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For the 16 boats in the Encinal YC’s Coastal Cup, it hasn’t taken long to get down the coast.
Northern California’s Louis Kruk sailed to Mexico about four years ago with his sweetheart Laura Willerton aboard their Beneteau 42 Cirque.
Team principals from the America’s Cup Challengers join Oracle Racing CEO Russell Coutts on stage this morning.
The U.S. government has sent its military on some questionable adventures in recent decades, but none so bizarre as the current turf war between Fiji and the Kingdom of Tonga over two tiny submerged atolls called the Minerva Reefs.
The U.S. Coast Guard have released their recreational boating statistics for 2010, which is always an illuminating read.
The AC34s were showing off for the media yesterday before one of them performed a perfect pitchpole (check out the vid below)!
The groom and bride aboard their luxurious new Prout 50 catamaran. latitude/Richard
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC As the steward for the La Gamelle Syndicate’s Olson 30 La Gamelle, which is currently berthed at Marina Village in Alameda, we’ve suddenly gained a whole new group of sailing friends in that part of the world.
Oracle Racing’s AC 45s have been out there blasting around the Bay, and as the video above shows, it’s been pretty full-on racing for these "little" monsters.
For several years now, members of a group called GoSailingSF have been quietly working behind the scenes to increase public awareness of sailing opportunities here in the Bay Area, and ultimately to increase participation in sailing on our local waters.
We don’t want to flog this dead horse any more than necessary, but the story of the Alameda Fire Department doing absolutely nothing to come to the aid of 53-year old Raymond Zack in neck-deep water off Crown Beach on Memorial Day just won’t die.
Adrian is the first Mexican hurricane of the season, and according to NOAA, it will likely be followed by at least a half dozen more.
If you’re caught on the wrong side of a wind shift — no matter if you’re a New York Congressman who has been caught sexting an R-rated photo of his ‘junk’ to anonymous women on the internet or the Alameda Fire Department trying to explain why their alpha males refused to get their feet wet to prevent a despondent man from committing a slo-mo suicide off Crown Beach on Memorial Day — the best advice is always the same: If you have to eat shit, take big bites.
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a massive redevelopment project for Treasure Island yesterday.
Sure, the forecast is calling for a 70% chance of rain tomorrow. And, sure, the wind is supposed to reach a whopping 10 knots — from the SE, no less.
The reputation of America’s ‘first responders’ took a humiliating kick in the groin at Alameda’s Crown Beach on Memorial Day, after numerous members of the Alameda police and fire departments stood at the edge of San Francisco Bay for approximately one hour as Raymond Zack, a fully-clothed 53-year-old man, slowly committed suicide via exposure in neck-deep water a short distance offshore.