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After singing the lines, "It’s been a lovely cruise, I’m sorry it’s ended," at a concert at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Australia, last night, Jimmy Buffett, the muse to many a sailor, made an unintentional face plant off the stage.
What could be nicer than paddling in from your boat and into a nice Mexican wall such as this?
The Philippine Coast Guard debriefs the crew, looking tanned and otherwise unscathed. © 2011 Philippine Coast Guard Every experienced sailor knows that sailing on a schedule is a risky prospect, especially when the voyage covers a long distance.
On Friday we brought you the bizarre story of the ‘naked ninja’ thief who painted his entire body black and boarded the Bear Valley-based Shock Wave 42 cat Green Flash, which was moored off Cartegena, Colombia.
Larry Ellison, whose 100-ft trimaran USA won the America’s Cup, and who is bringing the ‘Auld Mug’ to San Francisco, has a new 288-ft motoryacht.
Zihua Sail Fest is a fantastic annual event that’s not only fun for cruisers but helps the neediest of kids.
The Phillipine and U.S. Coast Guards are searching for the 38-ft catamaran Pineapple, which left Guam two weeks ago headed for the island of Cebu.
In Wednesday’s ‘Lectronic we challenged our readers to name our new logowear model, and boy were they happy to help — we received nearly 200 suggestions!
Okay, so we know we already showed you video of the AC45’s first sail in Monday’s ‘Lectronic.
It’s easy for longtime sailors to forget how hard the ‘lingo’ can be for newcomers to learn.
Your PRO for the 34th America’s Cup: John Craig. AC34
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC There was some exciting news in the America’s Cup realm over the weekend.
Yucca and Emily Carr joust their way toward Blossom. © Erik Simonson The cold and dreary winter weather broke just in time for the 60th Corinthian Midwinters to get underway this weekend under sunny skies and temps that seemed to get up into at least the high-60s.
There’s a new "largest privately-owned yacht in the world." She’s the 533-ft motoryacht Eclipse, which is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.
The weather for the past month or so has been decidedly less-than-conducive to sailing, so Bay Area sailors should celebrate this weekend’s weather forecast: 65 and sunny.
What the America’s Cup waterfront will look like on San Francisco Bay. America’s Cup 34
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC Wondering what "exclusive use of the Bay" will look like?
There are all sorts of reasons why summer is the prime time for kids to take sailing lessons, but as staffers at several San Francisco Bay sailing institutions will tell you, there are also some strong arguments for learning the ropes during the winter months.
Back in the December 10 ‘Lectronic, we ran a little quiz asking what fun-loving woman owned the colorful toes in the photo accompanying that ‘Lectronic item.
After being knocked down and having her boom snapped in half on her approach to Cape Horn last Wednesday, the indefatigable Jeanne Socrates is safe and sound in Ushuaia, Argentina.
Last week was a whirlwind of America’s Cup activity, not the least of which — as far as we’re concerned — was the planning of a Frequently Asked Questions page for our website.
On a day when the World Series Trophy was trotted out to pose with the America’s Cup, a group of about 250 or so sailing luminaries, America’s Cup personnel, City staff, media and local sailors showed up to celebrate San Francisco winning the right to host the 34th America’s Cup.
When a few more empties were needed to use as building blocks, it was decided that each crew member would have to drain a keg by him- or herself.
Maybe you went to the Board of Supervisors meetings, maybe you didn’t, but that doesn’t matter for today’s ‘The Cup is Coming’ celebration, because everyone is invited to the 3 p.m.
In Friday’s special edition of ‘Lectronic, we wrote about the plight of Paul Smulders and Julie Newton, whose 43-ft Laurent Giles-designed woody, Mia II, went ashore about 100 miles north of Turtle Bay on December 29.
Pamela Bendall of the Port Hardy, B.C.-based Kristen 46 Precious Metal had a fabulous cruise to Peru, followed by lots of wonderful inland travel and the making of many great friends.