy to photos from home.

  29. Paparazzi H2O 4 years ago

    Hey Bob, after you make the coffee, can you check the anchor…I think we were dragging last night.

  30. Brian Richards 4 years ago

    That GPS is really accurate. It took us right to that rock you set as a waypoint.

  31. Jim Coggan 4 years ago

    OK now, just for fun, let’s see if we can balance a couple big boulders on top of the radar unit.

  32. Steve Shinn 4 years ago

    Who said there is no boating in Bed Rock, Barney

  33. Bill Andrew 4 years ago

    Now this is taking extreme rock climbing to new heights.

  34. David Hume 4 years ago

    “Don’t move love, please, don’t move”

  35. Robt. Ward 4 years ago

    So THAT’s what they mean by “on the hard!”

  36. Scott Henry 4 years ago

    The anchor must be really well set! We haven’t moved an inch in hours!

  37. Steve Phillips 4 years ago


  38. Ray Hancock 4 years ago

    Cave-man Marina; “just park it over there, we’ll get that bottom painted in no time”.

  39. Roger Parker 4 years ago

    We are going to need bigger fenders

  40. Don Cavers 4 years ago

    Our trip had a rocky start but got better after high tide.

  41. Robertta Edwards 4 years ago

    On top of old rocky.

  42. Pete Swentzel 4 years ago

    It’s OK, the depth sounder says 10 feet.

  43. art ist 4 years ago

    That shark was so big even the boat jumped out of the water.

  44. Bill Willcox 4 years ago

    Rock. On.
    Not just another David Lee Roth riff.

  45. Gary Gray 4 years ago

    :+: keep an eye out for rocks just below the surface.

  46. Jim 4 years ago

    This new Rockna anchor is really holding.

  47. Betty Adams 4 years ago

    Hope the anchor holds!

  48. Clifford Shaw 4 years ago

    Why yes dear, you’re right, I can see much further from here!

  49. paul clausen 4 years ago

    I want to fish from my boat, but I don’t want it to get wet….

  50. Bud Kerner 4 years ago

    I think we got the last parking spot.

  51. S. ware 4 years ago

    Prepare to raise the anchor!

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