Gaucho was looking good on a kickin’ Sunday sail. latitude/LaDonna
©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC We would never encourage anyone to risk their jobs by playing hooky, but if we were to pick a day to call in ‘well’, tomorrow would be it.
A heads-up for anyone planning that historic trans-Bay swim today: please postpone for a week or so.
Eleven IMOCA 60s slip out of Plymouth on their way to Boston. © 2008 Vincent Curutchet / DPPI / The Artemis Transat After sailing nearly 900 miles, the first five IMOCA 60s in the singlehanded Artemis Transat are separated by only 3.6
New York Supreme Court Justice Herman Cahn released his order regarding the BMW Oracle Racing’s Deed of Gift Challenge for America’s Cup 33.
February through late May is the Baja Bash season, the time when boats that have spent the winter in Mexico need to make the 750-mile trip upwind and upcurrent from Cabo to San Diego.
Pyewacket, in her ultra turbo’d mode, as seen approaching Honolulu in the last TransPac.
In Israel, Independence Day comes right after Memorial Day. It might seem a little strange to have a somber day of remembrance followed immediately by one of revelry, but that’s the way they do it.
Columbus sailed the ocean blue aboard the Niña — more than 25,000 miles throughout his many explorations —  and now folks along the West Coast will get a chance to see what life was like onboard the famous (or infamous, depending on your viewpoint) caravel.
One of the world’s preeminent singlehanded offshore races gets underway Sunday when a fleet of 13 IMOCA 60s and 11 Class 40s will leave Plymouth on their way to a finish in Boston in the Artemis Transat.
A big part of cruising is diet. And a big part of spartan cruising is a spartan diet.
Bruce and Alene of Migration spent three and a half weeks exploring Easter Island and making new friends.
In recent weeks the theft of shore power cords at several Sausalito marinas has angered many local boaters, some of whom assume the culprits are from the adjacent anchor-out community.
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Come for a ride on the new Laser SB3. © 2008 Laser SB3 If you are in the market for an affordable performance boat, please accept our invitation to demo sail the new Laser SB3.
If you’re curious, like we were, about Laser Performance’s new-to-the-States 20-ft sportboat, the Laser SB3, you’ve got a chance this week to put one through its paces.
Sailing down San Pablo Bay in So Cal summer conditions for this year’s Great Vallejo Race.
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© © If you are in the market for an affordable performance boat, please accept
our invitation to demo sail the new Laser SB3.
Not exactly your classic port-starboard situation. In fact, in this case, we’d definitely give the port-taker right of way.
Ah, yeah, we know. You’re getting barraged by emails announcing this new posting.
A yet-to-be-identified 24-year-old surfer from San Francisco died from a loss of blood after he was attacked by a shark Monday, while surfing at Troncones, a popular surf break for cruisers whose boats are anchored at Zihuatanejo, Mexico.
Dan Alvarez’s Ericson 30+ Travieso enjoys some downright pleasant conditions while rounding the South Island in Saturday’s Singlehanded Farallones Race.
Step one: snag the net ball. © 2008 Andy Conlin By law, every mariner is required to keep a lookout at all times.
If you’re planning on doing the Vallejo Race on May 3-4 and haven’t signed up yet, you might want to consider signing up online today to avoid late fees.
We’re planning our annual Delta article for the June issue of Latitude and would like your input.
We got stopped a few years ago off the Embarcadero by both Coast Guard and the SF Police boats.
She looks bad here, but Gitana Vela suffered relatively minor damage in her double dismasting.
It appears to be high season for Somalia’s pirate industry. On Sunday, just days after the 30-member crew of a French megayacht were released and several pirates arrested by French forces, pirates seized control of the 250-ft Spanish fishing trawler Playa de Bakio in the Gulf of Aden.
John Cota, the pilot aboard the Cosco Busan when the ship “touched” the Bay Bridge last November, was indicted on felony charges this week.