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The mysterious, four-story Google barge, currently under construction at Treasure Island, must move.
Jonathan Cervantes, the very helpful harbormaster at Cruise Port Marina in Ensenada, reports that all but about "nine or 10" of the 42 mostly foreign-owned boats that were impounded at his marina since late November have now been "liberated."
In news that might be categorized as ‘miraculous,’ CNN and other news agencies cautiously report that a fisherman washed up on the 2.2-square-mile Ebon Atoll in the Marshall Islands after drifting at sea for 13 months.
We’ve done our best to help publicize the much-anticipated auction of boats and marine-related equipment at Nelson’s Marine, which was slated for February 8.
On January 26, the Napa Valley Register correctly broke the story that Latitude 38 is organizing the three-day BottleRock music festival at Napa Valley Expo to be held starting on May 30.
As reported in yesterday afternoon’s special ‘Lectronic Latitude, all 53 of the impounded boats at Riviera Nayarit Marina in La Cruz — including Latitude’s 63-ft catamaran Profligate — have been released.
AGACE agents not 10 feet from me are signing final documents that will make Riviera Nayarit Marina a Depositaria, which will immediately release the 53 boats that have been impounded here since late November.
Oracle Team USA’s CEO, Russell Coutts told the Associated Press last Saturday that sailing officials are still in talks with other venues about hosting the 35th America’s Cup in August, 2017.
What do winning America’s Cup racers do for fun? Take a well-deserved vacation in the British Virgin Islands, including some recreational kiteboarding — with foils, of course — and competing in a stand-up paddleboard race.
The last thing the sailing world needs is another messy story out of Mexico, but it’s hard to ignore this one, as it involves a longtime respected marine business in Mazatlan, one mostly owned by a Canadian, who apparently decided that it was in his best interest to flee the country on his boat.
We’re not sure why it took so long, but in the January 27 issue, Reforma, the much respected ‘New York Times of Mexico,’ took SAT/AGACE, the Mexican IRS, to task over the impounding of 338 foreign-owned boats, almost all of which remain impounded after two months.
They don’t call it a ‘Fiasco’ for nothing. This year’s race was perhaps one of the most challenging in memory.
Alas, the pig still looks like a pig. Before continuing, we want to remind everyone that Latitude loves Mexico and the people of Mexico, and far more than anyone else for the last 30 years has championed Mexico as one of the top three cruising grounds in the world.
If you look carefully at this photo from a previous year’s race, you’ll note that boats are sailing in opposite directions.
Some Alameda boat owners had an unwelcome holiday surprise: Thieves were back in action, stealing at least eight outboards and two boats from marinas and private property.
Fito Espinoza, Harbormaster at Marina Coral in Ensenada, one of the marinas most affected by AGACE’s impounding of more than 338 foreign owned boats, reports that there will be a meeting tonight in San Diego of SAT (Mexican IRS) officials and the mangers of at least seven Mexican marinas.
The schooner Wanderbird glides across San Francisco Bay. © 2014 Sausalito Historical Society The Sausalito Historical Society is hosting an evening full of sea stories told by some of Marin’s most experienced sailors.
We realize that many of you are sick and tired of reading about this issue, but it is critically important to many North Americans whose boats are in Mexico.
Retired cruisers, Roger (62) and Margaret (60) Pratt were attacked on their yacht January 18 while moored at the Caribbean island of St.