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Archive for September 2010

Help Bring the Cup to America

The time has come when your support could make a huge difference to the fate of the America’s Cup coming to the Bay. © 2010 Monty Hall If you missed it, yesterday the City announced that it was offering $270 million for the renovations necessary to host the next America’s Cup. More »

Ad: Ullman Sails Fall Sale ONE WEEK LEFT

Order before October 6 and receive: 15% OFF all big boat racing and cruising sails with single sail orders
20% OFF all big boat racing and cruising sails with two or more sail orders
(Offer applies only to the Ullman Sails lofts listed below and excludes one design sails.)
More »

One Bad Apple

In the October issue of Latitude 38 you’ll find profiles on the crew of seven cruising boats that passed through the Bay this month on their way south. All were thoroughly impressed by the wonderful people they’d met in the Bay Area, and the general welcoming spirit they’d found. More »

Big Fun at Regatta Vava’u

The Delos crew definitely got our vote for the most inventive costumes. That’s Princess Leia between Beer Man and the Green Goblin. latitude/Andy
©2010 Latitude 38 Media, LLC After nearly a week of nonstop fun and frivolity, the second annual Regatta Vava’u and Festival drew to a close yesterday with its final awards ceremony. More »

3rd Annual SailFest a Hit

Three young sailors took the helm of SF Bay Adventures’ Freda B at SailFest yesterday. © John Skoriak Since the editors were locked in the ‘editorial dungeon’ all weekend putting the final touches on the October issue of Latitude 38 — which will show up at all the usual places on October 1 — roving correspondent John Skoriak agreed to lend a hand and staff our booth at Modern Sailing’s 3rd Annual SailFest in Sausalito yesterday. More »

Ad: Thanksgiving at Marina El Cid

WELCOME BAJA HA-HA’ERS TO MAZATLAN! © 2010 Marina El Cid Marina El Cid in Mazatlan will welcome Baja Ha-Ha’ers to their beautiful city by hosting their annual Thanksgiving Party at Pedro y Lola Restaurant in the heart of Plaza Machado on Saturday, November 27, 5-8 p.m. More »

‘Cojo Carnage’ Explained

Capt. P.A. Dunn was nice enough to explain the story of two boats up on the beach at ‘Cojo’ that we wrote about in Wednesday’s ‘Lectronic. The mystery of the ‘Cojo Carnage’ is explained. More »