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Archive for March 2014

MEXORC Copa Corum

The 2014 edition of the biennial MEXORC Copa Corum concluded Saturday. To say that all racers enjoyed themselves last week would likely be an understatement. The friendly on-the-water competition was augmented on land, where sailors enjoyed post-racing parties and one of Mexico’s finest tourist destinations. More »

The Spectacle of Very Large Yachts Racing

There weren’t too many traditional boats this year, but the big schooner Adela, which was built in the early 1900s, put in a good showing in near-ideal conditions. latitude/Richard
©2014 Latitude 38 Media, LLC If you enjoy the spectacle of mega-mega sailing yachts racing in the open ocean, there was no place to be last weekend like the St. More »

Clouds Over Mexico

Clouds never seen before in 35 years of cruising. © Mexicolder Mike When we received an email titled "Clouds over Mazatlan," we groaned. "Not another problem in Mexico," we thought to ourselves. More »

West Coast Sailors at St. Barth Bucket

The gigantic Hetairos II, which we’re told Paul Cayard will be driving. latitude/Richard
©2014 Latitude 38 Media, LLC The St. Barth Bucket for 40 yachts between 100 and 218 feet — the greatest spectacle in sailing — is about to get underway in a few hours, and the mega sailing yachts have a sprinkling of West Coast sailors aboard. More »

Whales, Dolphins and Racing Yachts

Ricardo Brockmann, owner of the R/P 52 Vincitore, is largely responsible for this year’s MEXORC Copa Corum, as president of the organizing committee. He and his committee pulled together some of the best to run the races, judge the competition, and host the many social events surrounding the race. More »

Would Latitude Take Its Boat To Mexico Now?

We recently received the following letter from David Cleveland of San Diego: "Latitude 38’s coverage of the Mexican boat impoundings has been extensive, and obviously personal to publisher Richard Spindler, as (his boat) Profligate was an impounded boat. More »

Finally, Release of Boats from Ensenada

On Friday, March 21, the paperwork was completed to "liberate" the last of the ’embargoed’ foreign boats at Marina Coral in Ensenada — nearly four months after they had been impounded. This included a total of 15 boats. More »

The Name of That Island

Our recent photo quiz was a snap for many Bay Area sailors, as Rat Rock lies right near a popular weekend anchorage off China Camp State Park in Marin County. Among the 100+ respondents, Dave Opheim was the first to register his correct answer — it’s also sometimes referred to as Rat Island and China Camp Rock. More »