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The San Francisco Bay Bear Boat Association is sailing again! Bear Boats are 23-ft woodies designed and built at the Nunes Boat Yard in Sausalito in the early ‘30s for San Francisco Bay sailing conditions.
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Let’s be clear about it…
It’s simple: You have to plan to properly dispose of human sewage from your boat.
Eighty kids enjoyed learning on Stockton’s warm, fresh waters. © 2009 Peter Allen A week after hosting 35 boats worth of young-at-heart sailors in the Delta Doo Dah, Stockton Sailing Club members recuperated enough to play host to another group of 80 sailors who acted like kids — for good reason: they were kids!
We received a number of complaints about the photo in Wednesday‘s ‘Lectronic that showed a man whose torso had been impaled on a log.
To some, the stairway seemed perfectly logical. To others, ridiculous. © FONATUR File this one under ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’: We’ve received word via news reports from south of the border that the Mexican government has finally pulled the plug on its Escalera Nautica (Nautical Stairway) project.
The Singlehanded Sailing Society’s LongPac Race, which began this morning, is arguably the most unusual contest on San Francisco Bay’s annual sailing calendar. 
The trial of Bismarck Dinius, who many believe to be a scapegoat in the 2006 death-by-speedboat of Lynn Thornton, opened yesterday in Lake County.
Sierra Behlmer, a charming 13 year old, enjoys a swing on the halyard of the Beneteau 473 Greetings at the Isthmus at Catalina.
In the June issue we featured Mirian Saez, Director of Operations at Treasure Island, and her objective of turning the island into an inviting place for boaters.
We had an Obama Moment — meaning that not knowing the facts about a situation didn’t stop us from blundering to the wrong conclusion about it — in Friday’s ‘Lectronic.
Did you know that, in a recent scientific study, the Foundation of Ridiculous Studies found that underwear models were more attracted to sailors who wore Latitude 38 gear?
People fall off boats all the time, especially racing boats. Most are recovered quickly with little more lost than a few places in the standings.
In July 10’s ‘Lectronic Latitude, we posted the exciting news that former Vice President Al Gore had accepted Tom Perkins’ invitation to be the keynote speaker for this fall’s Leukemia Cup Regatta, hosted by San Francisco YC on September 19-20.
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West Marine Third Reef Foul Weather Gear © West Marine “Dry” is why West Marine’s Third Reef is the country’s best-selling foul weather gear.
Spectacular views, abundant wildlife and endless daylight are put on hold while catching up with the latest issue of Latitude 38.
But before you think prosecutors have come to their senses, read on. After months — years, really — of stubbornly refusing to drop the ridiculous manslaughter charges against Bismarck Dinius, Lake County District Attorney Jon E.
Longtime Sausalito yacht brokers Teresa and Robert ‘Clay’ Prescott of Anchorage Brokers and Consultants, better known as ABC Yachts, were arrested yesterday on multiple charges of embezzlement from victims in the U.S.,
Thousands of visitors have toured Cuauhtemoc this week. If you think she looks good here, wait till you see her with all her rags flying.
"We’re entry #47 in this fall’s Baja Ha-Ha and we intend to take our two dogs," writes David Bloom of the Long Beach-based Vector 39 Thee Amazing Grace.
The 1,000 islands and the mainland of Croatia are all spectacular, but thanks to the influx of charterers and charter guests, the most popular spots are expensive.
In this month’s issue we published a letter from Rex Bradley of the East Coast-based Edel 8.1 Tiger Regis, who was a regular reader of Latitude 38 until the Annapolis West Marine stopped carrying it due to the high cost of cross-country shipping.
Tim Fuller’s Relentless slides in ahead of John Kilroy Jr.’s Samba Pa Ti in one of what were a few tight finishes in the 45th TransPac.
Cuauhtemoc was definitely lookin’ good as she passed beneath the Gate — and the blaring Ranchero music added to the festive mood.
The 45th Annual Trans Tahoe Regatta was held on Saturday with 37 boats starting shortly after noon in seven classes under warm, sunny skies with a 10-knot breeze.
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© 2009 Sausalito Marine Sausalito Marine – Electrical Shop just opened at the Clipper Yacht Harbor, and to show you light at the end of the financial crisis we are offering you an additional 25% discount off our already low prices on all ABI Precision Lighting, while supplies last.
Chip ‘Dr. Megadeath’ Megeath and his band of criminals turned in the top performance for any of the starters from Thursday July 2, and won Division 3.