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The Australian paper The Courier-Mail has reported that the parents of Jessica Watson, the 16-year-old Aussie who wants to become the youngest person to circumnavigate, have received a letter from Maritime Safety Queensland assessing young Watson’s skills — and it wasn’t pretty.
When dark settles on Two Harbors, grown-up time begins. latitude/Richard
©2009 Latitude 38 Media, LLC If you’re a pirate, it’s time to get out the eyeliner and Johnny Depp up.
Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Frys Harbor. © 2009 Mark Reed "We’ve been buddyboating down the coast with one of the 191 registered Ha-Ha boats," report Mark and Vicki Reed of the Portland-based Ericson 38 Southern Cross.
In Wednesday’s ‘Lectronic, we posted a fantastic sunset photo and asked readers to tell us where they thought it was shot.
Kick-ass Tiburon sailor Genny Tulloch will be speaking at a fundraiser for junior sailing programs at Tiburon YC on Monday, September 28, at 6 p.m.
We often receive fantastic sunset shots from cruisers scattered all over the globe, but this one, snapped recently by Jo Brosnan, caught our attention as being unusually spectacular.
Over a hundred boats showed up for this year’s Leukemia Cup – raising $630,000 for blood cancer research.
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Ullman Sails – Sausalito can keep you in racing trim. © 2009 Ullman Sails Ullman Sails is honored and proud to welcome longtime San Francisco Bay sailor and sailmaker Robin Sodaro to the Ullman Sails racing team as a dealer for Ullman Sails race sails.
In Monday’s ‘Lectronic, we made a second-hand reference to an article about a health insurance plan in Mexico that’s available to Americans and is stunningly inexpensive yet comprehensive.
The Coast Guard recovered the body of windsurfer John ‘Bret’ Drasky, 65, on Saturday, about two hours after receiving a report of an unmanned windsurf board.
Some the world’s top talent in Nordic Folkboats was on the Bay this past week.
Have you always wanted to race to Hawaii? Do you have trouble finding offshore crew because of your "relaxed" hygiene habits?
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Farallon Electronics offers electronics solutions for racers and cruisers. © 2009 Farallon Electronics Farallon Electronics offers clients innovative solutions for all types of racing and cruising boats.
If you’re a boat electronics whiz, here’s your chance to perhaps outshine the tech folks at Raymarine.
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Tim & Susan Mahoney are anxious to live the dream aboard their new cat, but need to clear out their entire inventory first – from fir to forklifts.
While it’s probably not in the front of most sailors’ minds as they’re banging around the race course, US Sailing has a huge impact on how our sport is run in this country.
Beachcombers at Muir Beach found some substantial flotsam recently. “It certainly created quite a discussion point for all the beachgoers over the hot Marin weekend,” said Craig Allender.
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© 2009 KKMI
Diesel Engine Maintenance Seminar
Saturday, September 26
In this popular seminar, the nautical "Click & Clack" Project Manager, Mike Haley, and top mechanic, Bill Peacock, take you through the ins and outs of your diesel engine as only true professionals can.
Normally, conditions are pretty tranquil in Papeete’s harbor, shown here, and in the nearby anchorage off Marina Taina.
Trekka wasn’t too roomy, but this Laurent Giles-designed sloop took the young singlehander safely around the world.
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The Leukemia Cup is a great time for a good cause. © 2009 Leukemia Cup Regatta Next weekend, sailors from around the Bay will ‘Raise a Sail, Race to Win, and Help Save a Life’ at the Leukemia Cup Regatta.
"I am convinced that had the U.S. government hired Mexico to handle the post Katrina clean up in New Orleans, that city would have been up and running in three weeks," writes Charlie Bloomer, a yacht broker at Sea of Cortez Yachts in San Carlos, Mexico.
John Kilroy Jr.’s TP 52 Samba Pa Ti haulin’ the mail at last year’s Rolex Big Boat Series.
Australian Jessica Watson, 16, left Mooloolaba aboard her S&S 34 Ella’s Pink Lady yesterday morning bound for Sydney.
If Jaime, Mera and Aeron thought their world was turned upside-down by sailing aboard Profligate in last spring’s Sea of Cortez Sailing Week, it was nothing compared to Jimena.
You’ll feel a lot better about life while harnessing the power of the wind, rather than the power of petro-chemicals!
While Hurricane Jimena is not dead yet, so far the news has been all good for mariners when it comes this former Category 4 hurricane that paralleled the coast of mainland Mexico a good distance offshore and then finally made landfall at Bahia Santa Maria, about 175 miles north of Cabo San Lucas.
We all know how the rain falls in Spain, but in Northern California, the rain mainly falls in the winter.
Hans Klaar’s 73-ft Ontong Java was a welcome sight to many Polynesians. © 2009 Glenn Tieman The name Glenn Tieman should ring a bell with regular visitors to this site and readers of Latitude 38 magazine.