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Sailors en route to or from the Hawaiian Islands have always had to keep a sharp eye out for shipping traffic, migrating whales and runaway containers, but they’ll soon have another — potentially more ominous — hazard to deal with.
Why is this crew smiling? Because they’re headed to the sunny isles of Tahiti with the 2011 Pacific Puddle Jump fleet aboard the fast, comfy MacGregor 65 Braveheart.
Delta Doo Dah vets Erik and Brian Jones of the Berkeley-based Glastron Spirit 28 Sizzle were honored with US Sailing’s Hanson Rescue Medal last week for their role in rescuing two Bay sailors on July 19, 2009.
Few things will get you more pumped up about sailing on the Bay and beyond than a visit to Strictly Sail Pacific — the West Coast’s largest sail-only boat show.
In late 2007 Harker rounded Cape Point, South Africa, thus returning to the Atlantic Ocean where he would complete his mostly solo circumnavigation.
“Hello, SanDisk, this is Melissa calling on behalf of Latitude 38. I want to know why you can’t use your SDHC memory cards in both Nikon and Lumix cameras.
No one was more surprised than us when, 25 minutes after posting Monday’s ‘Lectronic Latitude, all 50 spots on the Delta Doo Dah 3D entry list were filled — that’s two boats a minute, folks!
Steve Schmidt drives Hotel California, Too, to a 7th out of 22 boats in class in the first of four Voiles de St.
Thomas Coville’s Sodeb’O fell just short of Francis Joyon’s singlehanded ’round the world record last Thursday.
Bay Area sailors should consider themselves lucky for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is because every April our Bay hosts the biggest sail-only boat show in the West: Strictly Sail Pacific, slated for April 14-17 this year.
Marijn in happier days aboard one of Lullig’s previous powerboats. © 2011 Alleen Lullig Bizarre news came out of Hiva Oa this morning when Dutch singlehander Alleen Lullig was rescued after his Winner 11.20 Mijn Dame reportedly hit a submerged object and sank.
The big news today is that AC34 will be designated a "National Special Security Event," which means that the Secret Service will take over the responsibility for the regatta’s security and the FBI will take over policing duties.
No one was more surprised than the staff of Latitude 38 when representatives of the International Feng Shui awards committee appeared at the magazines corporate offices in Mill Valley yesterday to present it’s most revered annual prize: the Ultimate Feng Shui award.
Think it would be fun to be 50 feet away as a 180-ft Herreshoff schooner, such as Elena, rips by at 16 knots?
The deaths of Jun Chen, 44, and his father, Chao Chen, 73, in a tragic sailing accident Sunday afternoon in San Diego Harbor has raised questions about the wisdom of taking 10 people — eight adults and two children, one of whom was autistic — out on a MacGregor 26.
This is a bit off our normal beat, but the video below (from Australia’s Channel 7 News) is so eye-popping we had to share it with you.
Lots of sailors like to surf. One of the big problems they have is that surfboards are pretty large and most cruising sailboats are relatively small.
Two men are dead and eight people injured after the 25-ft sailboat they had rented capsized in San Diego Harbor around 5 p.m.
As reported earlier, members of the Central and South American cruising community have been closely following developments related to the disappearance of American sailor Don North in Panama’s San Blas Islands.
The Island YC’s Doublehanded Lightship gets going tomorrow, and although the weatherman is calling for rain, he’s also calling for 15 to 25 knots of breeze from the southwest!
Of all the idyllic islands in the South Pacific, none are more famous as honeymoon destinations than Tahiti and her sister islands.
"I really want a cat," writes San Jose’sTerry Lampthan. "Not a catamaran, because I’m a monohull person.