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Archive for June 2015

Phaedo3 Breaks Jamestown Record

The happy crew of Phaedo3 after completing the course around Jamestown, RI, in record time. © Rachel Jaspersen / Phaedo3 They start the Transatlantic Race on July 5, but, hey, no reason to just hang around Newport in the meantime. More »

Nature’s Perfect Sailboat

A brief study of these boat-like ocean voyagers leads us to believe that Mother Nature must have a clear understanding of the effect of wind on sails.  © Lynn Ringseis On a recent visit to Stinson beach for a long, leisurely stroll on the sand, my captain and I encountered what appeared to be thousands of little rubbery toy sailboats. More »

The Body of Stefan Ries Is Found

This Facebook profile photo epitomizes Stefan Ries’ two great passions, surfing and sailing. Stefan Reis/Facebook
©2015Latitude 38 Media, LLC Officials in Panama have confirmed that the body found floating in the waters off the Pacific Coast of Panama is that of well-liked young German singlehander/surfer Stefan Ries. More »

Free Use of 45-ft Cat in the Caribbean?

Virgin Gorda would make a nice stop on the way to Antigua.  BVI Tourism
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC After nine years, the Wanderer’s Leopard 45 catamaran ‘ti Profligate is exiting her yacht management program in the British Virgin Islands on July 27. More »

Wet, Wild and Action-Packed

Southern California’s Ron Bartczak paints "wet, wild, exciting and action-packed" images of yacht races. © Ron Bartczak While Northern California enjoys the stylized nautical artistry of the legendary Jim DeWitt, Southern California has Ron Bartczak. More »

L’Hydroptère Record Attempt

Smokin’! L’Hydroptère sprints west in her attempt to break the outright L.A.-to-Honolulu record. LHydroptère/Scuttlebutt
©2015Latitude 38 Media, LLC One of the most prestigious passage records in the sport of sailing is being challenged this week: The 60-ft foiling trimaran L’Hydroptère sprinted west from San Pedro’s Point Fermin Monday in an attempt to break the 2,215-mile L.A.-to-Honolulu More »

Umbrella Regatta in La Cruz

Cruisers in La Cruz jury-rig their small craft with umbrellas and other cobbled-together ‘sails’ for a Summer Sailstice regatta. © Jorge Morales "This is our third year of celebrating Summer Sailstice in Banderas Bay, Mexico," writes Katrina Liana of Marina Riviera Nayarit. More »

Revved Up at the Rendez-vous

Given the location and the circumstance, it didn’t take much prodding to get fleet members to smile for this group photo, taken on the lawn of Club Bali Hai, in Cook’s Bay, Moorea. More »

Celebrations on Summer Sailstice

Hard to believe that pirate ship can keep up with the others to the rounding mark on the Estuary. latitude/John A.
©2015Latitude 38 Media, LLC Storms, sinkings and lots of sailing took place across Northern California and around the world as sailors celebrated Summer Sailstice on the solstice weekend. More »

Lending Club 2 a Thrilling Ride

Lending Club 2 prepares for a fun sail in San Francisco. © 2015 Ronnie Simpson With the America’s Cup packing up shop and moving to Bermuda, there’s been a distinct lack of big, fast multihulls sailing the Bay on a regular basis. More »