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Archive for February 2017

Transpac Early Entry Deadline

Divisions 7 and 8 started off Point Fermin on July 16 in the 2015 Transpac. © Bronny Daniels The early-entry deadline for the 49th Transpacific Yacht Race is this coming Wednesday, March 1. More »

85 Sail Changes in Two Days

Hal Fauth’s 72-ft Bella Mente, on the way to honors and a near record in sail changes, in the Caribbean 600. In previous seasons she’d been knocked out of Caribbean regattas by a dismasting and a keel box’s coming apart.  More »

Pac52 ‘Invisible Hand’ Hits the Bay

 Frank Slootman was a happy man after launching, sailing and christening the new Invisible Hand for the debut season of the Pac 52 class.   latitude/John
©2017Latitude 38 Media, LLC With the mid-February deliver of Frank Slootman’s all-carbon rocket ship Invisible Hand to San Francisco Bay, the dream of building a West Coast Pac52 fleet has taken giant step closer to becoming a reality. More »

Photos of the Day

After 10 straight days of rain, Kerry, Shirley (pictured here), Ruthie and Terena took the 42-ft one-off cutter Cetacea out to soak up some sunshine. They stopped at Ayala Cove on Angel Island before heading out the Gate. More »

The Last Two Biscuits

Conrad Colman finished the Vendée Globe today under jury rig with two biscuits to spare. After losing his mast on February 10, the Kiwi-American assembled a functioning rig using his damaged boom, the top of his main and his storm jib. More »

12,600-ton Yacht Busted

It’s just our opinion of course, but isn’t Sailing Yacht A ugly on a stick? (Actually three sticks.) © 2017 Karle Horn Mainstream news sources are reporting that authorities in Gibraltar seized one of the largest and most advanced super-yachts in the world over an unsettled bill. More »

Uplifting Gathering of Sailing Talent

When racing everyone likes to be on the right side of a lift, and the US Sailing National Sailing Programs Symposium was on the right side. The NSPS, which concluded Saturday, is where passionate sailing program instructors and leaders go to inform and energize their upcoming season. More »

Colman Starves, Wilson Finishes

"Yes!" reads the encouraging word on Conrad Colman’s ‘main’. © Conrad Colman Dismasted on Friday, February 10, off the coast of Portugal with more than 700 miles to go to finish the solo nonstop Vendée Globe in Les Sables d’Olonne, France, Kiwi-American Conrad Colman set up a jury rig and vowed to finish the 27,440-mile race around the planet. More »

It’s Phaedo3 Once Again

For the third year in a row, Lloyd Thornburg’s St. Barth/Santa Fe/Newport Beach-based MOD70 trimaran Phaedo3 has taken elapsed-time honors in the grueling RORC Caribbean 600 race. And for the second year in a row, he and his crew, led by co-skipper Brian Thompson, held off a strong challenge from another MOD70. More »

Etchells Oops

Recovery efforts for an Etchells oopsy. © Jillian Humphreys This Jimmy Warfield Etchells, owned by two board members of Stockton Sailing Club, looks as if it was knocked over in one of the storms that have been pummeling California, but actually what happened is that someone drove off with the hoist still attached to the boat’s lifting harness. More »