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If you’re taking a boat to Mexico, or buying a boat you think you might someday take to Mexico, you must be sure that everything is in order with regard to the Temporary Import Permit (TIP).
If you’re going to have a kick-off party, why not have it on the beach at the Santa Barbara YC, the premier yacht club beach site on the West Coast?
Can you feel it in the air? That undeniable crispness, the bite that comes from a cool, still day, rather than the searing, blasting cold of the summer seabreeze.
Puerto Rico has sustained a ‘direct hit’ by Hurricane Maria, now a Category 4 storm with winds up to 140 mph — and perhaps worse, unrelenting rain inundating the island, which had already sustained damage from Hurricane Irma.
Yumi Wilson was reading through a copy of Latitude 38 when she came across a flyer saying ‘Your Lucky Day’.
There’s no point in mourning the "good old days" of the St. Francis Yacht Club Big Boat Series — you know, when the boats were really big, with lots of 70-footers and such.
Acknowledging the adage that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, we’ll let the accompanying photo by Glenn Twitchell give the definitive answer to what’s so good about the Sea of Cortez.
Hurricane season is not ‘officially’ over until November 30, something we’re reminded of following the devastation of Harvey, Irma and tropical storms/hurricanes Jose, Katia, Lee and Maria.
California’s largest annual volunteer event, California Coastal Cleanup, takes place on the third Saturday of each September, along more than 2,000 miles of coastal and inland waterfront.
Monohulls. Foiling monohulls. At least that’s the news we heard from Radio New Zealand, who on Tuesday wrote, "The next edition of America’s Cup racing will switch from catamarans to high-performance monohull yachts, defending champions Team New Zealand have confirmed. 
Here is your September Caption Contest(!). We’re excited to see what you all come up with for this quirky, head-scratching photo.
Dorade is Down Under, adding to her collection of prizes in events like Audi Hamilton Island Race Week.
Hurricane Irma, which was described by some analyst as the ‘"size of France," has moved into Florida and the US. 
As Hurricane Irma slowly churns her way out of the Caribbean, it’s difficult to assess the extent of the damage, and to say what’s next for the dozens of islands with economies reliant on tourism and the charter boat industry.
While natural disasters elsewhere have garnered the headlines, the western United States has not slid into September unscathed.
Did you wake up this morning, make coffee on your gimbal stove, and poke your head through the companionway, into your cockpit and onto Richardson Bay?
A satellite image of Hurricane Irma spinning violently in the Caribbean.  © 2017 NOAA Hurricane Irma gathered steam in the Atlantic before finally making landfall in the Eastern Caribbean early today, threatening thousands of lives and homes, as well as infrastructure, and one of the largest concentrations of sailboats in one of the premier cruising destinations in the world.
As flocks of cruisers prepare to head south this fall, their nav stations will be packed with more state-of-the-art electronics than ever before.