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Archive for July 2014

So You Want to Go Solar?

So you’ve been thinking about going solar but aren’t sure where to start. As much as you might not want to hear it, a quality solar installation probably isn’t going to be plug-n-play. More »

The SoCal Ta-Ta & Santa Cruz Island

The Ta-Ta’s first stop, Smuggler’s Cove on Santa Cruz Island, has room for a hundred boats or more. latitude/Richard
©2014 Latitude 38 Media, LLC It’s just five weeks until the SoCal ‘Reggae Pon da Ocean’ Ta-Ta, a Baja Ha-Ha style event starting in Santa Barbara, with two nights at Santa Cruz Island, as well as nights at Paradise Cove, Redondo Beach and Two Harbors, Catalina. More »

America’s Cup Changes of Heart

Oracle Team USA released this diagram of the America’s Cup course were it to be held in San Diego. All they’d need to do is get permission from the Navy and set up big fans to create a good breeze on a consistent basis. More »

A Win-Win Maritime Event

It’s been said that creating win-win situations between customers and clients should be the goal of any responsible business. That’s the way we see Thursday’s Cruising for a Cause event at the brand-new West Marine flagship store in Marin City (just north of Sausalito). More »

Is This a Great Country or What?

“Keep your hands off!” When a guard with an AK-15 tells you that, you don’t touch the boat. Note the advanced right-arm-under-the-stock technique. latitude/Richard
©2014 Latitude 38 Media, LLC While riding our bike in San Diego yesterday, we came through a boatyard and saw something we’d never seen in 40 years of going through boatyards around the world. More »
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Fear a Chubasco Almost as Much as a Hurricane

"Morning chubascos are a little unusual here, but not unheard of," write Jake and Sharon Howard from aboard the Hunter Legend 45 Jake in the Sea of Cortez. A chubasco is a violent storm, usually of less than three hour’s duration, which is often accompanied by lots of lightning and rain. More »

Ad: Sale Boat of the Day

Catalina 42
© The Shoreline Yacht Group 1990 • $118,000 The Shoreline Yacht Group
Long Beach & San Pedro
Your Southern California Cruising Specialist Jim Jennett
(562) 243-5576 © 2014 The Shoreline Yacht Group More »