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Archive for December 2009

January Latitude Ready for 2010

Just in time for the New Year, the January issue of Latitude 38 will hit all the usual places today. We review the top stories of 2009 in ‘The Year in Review’, hear the Coast Guard’s side of the story regarding the loss of the Catalina 36 JoJo — which we reported on in the December 2 ‘Lectronic Latitude — learn the basics of cruising the South Pacific, join in the fun of the Banderas Bay Regatta, and, of course, pay our respects to the great Roy Disney. More »

Farewell 2009 – Our Photo Favorites

In January we were taunted by these kids, apparently because they were sailing and we were ripping around in a stinkpot photoboat. © 2009 Peter Lyons As we say goodbye to 2009, we thought it would be fun to take a look back through the news and nonsense that we’ve shared with you this year in ‘Lectronic. More »

Z-fest Funds Help Nurture Young Minds

We’ve never seen kids so happy to be in school. They seem genuinely grateful for the opportunity to get an education. latitude/Andy
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC "It’s our opportunity to make this world a more joyful place," says Lorenzo Marbut, referring to the financial support that his nonprofit, Por Los Niños, has given to Zihuatanejo schools as a result of Sailfest fund-raising. More »

Clipper Cove Anchoring Permits

Earlier in the year, we reported that Mirian Saez, Director of Operations at Treasure Island Development Authority, was working on a plan to require permits to anchor in Clipper Cove. According to Saez, the permits were not to inconvenience responsible boaters, but to clear out the derelicts that had littered the Cove in the years since the Navy pulled out. More »

The Mother of Invention

Ya gotta love the ingenuity of cruisers! Jim Casey tells of an unwelcome visitor aboard his Tahoe and P.V.-based Jeanneau 43DS Tomatillo and how he fixed the resulting damage: "Sometimes you just have to make do if there’s trouble in paradise. More »
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Coast Guard Involved in Fatal Collision

A collision between a 33-ft Coast Guard patrol boat and a 26-ft power boat killed eight-year-old Anthony DeWeese and seriously injured five others last night on San Diego Bay. According to reports published by the Asociated Press, the operator of the pleasure boat — which was carrying 13 people — tried unsuccessfully to get out of the way of the patrol boat as the latter hit the pleasure boat from behind. More »

Winter Solstice Sailing

Dozens of sailors headed out on the ‘shortest’ sailing weekend of the year. Suzanne, Ariane and Alma on board Liberty, Alma & Sean’s Tayana 37, on their way out of the Estuary bound for Ayala Cove. More »

Missing Dutch Teen Found

It’s a widely accepted fact that teenagers put their parents through hell. You know, staying out late, hanging with a bad crowd, behaving like snotty little know-it-alls, jetting off to the Dutch Antilles to thwart government oversight of their bid to become the youngest person to solo circumnavigate . More »

The Navy Finally Sells T.I.

It sounds like the start of a bad joke: How many bureaucrats does it take to buy an island? But the punchline was delivered yesterday when San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced that the City had finally struck a deal to purchase Treasure Island from the Navy for $55 million. More »