Like a fun, loud and slightly annoying friend who’s overstayed their welcome, the America’s Cup just never seems to go away — even though it came to a decisive conclusion a week ago, which we analyzed at length in the July issue.
While on assignment in Toul, France, to investigate whether the Wanderer was being hyperbolic about the pleasures of canal boating, Latitude’s Mitch Perkins and a friend were ‘tooling’ through scenic waterways when they docked their boat Marjani near Lynn and Jack Robinson of Fort Collins, Colorado.
In one of the more bizarre races of the year, the Queen Mary 2 has beaten four maxi-trimarans in a race from France to New York.
In an April ‘Lectronic Latitude, we asked our readers to comment on a new Boater Identification law set to take effect in 2018, when California will begin to gradually roll out a requirement for certain motorized marine vessels — including sailboats with motors — to carry proof that they’ve taken a safety course.
For 12 years and 60,000 ocean miles, Jack van Ommen demonstrated that it’s almost impossible to be too old or too poor to cruise.
Most of the 204 boats registered with the Pacific Puddle Jump have now made landfall safely in the archipelagos of French Polynesia, but the fate of singlehander Richard Carr, 71, remains a mystery.
Just in time for summer reading on a supersized holiday weekend, the July issue of Latitude 38 hits the docks today, June 30.
Yesterday, West Marine announced it had been acquired by Monomoy Capital Partners. As an alternate Silicon Valley, ‘started-in-a-garage’ story, West Marine began as ‘West Coast Ropes’, and was founded in 1968, by Randy Repass in a Sunnyvale garage after he left Fairchild Semiconductor.
A potential reward for those who make the challenging passage from the West Coast to French Polynesia is the chance to participate in these outrigger canoe races — big fun in a jaw-dropping setting. 
One hundred years after American troops landed on French shores to come to the aid of the French during World War I, a new event has been created to honor this moment in history and the special relationship between our two countries.
July 2017 overflows with days off: five full weekends plus a holiday (and no doubt some folks will turn Independence Day into a four-day weekend).
Donald Mcllraith sent in this sweet shot of the crew of Blue Dream, a Melges 24, hiking out on during the Trans-Tahoe Race.
It’s all over. Peter Burling, the youngest helmsmen to ever win the Cup, hoists the Auld Mug.
In 2017 Yucca is celebrating both her 80th birthday and a new ‘caretaker’ to follow Hank Easom’s 53-year stewardship.
Glenn Tieman aboard the magnificent Manu Rere in Turtle Bay in 2008. latitude/Richard
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC “Oh God, my life is destroyed!”
John and Doreen Abbott’s Catalina 30 Shellback approaches Pittsburg in the company of Express 27s and Moore 24s on their way upriver in the ‘Doo Dah Ditch Run’.
It’s fun in the sun and sailing on the rail.  Aaaaah, Friday. © 2017 Joel Krauska Joel Krauska sent in some shots of another magical evening sailing the South Beach Yacht Club Friday Night Series.
While in the Caribbean this spring, we spoke with friends about their plans for how to deal with the July-to-December tropical-cyclone season in the Eastern Caribbean.
Don’t let your marina look like this on Summer Sailstice weekend. Hoisting sails helps improve sail shape and your outlook on life.
John and Gena Egelston’s 1928 Lester Stone cutter Water Witch (right) prevails and handily earns a first in the Classic division at the 10th annual Great Schooner Race.
Forests and forests of wood will be on hand for the Master Mariners Benevolent Association Wooden Boat Show on June 25. 
Who’s heading out for a summer solstice sail? Were you out there yesterday?
Maserati waits for passengers on Raccoon Strait on Sunday.   latitude/John
©2017Latitude 38 Media, LLC You may have noticed a handful of young Italian men sporting Team Maserati shirts in Point Richmond over the past few months.
It’s starting to look a little familiar: Team Emirates New Zealand is walking away from Oracle Team USA, and seems to be in a league of its own, taking a 3-0 lead after winning the first four races handily (remember that the Kiwis started with a negative 1.
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Yes, there was a giant something-or-other in the background, but what caught our eye was the nice-looking Island Packet Peppermint Patty enjoying a pleasant reach down the Sausalito waterfront.
Forget the Warriors and Cavaliers — tomorrow in Bermuda will see a rematch for the ages, as Oracle Team USA  squares off against Emirates Team New Zealand to contest the 35th America’s Cup.
If you want a photographic example of how life is different in the islands than in the States, check out the photo taken by Mike Stout of the Redondo Beach-based Aleutian 51 Mermaid.
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Just another sunny weekend on the Bay. latitude/John
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC We recently caught Randy and Jennifer Gridley out on their new-to-them Sabre 38 MkII Aegea.
This past weekend, Newport Harbor Yacht Club hosted its first annual One Design Offshore Championship in idyllic sailing conditions.
Chesapeake’s Yanmar diesel on the ground in San Diego. Chesapeake
©2017Latitude 38 Media, LLC Marine diesel mechanics have told us that most marine diesels go bad after about 4,000 hours.
How does the purveyor of the laid-back lifestyle remain so prolifically productive in such diverse and seemingly disparate activities as hotel development, songwriting, book writing, concert tours, opening restaurants, and even a new senior living development in Florida called ‘Latitude Margaritaville’ that is described as, ".