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Hoot leads the Olson 30 charge at BYC’s Saturday race.latitude/JR
©2009 Latitude 38 Media, LLC ‘Indian Summer’ finally arrived on the scene this past weekend.
Saturday had to be one of the nicest days of this young year, yet about 90 of the Bay’s most ardent racers chose to spend it in the Corinthian YC ballroom — with every window shade drawn, and not a beer in sight.
Offshore sailors always worry about getting run down by ships. The danger is less now than anytime in recent memory.
We’re not sure if Thursday’s big opening day crowds at the San Diego Boat Show were there because of the economy — or in spite of it.
"Yes," say Rob and Mary Miller, who did the first Ha-Ha in ’94, then cruised most of the way around the world for the next 11 years aboard their 44-ft Maude I.
VM Materiaux upside down, sans bulb, while skipper Jean Le Cam waits for the arrival of friend and competitor Vincent Riou.
Oops! Forgetting to check his tidebook, the owner of Dionysus took a longer-than-expected lunch at Oyster Point Marina .
Ira Epstein, who still has a house in Bolinas, drives his classic Robert Clark 65 Lone Fox on the windward leg of the New Year’s Eve Race/Parade.
Did you get what you wanted for the holidays? If you forced a gracious smile when you opened the package of socks that you secretly hoped was a hot Latitude 38 t-shirt, now’s the time to treat yourself.
In the December 19 edition of ‘Lectronic, we encouraged everyone to take to the waters in celebration of the shortest day of the year — they only get longer from here!
Readers — On December 11, Jeff Hartjoy set off from Callao, Peru, on a singlehanded nonstop trip around Cape Horn, bound for Buenos Aires, Argentina, aboard his Baba 40 Sailors Run.
Oh yeah! Having some fun now. What’s that they say about how the worst day on the water is better than the best day at work?
Who showed up at the Baz Bar with their ’05 Ha-Ha award? Damien and Deborah McCullough of the Newport Beach-based Celestial 50 Ticket to Ride.
The new mag and Calendar — both hot off the press! latitude/Annie
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC If you’ve suddenly found yourself with a few leisure moments with nothing better to do than daydream about sailing, we’ve got good news.
Miela on the hook in an exceptionally uncrowded Tenacatita Bay. But it’s been warm and the living easy, with lunch and dinners for less than $4.
Junji Nakamura is undoubtedly a hero to many Mazatlan sailors: "We just got back from Mazatlan where it was 85º and beautiful, as always.
What keeps folks sailing, even after the days where the head clogs, the furling jams, the new handheld GPS decides to show it can sink like the Dow, and we swear to the heavens that we will never, ever go out again?
Mark Guillemot’s Safran approaches the stricken Yann Elies aboard Generali. © Mark Guillemot It’s only six and a half feet, but the distance separating Yann Eliès from his medical kit might as well be intercontinental.
You’ve no doubt heard of — if not participated in — Summer Sailstice, a global celebration of sailing that happens every June on the weekend closest to the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.
Here’s the final installment of our holiday book reviews. For the past week, we’ve featured mini-reviews of a few of the more interesting boating books that have come out this year.
One of the most sure ways to embrace risk is to free dive, as Nicole is doing, with big gray sharks.
Around 11 p.m. on Saturday night, the skipper of the 52-ft motoryacht Giant Feet ran the boat up on Coyote Point Marina’s sea wall, which was covered by water thanks to unusually extreme tides.
 "As a result of my Classy Classified in a recent issue of Latitude 38, our boat sold quickly.
Readers — On December 11, Jeff Hartjoy set off from Callao, Peru, on a singlehanded nonstop trip around Cape Horn, bound for Buenos Aires, Argentina, aboard his Baba 40 Sailors Run.
As noted on Monday, we’re doing quickie reviews this week of some of the new books we’ve received over the past year, the idea being that they might make nice gifts for the sailors on your holiday list.
Pictured here during a day of sailing practice in the summer of 2006, the Arnold family of San Jose is now headed around South America.
If you’ve been too busy sailing to pay attention to the calendar — or go shopping — the Big Day is only 10 days away.
We are sorry to report that Mik Beatie died suddenly, yet peacefully, at his Corte Madera home on Thursday, December 11, with wife Suzi at his side.
Don’t get us wrong. The internet is great. But when it comes time for a good read, we turn the computer off and grab a book.