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If you’re planning to go to Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show on April 6-9 at the Craneway Pavilion and Marina Bay Yacht Harbor in Richmond, you can use the Latitude 38 discount code LATITUPBS17 to save money when you purchase tickets online in advance here.
Because December and January brought unprecedented volumes of rain to the West Coast, the normally unglamorous question, "What’s the best way to battle mold and mildew?" became a hot topic among sailors.
 The Matthew Turner surrounded by scaffolding. Now you see it …  © 2017 Woody Skoriak As reported in the current issue of Latitude 38, more than three years of labor by several paid shipwrights and roughly 600 volunteers have gone into the construction of the 100-ft LOD brigantine Matthew Turner — which was 100% funded by private donations.
At the Southern California Yachting Association’s Midwinter Regatta on February 11-12, crewmembers included military veterans who had only learned how to sail a few months earlier.
This summer you’re anticipating another lazy spinnaker run up the Delta as you head to your favorite anchorage among the tules and look forward to jumping in for that first freshwater swim.
The pretty red Dana 24 Dasein’s Den, sailed by Sarah Sherertz and Brian Cline, was one of the first boats to escape the Bay in the Doublehanded Farallones on Saturday.
While marijuana gradually continues to be decriminalized and quasi-legalized across the country, transporting cannabis by boat, especially in large — or massive — quantities, is still likely to land you in jail.  Prompted by the Los Angeles Harbor Port Police’s March 14 discovery of an abandoned boat loaded with several hundred pounds of marijuana, we were inspired to review current pot laws, and consider how California’s evolving attitudes reconcile with strict maritime rules — and how the state’s estimated $2 billion-a-year "medical marijuana" industry fits into the picture.
In the olden days, Opening Day had a more literal meaning. © PICYA Archives In April 1917 Woodrow Wilson decided it would be a good idea to join the ‘war to end all wars’.
It’s hard to believe that she’s already nine years old! Dreamed up at a Latitude 38 staff Christmas party in 2008, the Delta Doo Dah cruising rally has facilitated, encouraged, coaxed, enabled and charmed hundreds of sailors venturing beyond San Francisco Bay into their own back forty, a watery wonderland formed by a network of rivers and sloughs just a few miles yet worlds away from the urban jungle.
Remember when an 80-ft boat was a ‘maxi’? These days the likes of the spectacular Frers/Vitters 151 Unfurled is what passes for a mid-size big boat.  latitude/Richard
©2017Latitude 38 Media, LLC The 30th St.
Regardless of how you feel about the Trump administration’s ongoing shake-up of government agencies, you may take exception — as we do — to the proposed 14% cut in the US Coast Guard’s budget.  Daytrippers from the fishing vessel Truline were undoubtedly pleased to be rescued by a cutter yesterday.  © 2017 Petty Officer 1st Class Robert Simpson / USCG As reader Steve Edwards points out, "Because the basic costs of maintaining bases and facilities is largely fixed, the decrease comes out of readiness training and actual operations.
Bertish’s Atlantic crossing was impressive, but not a hundredth as impressive as if he’d gone west to east.  © 2017 Brian Overfelt / The SUP Crossing People have used all kinds of ultimate superlatives to describe Chris Bertish paddling an SUP from Morocco to Antigua over the last few months.
Because the five archipelagos of French Polynesia comprise a French Overseas Territory, it’s proper to fly a French courtesy flag when you arrive.
Men, lots of them, cleaning with a will aboard Rosehearty, the Perini Navi 190 that once belonged to Rupert Murdoch.  latitude/Richard
©2017Latitude 38 Media, LLC The Ultimate Women’s Fantasy has started in St.
Last Friday we bid "Bon voyage!" to the crews of 29 sparkling Oyster yachts, which will transit the Panama Canal this week, then charge off into the Pacific.
The Wanderer’s Leopard 45 ‘ti Profligate ‘billboards’ the 135-ft J Class Hanuman, the 185-ft Perini Navi Rosehearty, and the 135-ft J Class Lionheart at the water dock in Gustavia.
Tahoe sailors may need to be extra patient this year.   © 2017 Bryce Griffith You’ll likely have to wait just a bit longer to sail Lake Tahoe this year, as the region has received more than 50 feet of snowfall.
Newport Harbor Yacht Club’s 800-mile Newport to Cabo Race was first run in 1971 and has sailed down the coast to the sunny climes of southern Baja in most odd-numbered years ever since.
Many Bay Area sailors will recognize Tucker Thompson as the announcer for Rolex Big Boat Series video produced by T2PTV.
The Corbin family from San Diego are obviously dead serious about the prospect of crossing such a big patch of open ocean.
Ever wonder if your charts are old, outdated or missing new information? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published a National Charting Plan last week outlining the agency’s efforts to modernize its entire catalog of nautical charts in the coming years.
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BAMA’s Doublehanded Races provide incremental challenges and requirements to explore doublehanded ocean racing.
This is the daylight view of what the Wanderer and Doña de Mallorca came across when returning to ‘ti Profligate last night.
Meeting and mingling during last year’s Crew List Party at Golden Gate Yacht Club.  latitude/Chris
©2017Latitude 38 Media, LLC It’s the latest in social networking — not!
It isn’t the Bay Bridge in the morning, but the St. Barth commute in the morning has its drawbacks, too.  latitude/Richard
©2017Latitude 38 Media, LLC East Blithedale in Mill Valley.
Two Californians traveled to the New York Yacht Club to pick up their reward and recognition for receiving the prestigious US Sailing Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year awards.
March is a transition month for sailing. As many Midwinter Series wrap up, some spring classics lead us into Daylight Saving Time (March 12) and the vernal equinox (March 20).